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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I’m not reading it at the moment, but I’ll never pass up an opportunity to recommend the amazing science-fiction author Cixin Liu, especially his Three Body Problem series.
As for listening, I don’t often listen to music, but my brother likes to recommended some to me from time to time. The most recent album is Hawaii part II, which I think is quite good. It has lots of very original music.


I will read 1984 by George Orwell. Just finished Animal Farm. I am watching Narcos. It is perfect series. Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria <3


I finished the Green Lanterns comic series.


I’m not pleased whatsoever how it ended. It is truly a shame comics end this way these days. If I were in charge of comics, they would be glorious.

Jessica Cruz had the makings of being one of the most interesting and powerful Lanterns of all time. Her background and her efforts to continuously fight her fear and reach for her willpower could have provided an interesting drive for all sorts of stories.

However, the worst decision made was splitting the partnership of Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz as Earth Green Lanterns. Their dynamic as team mates was great.

This is why modern comics will rarely be as great as those around 2005 and earlier.

I started The Umbrella Academy comics because I enjoyed the show so much. They’re very different from the show but I like them a lot. Gerard Way has great potential as a comic creator, and his art fits very well (though nothing you’d assume when you think of typical comic art I guess).

And still gotta say it because its relevant…poor Vanya. :frowning:

I also caught up on season 2 of Cloak and Dagger. The twist it revealed was crazy! :sweat_smile:


Aside from a bit of reddit and this forum, only acadamic articles.


  • Billions, a drama about a rich inside trader and his adventures with the law, other investment companies, business struggles, relationship struggles,…
  • Various engineering channels on youtube like ToT (think dad-jokes and educational machining), Clickspring (Clockmaker)
  • Eagerly waiting for other new seasons from Better Call Saul, GoT, Sillicon Valley(tacky),…

I recently discovered this and I’m in love. So I’m now in the process of discovering this genre called dreampop. I’m also re-listening Wax’ acoustic monday videos.

Of course I’m consuming more but these were the most notable mentions.


Wait, which ones?

Perhaps we can compare notes, or maybe I just find another cool article like the last ones brought to my attention.


Decades-old laser triangulation based stuff, it’s all old tech :smiley: My project doesn’t really need any help but the academics like to take some things way too seriously. What are you reading?


I saw true detective and loved it, then came the second season and I found it to be good but not awesome like the first one, I know the third one is out already but I dont have the time at the moment to binge it, should I even bother or its all downhill since season 1?


Watch it… it is pretty good.

@Doomy right now I am reading:

Book covers



Caught up with the latest episodes of Derry Girls S2. There were only 6 episodes of the season. A shame.

Now, I’m seeing if Good Girls is any good (about 3 mothers who rob a store to help their families).

I liked S2 but it was nothing compared to S1, but the way that I hear it, S3 was way better than S2 and closer to S1 than S2, but still fell very short in comparison to it. If you liked the series though—even if you didn’t like S2 as much as S1—you should definitely watch S3.


If you haven’t heard of her, I think you would enjoy Lana Del Rey. Tranquil melodies and soothing vocals…

I didn’t know this sound had a genre of its own. Thanks for sharing :pray:


@hivefleetbothan Ew, bugs and stuff! The closest I’m willing to get to biology is when it involves statistics. Byproduct of my university’s math/stats department which has a focus on biology. I snooped on your profile, did you just finish your graduate?

I know her, thanks for the suggestion though. I’m not directly a fan of her work but I like the things people have done with her songs. Here’s a cover of born to die by my fav 2-man Belgian grunge band.

Or if you want more chill here’s some more dreampop :slight_smile:


In the home stretch.


Get to work grunt! Writing up everything?


Bit of this, bit of that.


one punch man, hyyype :smiley:


I’ve never seen it, i’ve never read it, but this inspires me:


Watched Bumblebee…initially thought that I’d hate it (because why do Cybertronian robots already transform into Earth vehicles despite not having been there yet?) but actually really liked it. Focussing on the change in Charlie (the teen girl protagonist) makes this more like a coming of age superhero film than anything else.


Istanbul was Constantinople
Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople
Been a long time gone, Oh Constantinople
Now it’s Turkish delight on a moonlit night


Seanan McGuire - Wayward books. Feels like Narnia & the Magicians with a focus on different realms. They are short enough to read in 1-2 sittings and have a deeper meaning/lesson.

There are 4 books so far and 1 book will be coming out in 2020.


Uh i love The Chain!