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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I was a '90s kid, already seen it. :sweat_smile:


Listening to:

Folklore music is some of the best out there. They tell such expressive stories and in such beautiful ways and through such amazing vocals. It is such a shame so many people are deadset against expanding their musical tastes, because there is so much out there to listen to that is amazing from house to folk to hip hop to synth.

Such as this song, Matty Groves. It’s just amazing. It is a book sung to you and in such and amazing way.

Little Matty Groves, he lay down and took a little sleep
When he awoke, Lord Donald was standing at his feet
Saying “How do you like my feather bed and how do you like my sheets
How do you like my lady who lies in your arms asleep?”
“Oh, well I like your feather bed and well I like your sheets
But better I like your lady gay who lies in my arms asleep”
"Well, get up, get up, " Lord Donald cried, “get up as quick as you can
It’ll never be said in fair England that I slew a naked man”
“Oh, I can’t get up, I won’t get up, I can’t get up for my life
For you have two long beaten swords and I not a pocket knife”
“Well it’s true I have two beaten swords and they cost me deep in the purse But you will have the better of them and I will have the worse
And you will strike the very first blow and strike it like a man
I will strike the very next blow and I’ll kill you if I can”

So Matty struck the very first blow and he hurt Lord Donald sore
Lord Donald struck the very next blow and Matty struck no more
And then Lord Donald took his wife and he sat her on his knee
Saying "Who do you like the best of us, Matty Groves or me?"
And then up spoke his own dear wife, never heard to speak so free
"I’d rather a kiss from dead Matty’s lips than you or your finery"
Lord Donald he jumped up and loudly he did bawl
He struck his wife right through the heart and pinned her against the wall
"A grave, a grave, " Lord Donald cried, “to put these lovers in
But bury my lady at the top for she was of noble kin”



Incredibly good Humble book bundle -


Ahh… the two I want to read are in Tier 3…

Time to hit up the local library…


Just out of interest which two?

I’m currently sitting on this as a purchase for the next 13 days at which point I’ll have to make a decision…


Spelunky and Katamari.

How about you?


Metal Gear Solid, Shadow of the Colossus , Final Fantasy V and Chrono Trigger.

Saying that I bet that the Super Mario 3 and Shovel Knight books are probably worth a read too.


To be honest, I would read any/all of those books, heard a lot of good things about them.


I recently watched The Place Beyond the Pines, and that movie was awesome. Made me cry a bit but I would definitely recommend it.


I hadn’t seen this yet thank you so so so much for sharing this here!

I can’t reiterate enough how fantastic Joaquim Phoenix is in terms of getting into his character’s shoes. I didn’t have that much of an admiration for him until I saw You Were Never Really Here and was totally blown away.

The Batman universe being my all-time favorite comic book universe, I can’t bloody wait for this! :yellow_heart:


pssst @ohko you seen this trailer yet?


By trailer do you mean spoiler? I’ll watch any Joaquin Phoenix movie though; no trailer or synopsis required!


Lmao why you think I tagged you? :joy:

But yeah, same! Can’t waaaiitttt


Simply faking a laugh is the most difficult thing, and he does that in so many different ways just in this trailer.
I also feel that I haven’t seen a trailer this good since A serious man, put togheter with great care.


Call me a cynic but that trailer does nothing for me at all…nothing. And I’ve actually enjoyed the DC offerings so far…


idono, i’m not getting my proper “nr1 psychopath”:trophy:vibes from this one :thinking:
i’ll wait and see, and Joaquin can dance with the best of them for sure… but so far, judging by that trailer, looks like he wont toss Heath Ledger aside as the best Joker for me
Nicholson probably, will leave the jury out for Mark Hamill until after tho




also, Santa Clarita Diet s3 is out, dang i gotta get to watching that, such a silly show :smile:


f’n hell The Rising of the Shield Hero continue to infuriate and piss me off :triumph:, god dang i love that show! :heart_eyes:


Is this an indrect reference to @RaccoonV?


I always thought the “blue little shiny thing” is a shield.


ahah no, sry, i’ve no idea why i keep calling the show that :sweat_smile: (i’ve edited to the correct title) :blush:

^awesome anime (for me) :yum:


I caught up on Doom Patrol. It was a wonderful episode! Seriously I did not expect this series to be so enjoyable. haha I love Cliff and Jane so much, they make a great dynamic, but then again so does Rita and Larry.

I also sat down to watch the latest animated DC movie called Justice League and the Fatal Five, bringing back the Justice League Unlimited cast. Oh man it was SOOOOO good. It brings back positive vibes to see my crew back guys. And to see Wonder Woman do some badass swordfights was just top quality. :ok_hand:

And funnily enough, the chick who plays Jane from Doom Patrol plays Jessica Cruz / Green Lantern / Limelight from this movie, so that was a surprise. And it also reminded me why you don’t underestimate Green Lanterns! :facepunch: