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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I watched the latest episodes of Game of Thrones S8 (forgot to post).

They have been rather slow, too slow for a 6 episode season finale, but not bad I suppose. I hope the next episode speeds things up, though I have a feeling I’m not going to like what they do at all…


Exactly my take on the first 2 so far… the second was way better though, especially considering what it’s preparing. I hope what’s to come deserved the almost two years of wait time :slight_smile:


Game of Thrones spoilers ahead.



So I just watched Endgame (yeah for some reason over here we get it a few days ahead of everywhere else, it actually started showing yesterday in Australia). So I promise NO SPOILERS will be here, I am not even going to be vague on any plot points, I won’t be specific on the plot at all, but I mean if you don’t want to know even the smallest inkling of anything about the movie steer clear.

So here are a few things I will say:

Is this movie good?
Yes, I mean most people are going to watch it despite it being good or bad, but it is a very enjoyable movie.

Is it as good as Infinity War?
I got to be honest I don’t know, I felt the storyline on IW was a little more coherent, but I think it is probably on par.

Does the movie do things that I expected to happen?
Yep some.

Does the movie do things I didn’t expect?
Definitely, more than I would have thought.

Does it have fantastic set pieces?
No doubt, I mean c’mon its an Avengers movie. It has some very satisfying set pieces.

Is it a satisfying ending to the 22 movies what they are now calling the Infinity Saga?
Yeah definitely, I think its a fitting ending.

And the most important question…

Does this movie have cameos from the actors in the TV show Community like so many other Marvel movies since the Russo Brother used to produce and direct that show?
That’s a spoiler and I promised I wouldn’t do that, so I won’t say anything.


all i want from that movie, is this





Anyone seen High Life? Watched about 20 minutes yesterday and really not feeling it at all…should love an atmospheric scifi but it’s just meh…


“No crimes here! she’s 800 years old”
-always super convincing when they need to bring out the loli legalese :joy:
^Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san

also, no idea wtf i just watched o.0, what a f’n mess :dizzy_face:, but the subs on Granbelm preview was something else entirely :rofl:


Well I wanted Avengers Endgame.

My honest opinion?

you click this and it isn't my fault when it is ruined for you

I’m sorry, but that was the worst thing I have ever seen. That’s not even factoring in the really terrible time travel. Nebula shoots herself in THE PAST and yet somehow her futureself is maintained. There are a whole bunch of other really stupid time travel moments like that. The moment–and I mean the moment–they went to the past and Loki got away due to their interference is the moment their timeline would have gotten messed up and collapsed on itself, meaning the change would have happened (though still probably not one they wanted). But what do the Russo brothers do? They keep on going. Piling on mess up after mess up, but the timeline remains intact as if it went like that from the start.

Captain Marvel should have easily kicked the crap out of Thanos and tore the glove off his hand during that battle scene, and the REAL Scarlet Witch is so powerful she could have shredded Thanos a million ways to Sunday in the last movie and in this one (almost did but wasn’t enough).

Oh, and then the decisions to kill off Tony Stark, Gamorra, Natasha, Loki and Captain America?

The Russo Brothers just wanted it over with and it showed so very clearly. I feel sorry for the Marvel fans.


I would rather sit through Guardians of the Galaxy on repeat for the rest of my life than ever watch that again.

(only redeemable part was the fat Thor)



So its a day after I watched Endgame and although I still don’t think its a bad movie, I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I though I did and its not as good as Infinity War. I won’t go into why for spoilers sake but I thought I would put it out there as an addendum to my sort of review.


The latest episode of Doom Patrol was great, very emotional. Cliff and Larry’s parts…damn man. :sleepy:

And I’m starting to really, really love Rita. I mean I love the entire cast (Cliff and Jane the most), but Rita has grown so much into her own character. She’s a joy to watch.


Was just introduced to this band by my friend and this was the first song I listened to and I really like this song. It’s pretty freaking catchy. Not a huge fan of the singer, but I got used to them sort of. And the video is hilarious and awesome! :grin: I was told the singers Dad plays the cowboy which I find awesome and hilarious! :grin:


I watched Netflix’s Chambers. It had its moments where it strayed I think from a coherent path, but overall I think I enjoyed it. Hopefully it gets a season 2, if only so I can see justice for the first poor girl.

Also, forgot to say, but I finished the extremely short season 2 of She-Ra. It was good, but it is getting real annoying that Netflix is releasing “seasons” as mini series. They don’t feel like seasons, you know what I mean? Like they aren’t telling a part of a story. For example, with each season of Avatar: The Last Airbender, they told a full part of a story even if it wasn’t the main story. Netflix’s animes/cartoons don’t seem to do that, they are just tons of 6-8 episode OVAs at this point…

Well anyhow, with Hordak’s portals now being revealed, I hope we get a mention of , or an announcement in the future, of a He-Man show as well. I now it is unlikely in today’s environment where its more important to have strong females (for some reason we can’t have both?), but as a huge fan of the Masters of the Universe, I really want to see both of them in this revisioned world and art style. It would be really cool. Sister and brother kickin’ butt together. Hordak and Skeletor wouldn’t stand a chance. :joy:


I just watched the first episode. I sort of liked the name… Doom Patrol… so decided to check it out :slight_smile: Kind of bizzare but also interesting tv show.


The Nether…I like its music. lol

The last two are my favorites. :slight_smile:

Doom Patrol is all about the bizarre (the group is comprised of the “orphaned and the weird”), but it is a lot of fun and has its moments where it is serious and sad. I hope you like it



I recently finished all the episodes of The Amazing world of Gumball on hulu, think I may binge Futurama for a second time.

I’m not reading anything

I’m listening to Stolen Dance by Milky Chance, 100 bad days by AJR and Sugar We’re Going Down by Fallout Boy


Game of Thrones, of course.


seriously, like, don't open this unless you want REALLY BIG SPOILERS
final warning

Okay so the entire plotline for Jon was thrown aside, by the admission of D&D at the end of the episode, for the sake of surprising people. The Night King was killed by Arya Stark, and in a surprise attack.

So 3 years ago they decided to change things up, which means at the start of season 7, when Bran gave the dagger to Arya. Which means 6 seasons of careful plotting, of carefully executed narratives between Jon and Bran, ALL WASTED because shock value.

Bran is useless. Jon is useless. The prophecy is useless. The NK was useless. Hodor was mentally crippled for nothing. The Night’s Watch was for nothing.

The big bad…is Cersei…

I…I just can’t. This show. What the hell.

So god damn disappointed. The only worth while moment was how beautifully Jorah went out defending Dany in her most vulnerable moment and how Bran was able to give Theon redemption (though it could have been better). Beyond that, the entire show has been ruined.


And I feel incredibly insulted that they said this would be “Helm’s Deep” levels of epicness. No…just no.

I can only hope with all my might that GRRM finishes the series. That we aren’t thrown aside like trash for shock value.



Just finished Season 2 of Cobra Kai…not sure how I’m going to cope waiting a year for the next season…I need more!

Unsure what to watch now…