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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


So I have recently been going through some older albums, so far one of my favourites (alongside many others) is Y by the pop group. The intro song gives a great representation of what I love about this album.

(couldn’t find any official youtube links for any of the songs for the album so this will have to do)

An album I am currently listening to while writing this is Another Green World by Brian Eno. One of the songs I remember the most from this album is always St Elmo’s Fire:


Stumbled across a new band yesterday, pretty great.


The latest episode of Doom Patrol, of course.

And I can only say this


episode was messed up, depressing, sad, too much, and mind numbing… no, no. I didn’t like it. As if GOT preparing to break my heart and soul this Sunday wasn’t enough! :sob:


Finished watching the third season of True Detective. It was ok but yeah, the first season is extremely good, the second season is pretty good and this one is just a small small dent below the second season. Still worth the watch.


After seeing what the last season of Game of Thrones has become.


I’m currently watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story. And I can’t stop. I keep finding it so disturbing, yet so interesting to watch. I’m very much into the crime, detective stuff, so the show drew me into itself with how it shows the background of a criminal.


finished season 4 of Lucifer last weekend, i expected more than 10 episode tbh


90% of the fandom has rioted. When you have the commentary providing you with asinine memes and and 7 seasons giving you hard evidence it was supposed to go another way—so hilariously bad that it would be on South Park—you know D&D drove GOT into the ground on purpose (and that is why they are in hiding). The actors gave eight years of their life to this and D&D decided in the end it wasn’t worth ending right, and Emilia Clarke? She nearly died two times working on it only for them to throw it all away.

I’ve never seen a fandom get so disrespected and a story end so horribly before, and I’ve seen Dexter and other shows get butchered. :joy:

I mean…The Mountain was harder than the NK to kill for god’s sake. For fanservice! :laughing:


Arya: i’ve seen shit and killed my share of people including the NK but seeing this city getting destroyed is just too much. I’m out bitches.:rofl:


Nyanko Days is torture… :expressionless:

… it’s only 2mins long with 30secs of it being themesong !! :sob:


Another episode of Doom Patrol. This one had adult content in it, a lot, that I don’t understand why we have to have, but


beyond that it was a good episode. We finally learned things about Niles, and got a lot of Mr. Nobody in there, oh and more information into Vic’s past.

Can’t wait for the season conclusion! :slight_smile:

(also, I just love Rita! xD)


Castlevania Season 2 was good…started off slow, but interesting, and ended in epic combat and spectacle, with emotional beats to boot. Made me remember that I haven’t followed anime for 2 or 3 years now since I’ve been tied up with TV series. So I thought back to one of the last anime’s that I’d watched, which was Rage Of Bahamut, and decided to give the sequel, Virgin Soul a go.

Well that was terrible…writing awful, characters squandered and poorly written, story not great… I know you don’t expect much from game adaptations, but the first season was good (and Tower of Druaga was also good), so I was a bit disappointed. Really liked the OP2 though.

Also saw Cold Pursuit. I know Liam Neeson is basically playing the same role in every film now but I enjoyed it.


Well I just got done watching the series finale of game of thrones. Thank god it’s over I was laughing at how fucking awkward it was. All my thoughts can pretty much be summed up with this.


Now I just need to lie in a bunker for about 2 weeks so people can get all their spoiler ranting out of the way.


Can you believe there are people who actually liked it @Animosity? Even when it is so blatantly inconsistent and retcon’d six seasons worth of plot lines and character development?


Poor Jon was made to kill the woman he loved the same way the Night’s Watch brothers lured him out, tricked him and killed him. Not only did the writers dishonor him like that, they dishonored his character further (a man so much like Eddard, who did everything for it) by having him rejected the newly elected king’s (hilarious!) punishment by skipping the worthless Night’s Watch entirely to go north with the free folk.

I mean really? Sansa the queen in the north? Bran the elected king? Bronn, of all people, on the council? So the only person who got screwed over was Dany, the person who has only ever helped people since S1?

8 years wasted on this trash…

There’s a petition with 1m signatures on it that’s shaming the writers. I don’t think it really aims to have the finale season redone, though that would be awesome, but it is great to show the writers just how bad they messed up and how much we don’t like it. Also, I don’t like them as a people. When Selmy’s actor found out his character was dying—as he was not dead in the books—he called them up and asked them if they were sure. They said yes. They then later went on an interview and talked about his phone call, quoted him (without names but it was obvious) and then laughed about him and said it made them want to kill him more.

I can only feel shame and regret for GRRM at this point for handing the reigns of his epic fantasy over to these brainless hacks.

@Pylinaer , you shouldn’t watch the show. It spends 6-7 seasons (eight years) building plot lines and enemies it never (and that is serious!) answers. Characters’ arcs are thrown aside in 1 episode. They act completely different in the end, so much so the actors themselves fought with the writers and have been open about how bad the season finale was going to be (and poor Emilia almost died 3 times for it). Writing so bad that characters forget things they did literally one scene before just so the writing could execute poorly or forget what they did in their life.

If you want to get into GRRM’s world, read the books, don’t give D&D your time. The rest of the fans would appreciate it as well.


I’ve actually read the books. Problem is, Mr. Martin appears to want to write everything BUT the rest of the story. Going on, what, 7 years since the last book? I’ve pretty much given up on him finishing it.


The funny part of the whole thing is the NK & the white walkers symbolize the GoT series as a whole a strong powerhouse at the beginning but a weak shell of it’s former self by the end.


i was almost tempted to post a ss of it in the memes thread last night when i saw it :grin:


Ah! And yes, the last book was published 2011. It has been eight years. Selmy’s actor claims that GRRM made a deal with HBO not to release the last two books in the series until the TV show concludes, so if that’s true (he’s a big fan of the books) we might be getting the next book soon. I kind of believe that, because there’s no way GRRM would stop writing the main series to write Fire and Blood unless it was either finished or just needing edits.

Either way, after S8, I will not rush him. I do not want a 20 year journey to be ruined because we want it faster. As painful as it’ll be! :sweat_smile:

D&D should have taken basic writing classes, then they would have known not to introduce a dozen or so plots and sub-plots they never meant to finish just to give the illusion of depth. :laughing:


Whoa whoa whoa! You are asking way too much and u need to slow it down a bit.:rofl: