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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


The Gamecube is just the best. I have four of them (someday I want to have every color) and still play on them daily.


If you own em and just don’t like hooking up the consoles, like myself, you could just run the emulators and dump your own copies. It is far easier to play all of your own favorites in one place then to run around and hook up all your own systems, especially to a modern TV. Project64 or Dolphin are probably the best developed emulators ever. :ok_hand:

Anyhow, listening to music from Rush Hour, as I love that movie series. :joy: I wish movies could be more like they were back in the 90s. :sweat_smile:


Well, found a new show! :joy:

It is a Youtube show, of all things! I’ve never watched one before, so this is a first. It is called Impulse, and I get vibes from the Jumper movie (which, I don’t care what others think, I liked it). I saw the S2 trailer on Youtube and thought, “Why not?”. Now I’m into it. :relaxed:


Impulse is in the same universe as Jumper, essentially the series is a loosely connected “sequel” to the movie… adapted from the series of books by Steven Gould.

P.S. I enjoyed the 1st season of the show a lot. Spoiler-free warning, there is some very “dark” subject matter that may be triggering.



You don’t know how happy that makes me! I loved the idea of Jumper so much! :relaxed: Thank you for letting me know, I would have gone on thinking it was someone just copying it because they too liked the premise! :+1:


You MUST watch The Boys…it’s awesome…can’t remember the last thing I’ve enjoyed as much. I’m not familiar with the source material, and I know that they’ve toned it down for TV, but it’s still fantastic watching…I challenge you not to want to binge it!


Well I just have a few episodes left for Impulse (Henry’s character is impressively written) but I can tell you right now it is great. I love it a lot!

And I had a feeling I recognized something about parts of the show and when I looked it up…yup. Director Doug Liman had his hands on it. That’s right. Bourne Identity Doug Liman. The Bourne Identity is one of my favorite action movies (I like to pretend the one with the Marvel dude does not exist).

This show just got a whole lot better. Season 2 comes out this Fall. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:

Is that the one where they [average joes] take on supervillains? If so, I have it on my list to watch. When I heard of it, I had to put it on my ever growing list, because I’m very much into superheros/comic booky universes. :joy:


I read it has superpowers and stuff, that’s all I needed to know. Already downloading.:+1:

I’ve had this on loop for like an hour again,

It’s so damn good. I hope they find the artist someday.


Watching The Boys now.


This is not fun. Not at all. This Homerlander… he’s Superman, less powered, and with no morals and heart. :worried:


You honestly don’t like it? I really liked it…went through it in two sittings.


Oh, no, no, no, that’s not it. I think it is fun, Frenchie and Butcher for example are great,


the “not fun” is meant to direct that I’m not used to watching content where superheroes are rampant villains in disguise. I mean Homelander let a plane crash full of people and children in order to get publicity for his political agenda (and it was tonally setting with Maeve acting as your inside view into his actions, I was disgusted), and then later let a bomb blow up with a baby inside the house.

Of course I knew from the start with A-Train running through Robin that we’d be introduced to some shifty, horrible people as heroes but its horrible seeing them killing people or setting things up to further their political career and earn more money and have no one to stop them (I mean, come on, who can really stop Homelander?). They’re all terrible with the exception of Starlight and Maeve (ehhhhh???). :sweat:

That’s just what I meant by “not fun”. It is a good show and funny, even disregarding the unnecessary sexual stuff, which I don’t think shows ever really need to be successful.

Anyhow, next on my watch list is Cobra Kai. After that, if I don’t find anything new to add to the list, I may give Black Spot / Zone Blanche a rewatch (it’ll be my first rewatch). :slight_smile:


Cobra Kai was good, but the cliffhanger for S2 is a killer…I’m in two minds in advising you whether to watch it now or just wait so you won’t have the pained need for resolution that I have.


Oh yea. If you guys got anything to suggest to watch I’m game to add it to my list, doesn’t even have to be dubbed in English (actually, I’m really okay with it not being English). I like a ton of stuff, so the genre doesn’t really matter to me either, though I do not actively look for comedies I do watch them if I find them. :slight_smile:

Also, forgot to mention it, but a bit ago I finished a Hulu series called Light as a Feather. It was pretty good, just waiting for the next season. As you can probably imagine, it is about “witches”, though not entirely. I enjoyed the twists a lot, and several of the actors they put into the focal points of the story had been pretty strong in terms of acting skill. Pretty good if you can get over some of the lighter, typical teenager garbage and focus more on the good stuff, which is the majority problem for the characters.

And then there was NOS4A2. Now this was a surprise of a show. The entire cast, maybe a few hiccups from the background characters (to be expected?) was solid, and the story surrounding the MC was really strong. I also really liked Vic. I’d definitely recommend this one, too.

Others I watched included (some simply got new seasons):

  • L.A.'s Finest
  • Arthdal Chronicles (I think I posted a lot about this one already, but worth pointing out again in this post)
  • Black Spot / White Zone / Zone Blanche (I think it is safe to say from previous comments that I loved it to death)
  • Poldark
  • What We Do in the Shadows (movie! really good, insanely funny haha))
  • Absentia (Amazon)
  • Good Girls
  • Doom Patrol + Titans (moreso of Doom Patrol)
  • The Fix (watched it, wouldn’t say it was bad, just wouldn’t really recommend it)
  • Derry Girls
  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
  • Hanna (Amazon, nothing like the movie so I don’t appreciate the changes, but I guess it wasn’t bad and I did watch it all, but again…felt so different to the movie that it didn’t feel like Hanna)
  • Umbrella Academy (yes, yes, I recommend many, many times over!)

