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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Watching TeraCopy…only 1.6 days to go via USB 2.0… :frowning:


Right, BTS dropped a new album yesterday and I just can’t stop listening to the title track :grin:


I just finished the first season of Ajin today. I never quite got over the terrible 3D generated animations that Netflix seems so very fond of but the story is decent and the spectacle is running pretty high so overall it was interesting enough to keep watching.

I have heard the series didn’t get a proper, or a bad ending but I’ll check out season 2 and see for myself.


Game of Thrones on Sunday guys. :blush:

Anyhow, I finished season 1 of Good Girls. It’s good, as funny as it is serious. I like it a lot. The women’s plights make it hard to regard their actions as entirely wrong. The sisterhood between the women is great too. I like that Annie is kind of the “crazy” one, Ruby is the more grounded one and Beth is the housewife who had enough and turned into the secret Walter White in training.

I’m starting Black Summer on Netflix after I catch up on Doom Patrol, which I think might be the last episode of the season. It’ll be good because I think Cliff is going to Jane’s Underground.


High School of the Dead episode 8 made me absolutely lose my sht :rofl:
kept thinking it was weird enough “every” zombie stuff that came up atm for whatever reason decided to combine ecchi, but that shot in episode 8 would put any other bullet cam to shame regardless :joy: f’n nose-drink squirting worthy gloriously ridiculous :ok_hand: might just take the cake as the most hilariously absurd thing i’ve seen in a show, -so far :grin:

i tried getting into that, again, yesterday, and i just couldn’t get past the super jarring animation :confused:. Kept having this thought “this seem like would make much better fit on print”, and so far i’ve been unable to get past/through episode 1 because i can get really picky with types of animation if/when they keep “prodding” my senses
i’ll probably give it another shot some other time, nice to hear there can be something worthwhile to it :+1:
for now i still got more weird physics/oppai zombie episodes to get through :smile:


No HBO = no GoT

I had access to HBO up until about 2 seasons ago. Now i’m just trying to avoid spoilers until i’m able to watch it again.


That’s going to be insanely difficult upon the conclusion. I feel for you. It’s going to be worse—far worse—than the Star Wars spoiler.


I finally decided to plunk down and get the bundle. The deal was too good to pass up. And it’s almost over. Definitely looking forward to reading them.


I came across this somehow after watching diving videos. It’s pretty nice. I really like how it sounds old western, like you’d walk into a pub and hear it.


Finished Gomorrah Season 3 yesterday…Seriously, if you haven’t got on board with this series yet, and you’re a fan of INCREDIBLE TV drama (incredibile!) you need this in your life. It’s probably my favourite thing ever, edging out Breaking Bad and The Wire.

I feel bereft now…


At some point in the near future, I might give this post the proper gravitas it deserves. Unfortunately, at this point in time… I. Can’t. Even.

In a few words, I have really enjoyed The Magicians since the very beginning. Overall there have been great episodes, good episodes, and OFC bad episodes. The show isn’t perfect, but I like it a lot. That said, I never knew that I was so emotionally invested in the show, till the season 4 finale last night. It has been a hot minute since something moved me to tears… to the point it made my nose run and eyes red.

:open_mouth: :cry: :sob:

Take On Me, will never be the same for me again. WARNING: SPOILERS INSIDE



Watched Mutafukaz…it was ok? Main characters weren’t very likeable would be my main complaint, which probably came down to the dialogue.


anyone watched When They Cry ?? o.0
does this bullcrap ever get even a somewhat slight resemblance of something that makes sense? :dizzy_face:
kinda curious if it’s worth slogging through this “twist” :thinking:. I’m halfway through and feel like the writer is just yanking everyone’s chain and gonna do some faux pass episode where stringing sht together that would never fit on a rewatch in order to pass things off as some grand intertwined scheme that really never was until the last 5mins before handing it in… :confounded:


Yeah things gets somewhat explained towards the end, but even more so in the 2nd series, Higurashi no naku koro ni kai. It should tie together everything, I didn’t feel like there were any particularly glaring plot holes sitting around at least.

I watched them many years ago though and enjoyed both series and one or two of the OVAs as well immensely.


cheers, i’m on ep 18, and was beginning to really lose my mind about where this would be going, since i saw there was a s2 to sit through, besides couple of ova episodes too ofc,
so just wanted to know it wouldn’t be totally in vain to continue down this, weird, well o.0


I suppose it’s going to depend on what you’re looking for in your entertainment. But if you’re not enjoying yourself by episode 18 I’m not sure why you’re still watching even now. Anything that I’d describe as a slog is something I’ll abandon if I have the option well before 6h in.


well not a slog as in totally boring, just that, keeps going all over the place with the diff archs/perspective stuff, without really making much momentum in the actual curious stuff -which seems like it’s on damned purpose :joy:
but the “mystery” does keep me entertained among other, just feels like it could pick up the pace if it wasn’t so hellbent on being al twisty and “oh you just wait until you see this”… but i have a soft spot for crazy chicks, so that helps too :smile:


Haha, well this series sure has you covered then.
Yes the multiple arc thing is very much intentional and also how the game it’s based on is structured. Well most VNs have a similar structure where you get an initial common path and then several side stories based on your decisions.

So they will tell the same story from everyone’s angle over and over, letting you get a comprehensive view of everything that’s going on in the village until the final arch which I suspect you’re just about to start.


Watching this

Always been interested in historical weaponary :slight_smile:


Thanks, now I have something new to watch.

I am watching Blue Planet right now… BABY SEA DRAGONS!!!