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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Just to clarify we are not talking about Dungeons and Dragons right?

Because let me just say that I 100% totally disagree with this one thing:

I think the Song of Fire & Ice RPG is quite a good use of your time.



DnD = Dungeons and Dragons. D&D = David Benioff and D. B. Weiss.


Good job ruining a board game genre with 40 + years of history behind it for stupid 10 years old TV show :slight_smile:.

I can’t be more pleased with those little abbreviation meme retardations going on now.


do not disturb :smirk:


Me, I ruined it, not the writers of GOT? :sweat_smile: but I think that anyone using D&D would be in a conversation about Game of Thrones in the first place so it would be easier to understand it wasn’t supposed to be DnD.


It’s a meme that should die in 15 days… the abbreviation was formed 'cuz it’s that popular. There’s no surprise people with brains are mocking it, because the ones standing behind it are not older than 18 years old.

Dumb and Dumber was better way to call this and I’ve seen smart people to refer to it like that. Although it’s still insult to the original movie :slight_smile:


D&D is a meme? I don’t think so, not in the eight years I have been part the GOT fandom have I ever seen it used as a meme (though the two are now a meme due to their poor writing skills). People have been using it since GOT’s creation because it is annoying to write out their long names every time they want to refer to them. It would be exhausting to write out David Benioff and D. B. Weiss a dozen times in one post you are referring to them.

Anyhow, playing more FFXIV and I can’t get the music out of my head. Very peaceful. :relaxed:


Copy and paste is a friend, as much as job titles and synonyms for what they do as well. Like instead of “script writers”, just “writers”… Instead of using abbreviations tied to specific genres in a gaming forum. Next meme will go with another wording behind EU and USA and stuff can get even more exciting.

Recently I’ve re-watched my childhood by going through all of the Asterix cartoons and I was surprised that I could find them all in youtube with really decent quality and of course English dub. :smiley:
I’m not that found of the recent 2 3D takes on their stories, but still it was mainly graphical adjustment issue compared to not having fun with them.

Still listening to Kvelertak, blaming Xist for hooking me so damn hard for months.


holy sht Attack on Titan is dragging its feet this season o.0


Has it not every season?
I’ve been watching Steins;Gate 0 today, which has been kind of moody and depressive, It’s been really very good so far.


yea but this feels extra excruciating, i’m at the point of considering to just wait until it’s done given how little they move along… :confused:


Can I recommend the film Thunder Road to you? (assuming you’ve not seen it). I’m going through a bit of a rocky time at the moment and this bitter sweet tale hit all the emotional points for me. An amazing accomplishment from Jim Cummings.


Just watched a trailer for “Chernobyl” for HBO, so far the first three episodes out of six are out and I have not watched any, I usually wait until a season is over and just binge the whole thing. Trailer looked amazing, anybody watched it so far has any opinion wether its worth it or not?


It’s a must wacth! I’ve seen all 3 and the suspense…it just beats anything i’ve seen so far in Tv Series.


Yeah I mean, we all know what happened from documentaries and whatnot but when I saw that trailer… DAMN, ok thanks for the info, ill wait for the season to be over and ill binge it in a weekend :smiley:


You obviously know what is happening/will happen but the way they pace and end each episode is just amazing.


Old Sonic music is just great. You know what…old game music is just great. I really miss it. It captured this enchanting quality that brought you into the world that modern games, while having immensely wonderful and beautiful music, lacks. You know? That…character?

Maybe I’m nostalgic…


Love Sonic music. :smiley:

And of course this guy’s one of my favorite acapella musicians… haha…


Gotta have some remixes too!


I’m starting Part 2 of The Rain on Netflix. I didn’t know it released! I mean the first one was epic or anything, but it was definitely worth remembering when most shows are just bad these days. :sweat_smile: