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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Here’s some beautiful music I really enjoy. Especially Ocean by John Butler which I just discovered today, which is probably the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever heard. A lot of emotion in the song. No lyrics needed. I provided the studio version which is the top one, and the one underneath is a live rendition. Both are amazing and both should be listened to.


Well that was about 200 posts I hadn’t read yet, you guys are always keeping busy!

So usually I like music as a background Thing, but every once in a while a song will just hit me and I’m not sure why.

Also, JOJO.


Just watched The Dirt via Netflix…ignore the bad reviews…it’s a good time!

^That is an ace cover version.


I’ve got some new things on Netflix to watch, yay! By new, I mean new seasons. One of them is the new season to Sabrina! :slight_smile:

I’m starting it up now. Hoping it is good! :crossed_fingers:

Beyond that, I’ve dug back into comics and read a superton of Green Lantern, Green Lanterns, Green Lantern Corps, Red Lanterns, Justice League, and Justice League Odyssey. I’ve forgotten what a joy it can be to read comics since the reboot (a lot of things were questionable to me as a comicbook nerd) but seeing a Lantern kick ass reminded me of the fun comics can be! :blush:

(I’m loving the team dynamic of Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz as Lanterns—one is a nervous wreck trying to control overwhelming fear and the other is a show boater hiding his fear haha)


Formula 1: Drive to Survie on Netflix

I know nothing about sports and I knew nothing about racing before seeing this on my “Netflix recommends…” I said, “Okay Netflix, let’s see if you know what I like…”

Within the first 20 minutes, I was hooked. I originally avoided sports that celebrate the individual thinking the drivers would all have big egos with hot-shot personalities. I was delighted to be wrong. The teams in F1 have tremendous heart for what they’re doing and they don’t despair in the face of odds stacked insurmountably against their favour.

I liken each team to a space program trying to put a person on the moon – to win a race, it really seems that challenging. Every position means everything to these people. Every second may as well be a lifetime…

To put it into perspective, imagine your favourite competitive sport taken to the wildest extremes of your fantasies. F1 teams employ sometimes over 1,000 people and the cars alone are over 50 million dollars :scream: yet still “underdog” teams can pose a real threat to the “big dogs”. And this show does a great job explaining to the viewership why every component of the team and car is necessary to get a win.

And if that’s not enough, F1 has banned all traction control, anti-lock breaks, and active suspension. That means high-budget teams can’t use computers to drive the cars anymore while low-budget teams are left in the dust. Wins are purely based on driver skill and the engine makers now.

Oh and the video footage is

I finished the series on Netflix and I signed up to watch the F1 races live. The 2019 season just began and is only 2 of 21 races in. The live races are awesome to watch because the Netflix series primed me with a ton of information to be able to enjoy them.

A++ would watch again :+1:


If you ever get the chance to, I highly recommend the anime series Initial D and the sequels. It’s an older anime series that delves quite far into the street racing culture of Japan. How accurate is it? I have no idea. But I really enjoyed it. Of course I watched with original Japanese voice acting and English subtitles. I can’t do dubbing much of the time. It’s not F1, for sure, I just felt like giving it a plug there seeing how passionate you have become about F1 racing from a docu-series.

PS, I watched it more than once, would still watch again.


To be honest I’m really surprised that someone might think that it’s actually possible to win anything on your own in the current age. Even amateur competitions are won by semi pro teams and it never matters if it’s “individual” event or team effort. Even behind chess players there are big teams of people and coaches that do research and focus the player attention to some things he needs to work on. If you are alone you will never have the time to research everything you need to… what about actual practice?

This applies in gaming too… It turned out to be multi billion busyness with really big teams, coaches, practice partners and what not.

F1 lost me ages ago when they reduced the speed and started to even implement all the technical help the pilots can get. The overtakes during a race turned out to be only from the pit stop timings (great teamwork though) and nothing more… probably 1-2 per race in legit means. If you like F1 you might wanna look at MotoGP a bit more btw :slight_smile:


F1 changed this in recent years with DRS zones. Basically drivers a have a flap in their spoiler they can open in dedicated overtaking zones so long as they are within 1-second of the car in front of them. The purpose of this was to increase the amount of overtakes in a race to make it more interesting for spectators. There’s many overtakes per race now, and not just from pitting.

You’re the second person to put MotoGP on my radar. I’ll check it out when I make the time. Thanks for sharing :pray:


And you’re the second person to recommend Initial D to me! I heard there’s some really good music in the show too. Do you know where I can watch it?


muusik! :headphones:


I recommend the movie Senna, I know I know, it’s a Brazilian pilot and I’m Brazilian, wowee how surprising! :laughing: But trust me, it’s a good one, the guy was an incredible pilot for the time. I’d also recommend Rush! Those are more recent movies, but there are some classics too if you enjoy. I’m not a huge fan of F1, my dad is, so I used to watch with him, but from past years I didn’t have a main pilot I was pleased to watch, so it’s not as thrilling and I have no clue as how things are now.

This also reminded me of this gem:

I’ve spent a lot of time playing this one when a was a smol slotho. I would have died many times if I was a real pilot.

I second that. The new movies does a bit of improvement on the graphics, while stripping away part of the content from the series. If you can endure the old anime style, then it’s well worth to watch the full series.

And here’s my favorite soundtrack from it

This is brilliant.
But I like this



I just finished Part 2 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, thanks I guess to the opportunity of feeling sick all day. lol

It was just as good as the first season, except it had the same problems albeit small in comparison to the quality of the show. The problems?


Her “sidekicks”, aka, her new friends. It needed to only be her and Harvey, her cousin and Salem and most. The new kids are heavily distracting from the story and just feel way too forced into the plotline, and they are also stealing more much needed screentime from Sabrina and lore development.

Still, even with that complaint, the show is of high quality. I like it a lot, and I like that the Satanic rituals make me feel uncomfortable in the fact that they seem realistially real to a cult. If that makes sense? It seems like they really thought out the lore of it all–how the witches/warlocks would act, how the spells and incantations would work and look, how it would sound, the atmosphere.

Another problem which I noticed in S2 is the lack of disgust or apprehension from the mortal friends at learning of Sabrina’s Satantic roots. I mean, okay, acceptance. But come on…how far does acceptance go when the religion has cannibalism during holidays, subjugation of women and humans, sacrifices and other horrible stuff? It just seemed unrealistic that her human friends just jumped on board so damn fast and could stomach it. If I were one of her friends, I would have freaked the hell out and started to wear crosses and consume holy water just to be sure something didn’t happen to me. :sweat_smile:

I will have to rewatch it at some point because that’s how I grasp the finer details of a world, but yea, liked it a lot. Really hope we see more of the witch hunters, and possibly someone more likely to not want to kill the witches but offer a more Godly approach to well…converting or conversing with the minions of the Devil himself. So basically someone a bit more grounded and human, and far less murdery. lol

Tomorrow I will watch Doom Patrol’s, latest episode but tonight I’m gonna read more comics to rewind. Which comics? Why Green Lanterns, 2017, #013-24, of course. :blush:


YouTube just recommended me this:



I see your Japanese Koto cover and raise you two Japanese Shamisen originals.

Also, I looove koto, so it’s always nice to see it spread to a wider audience.


Yoshida brothers are so good, I have 2 of their albums. The imaginatively named “Yoshida brothers” and “Yoshida brothers 2”. I’m definitely going to be looking out for TRiECHOES from now on so thanks for that video, too bad it’s the only one they have.

I think maybe they laid the drum and base stuff on a little too heavy in the 2nd portion as I felt it rather drowned out their brilliant playing of the koto.

I am a great fan of people taking old folk- or otherwise instruments and playing modern music on them. Something sort of relevant that was passed on to me a couple of days ago:


Man that glass section blew me away. That was great!


I’ve seen this before! I laughed so much the first time :joy:

Sounds so baroque and old af but at the time not! It still puts a smile on my face.


I caught up on Doom Patrol. More crazy piled on, but it is still good. :slight_smile:

Also still reading Green Lanterns. I’m really loving how the AI in Jessica’s ring is the only one that has been altered (through willpower and I’m assuming because it is the Power Ring of Volthoom) and it speaks to her in its own, sarcastic voice. It is hilarious at times. Though I guess if you don’t read comics, or know anything about Lanterns and their rings, it probably won’t be. :sweat_smile:


Just finished winternight trilogy- The Winter of the Witch book. If you like fairy tales and/or Russian folktales, this is the book series for you. The female protagonist is a witch that fights for the freedom of her family, Moscow, and spirits or “chyert”.


What are you reading?
I’m reading “The C Programming Language” for fun! Seriously! Well… i will need it for a class i’m taking a year from now but i still want to learn it anyway, so i’m learning it now on my own time.

What are you watching?
응답하라 1988 (Reply 1988; Korean drama). Recommended by a friend but i’m not fully into it.

What are you listening to?
The silence of my apartment. I don’t need music.