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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


OK…So I’m at a loss with too much choice…has this finished yet? And if so how big is the cliffhanger at the end of the Season? After Cobra Kai I really need something that’s not going to leave me hanging too much. Otherwise I might just start Castlevania S2, or perhaps something super old instead (well, old in relative terms). Was also considering the latest Flash, but I don’t think it’s finished yet and I hate waiting for the next episode.


Dark S2 announcement! I thought it would never happen! I’m so happy! That means there is hope for my other Netflix shows, like Innocence and so many others! Fingers crossed! :relaxed:

Oh, yea, watched the opening for the new season for The 100! It was great. Honestly, it was so much better than the last episode of Game of Thrones and I feel crazy even saying that, but it is the truth. It was far more coherent and solid narrative speaking…

It isn’t over yet. There will be a total of 15 (maybe 16) episodes. We are currently only on episode 11. So we’re not far off from the season conclusion. Every new episode airs on Friday on their own DC streaming service, called DC Universe.

S2 of Castlevania was great, so you can’t go wrong with that I think, and yea, the latest season of The Flash is still running. The next episode is about to release, if I’m not mistaken.


Thanks…yeah, looks like there’s another two episodes to come before S5 of The Flash is done so I’ll have to wait a fortnight (or a little less because it’ll take time to get that far), and I’ll put Doom Patrol on the to do list. In the meantime i’ll have to put some serious thought into whether I’m in the mood for TV or movies…



I’m watching a new Netflix show called Dead to Me starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini. It is a dark comedy show about two women (not sure how far the plot goes of course) who meet over loss and form a friendship over it.

I’m only on episode 2 but I like it so far. Jen (Christina’s character) is sort of stoic while Judy (Linda’s character) is very eccentric (and I’m guessing a slightly crazy but not dangerous crazy?), so they’re very different from each other.

Episode 1

Slight spoilers of course

sort of drops an early twist on you, which to me was really surprising. :sweat_smile:


So I watched the latest Game of Thrones. I saw a lot of it via spoiler screenshots and stuff, so I already knew, but boy…this is not getting any better. The low effort put into the last 2 seasons for “shock value” has ruined 8 (more?) years of a wonderful show.

I hope Benioff and Weiss never live this massive disappointment down. And may God have mercy on Star Wars when they take over the project.

Beyond that I finished Dead to Me and I liked it a lot, though I found it sad. Hope we get a S2!


…should we tell him?


And i sure love it ! This must be first tv series in many years i’m actually watching past first few episodes. I’ve become so disinterested in this media format that even though i can point and say that ‘this is a good tv show’ i will still get bored after first few episodes but Doom Patrol , so far i’m at episode 6 , still keeps me interested somehow. I hope it wont nose dive later on.


What, the sequel stuff? If so, believe me, it can get far worse. If you have seen what they have done with Game of Thrones, you would understand. In the commentaries they admit to the most outrageously horrible things, from throwing away 6 seasons of story to surprise people, to make a character learn something crucial in 1 episode and having her forget it moments later in the same episode and have it decimate her for shock value.

So yea, people like to tear into the new Star Wars? Yea no, it can be worse. And if D&D take the helm of a SW project, especially a show, and decide 5-8 years down the line they want to move on, they’ll repeat the same things they did with GOT. Because they don’t respect story or fans. Say what you will of the new SW films, but at least the guys making it like the fans and try their hardest even if not everyone can like the product in the end.

It is great, right? It is so random and fun, and yet engaging and heart warming. What characters and episode do you like the most so far?

The DCU really knows how to make shows. Titans is great too, not as great, and Swamp Thing will be coming out soon too, so maybe it’ll be fun to watch as well.

(if anyone ever wants TV recommendations, I’ll gladly provide some. I watch a lot of shows so…yea. :sweat_smile: )


I don’t know, Rian Johnson did kind of throw away 7 movies spanning 30 years for the sake of some twists in TLJ. Game of Thrones just has the added pain of being a TV show while Episode IX is drastically trying to pick up the smouldering pieces of this dead franchise.

I’ll agree to disagree with you on the severity, but we can probably agree that it’s stupid and causes irreversible damage either way.


I’m not sure about episode but my favorite character is actually Mr.Nobody. Well he is most intriguing at least , i’m really curious what’s his deal . What is his angle in all this and why is he breaking the 4th wall all the time , is it just a gimmick or it actually has any meaning in the series.

But from the main bunch i guess Cliff is most likeable and Rita is most layered . I must say i dislike cyborg a lot,he seems like a proper wanker.


Quest for Camelot was a gem, except that one scene when the dragons sing. I hate that so much.

Mr. Nobody played by the talented Alan Tudyk. xD

Cliff is great! And yea, I don’t like Cyborg either. I don’t understand why they made him into to…well, such a wanker, but it is annoying. He’s so uptight and rude, and doesn’t even try to understand the problems of others or that his parents tried their best for him.


Umm… I respect your opinion, but I believe ‘if I didn’t have you’ was at least a catchy song. Like all the songs in Quest for Camelot.

Simply mentioning its name had me humming along. Sure I won’t deny it felt out of place, but it was a potent earworm.


Endgame was amazing. Really, Really long, but still great.

That one shot towards the climax of the film is probably my favorite single shot in the entirety of the MCU.

Spoilers, you have been warned

The one wide shot with Cap alone against the armies of Thanos. It was just beautiful.

I’m excited to see where they will go from here. Spider-Man Far From Home looks promising, and will officially wrap up “phase three” of the MCU.


I don’t know how they go away with this song, but it is really good. I mean lyrically, it is composed very well, compelling wise. It is sinister and hmm…what is the word? Well my loss for words doesn’t mean it is any less great.

Of course, there is the best of the best, which comes from a powerful movie Prince of Egypt.

Of course, outside of my cartoon musical adoration, I do my my Lady Antebellum which soothes my soul and makes me dream of summers in the long open areas of the south.

You had to go and name it! I didn’t name it for a reason! Now its annoying lyrics will haunt me for days! :sweat_smile: :laughing:

It just felt way too cartoonish and kiddy for me, and felt out of place of the (in my opinion) award winning songs. lol


I take no responsibility for wherever this may lead you.


The leaks for GOT…y’all it is crushing my soul! :sweat: :sob:


I watched The Immigrant, about Polish women immigrating to the U.S, but they get separated due one of them being sick and the other being of “low morals”.

Also listened to some tunes:


Volbeat is on the menu lately

also got totally hooked on Non Non Biyori by @Fraggles recommendation, only 3 episodes in but just love this :heart_eyes:


4 months later, I finally started reading the Witcher books. I just finished The Last Wish and started Sword of Destiny. The books are amazing and i’m really glad i picked them up.

For those that are also looking to jump into the witcher universe: All books (excluding the last book: Season of Storms) are sold on amazon uk for ± 35 euros including delivery fee. That’s 5 euros per book!


Excuse me, but that’s a pokemon not a band.


Watching news for games (Iceborn for MH:W etc) and saw the trailer for FFVII’s remake. Finally.


Watched the latest episode of Cloak and Dagger. Another good episode, and I don’t even mind if it drew out a bit in the middle. It was, in my opinion, excellently executed.