Lastly, I don’t know if I commented about it or not, but I’m bringing up these older shows that I finished (though relatively recently) because I’m leaving them here for recommendation. I’d say definitely check 'em out, but then again…I’ve got a distinct taste. :sweat_smile:


Great. Just great. I already started it and I like it a lot. I’m not really one for huge cliffhangers but I’m also against spoilers, so now I’m going to dread moving forward. :joy:

Wait, wait, is the show completed? :thinking:


Alright, time to spice up this chat with my long-absent hot takes.

I’ve watched three episodes of The Boys. I tried to give it good faith, despite the fact that it’s the clear reason why Amazon cancelled a fantastic show that was growing stronger with every season, The Tick (a reboot).

This was time I wish I could get back.

The TLDR of this in-depth rant on a shitshow of a show is this: The Tick is the same show but more competent in every way. Watch that instead:

If your comedy introduces a character’s involvement in the story with a r*** scene from the first episode as a big “humorous awkward scenario” moment, you really just shit the bed with your writing. If there was anything risky being done, any kind of clever writing intended, it went horribly wrong. I have to ask… why? With that obvious no-brainer Writing 101 lesson out of the way, let’s tear this shitshow apart with a little more precision and a broad analysis:

Every character is absolutely unlikable, save for the ones you’re supposed to root for, who are just archetypes of characters that The Tick did better. Huey is a less competent and more arrogant Arthur Everest, the whole supers-aren’t-all-that-great arc is a hundred times stronger in The Tick Season 2, and the arc of an incompetent superhero organization is done from the start in Season 1. I can name a talking boat, atheist dog, and TWO grimdark edgelords with stronger character arcs than anyone in this show, and had stronger arcs since the first episode in The Tick which they appear.

Not to mention, The Tick has one of the greatest villains I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. He’s a brutal, maniacal monster… and an absolute highlight of the show.

Characters aren’t just impossible to like, they’re also incompetent and inconsistent. They don’t even follow their own rules. For example…

Minor Spoiler 1

Why would a superhero at the top of his game randomly assault a citizen on his own, despite being so satisfied with legal action elsewhere? He assaults someone instead of taking the competent not-idiotic solution of literally SHOWING ANYONE the bug he found. IN A ROOM OF F___ING SUPERHEROES. AM I GOING INSANE HERE, YOU DENSE F___?! (Talking about Translucent here)

Minor Spoiler 2

Why would Homelander honestly be so clueless as to why what he did was wrong, despite the fact that he outright murdered someone (sorry, an entire plane of civilians), and if he’s supposedly the good guy that’s trying, why does he reach Tick levels of stupidity? Again, check The Tick to see this same character arc with an above-it-all Superman ripoff, but better as always!

It’s painfully edgy and I hated more or less every second of it. It got a few chuckles here and there, but usually the successful joke in question also appeared in The Tick at some point.

The worst part, by far, is seeing THE SAME SETS FROM THE TICK repurposed for this awful show.

Just one more minor spoiler to bring the point home

The high roller’s lounge in The Tick Season 2? Yup, I recognized that one! Instead of distinguishable and hilarious characters in an underground and sketchy gambling operation, though, you have a club repurposed to get that AC subrating that brings in the crowds, right? Oh, and the supers being in there, wow, what a twist right? Nah, The Tick did that too, but better again. See a recurring theme here?

I cannot stress enough that Amazon cutting The Tick for this f___ng abomination of a show is an unexplainable tragedy and one that still needs to be rectified. I don’t care if the show goes on, whatever, keep it going, keep the incompetent writers on board for free money in exchange for a lack of effort, I don’t care. Just track down Ben Edlund and Patrick Warburton, and give them back their well-deserved spotlight for actually making something worth watching.

Also, hello again! It’s been a while chronies. Had to break radio silence to get this off my chest.

If you haven’t watched The Boys, spare yourself the misery and watch both seasons of The Tick instead, then join me for an Orwellian something-something-minutes-of-hate while we whine about how Amazon canned the only show they’ve gotten right at its very height.

But hey, Jack Ryan Season 2 got greenlit. Truly Amazon’s video studio has lost it…


Perhaps cliffhanger is the wrong expression…the end of S2 leaves you needing more story asap…S3 is coming next year and you’ll want to know what happens to the characters as soon as possible when you finish S2.

I’m going to watch The Tick, but honestly I think the more overt humour in it won’t appeal to me as much.


Heh… “Overt humor…” trust me, compared to The Tick, The Boys has the subtlety of a gravity hammer.

The real shocker about The Tick is that season 1 is slow compared to what comes after it. For a show that was already at the top of my favorites list, it’s impressive.

Overall, the worst part has been reading the reception-- how it’s a “clever commentary” on superheroes in the media. It’s literally the same premise of The Tick, done with none of the charm, wit, or writing worth paying a cent for. The only way you could appreciate even the concepts of this show are in a vacuum, and even then, only in a “well, you tried” fashion.

The Tick somehow doubles as a parody of this show despite releasing first.


I don’t think Amazon kicked The Tick to the curb because of The Boys. I was looking it up, and it isn’t very well received [The Boys, that is]. I mean enough to scrap by, but that’s about it. It might just be that Amazon execs think that The Tick can’t offer more than it gives now but that other shows, including The Boys and Jack Ryan, actually can, and refuse to give more to what they perceive as a stale show (a risk).

Netflix does the same thing. :frowning:


Absolutely loved The Boys. I watched the previous version of The Tick, is the newest not the same story with different actors?


Listening, watching and feeling this:



Added to playlist. :slight_smile: