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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


The OA Part II.

I started to like it, a lot, especially with Karim.

And then they put in Old Night and it got WEIRD real quick and I just…why? Why the hell did they put that crap into this? :neutral_face:


And it only gets freakier and freakier. :confused:


Love this band!


Watching the last two episodes (5 & 6) of Doom Patrol, and it’s great. I love how its bonkers, super funny, but it has its serious and endearing side as well.



The apocalypse happened via a Rapture like event and they people sorta got “snapped” away like Thanos’ ability, only it was a thousand times more emotional. And it is a comedy with a lower budget. :joy:

Also, poor Jane. :frowning:


There was another thread with a guy asking for horror movies to watch and I recommended “The Thing” and after doing so I got an itch to scratch and rewatched it, boy was it good, anyways, googling this and that as one usually does I came across this little gem of a one off audio story.

Its basically a short story of the movie but from the aliens perspective and oh boy is it good, I would highly recommend listening to it after watching the movie so you can remember who is who by name but otherwise its %100 listenable if you dont remember the names of the peeps. I dont know if it will make any sense if you havent watched the movie at all.


They’re one of the few old MDM bands that are still relatively dependable. At the Gates are also generally pretty good…not many of the old guard left putting out decent stuff though. Partial to the Character album myself.


I listened to slaughter of the soul and it is awesome! Thanks @xist for another awesome band I can add to my repetoire :sunglasses:


I love MDM bands. They are so good!


At the Gates reminds a bit of The Black Dahlia Murder. Another awesome band.


so that was a bit of a dud :confused:
but, on the other hand i can’t stop listening to nano’s

…now if only she’d get around with the full song :thinking:


For those of you who have not heard the beuty of this song…


I do on occasion enjoy some metal with a variety of prefixes but very rarely has the concept of beauty ever seemed to apply, certainly wouldn’t agree with it here. Though screechy vocals has never appealed to me.

Also a little disappointed as I expected this to be a Castlevania cover of some sort.


Yep, that there is a classic. Black Dahlia Murder are a great band…




There’s so many really very good Castlevania covers out there, can’t say that was one of them.

In my opinion a straight up better performed version of the same song.

Going a little more into the area of arrangements I’d like to offer this one up

Moving into the more electronic soundscapes there’s probably even more to chose from, but I’d like to share this one because it carries the catchy and strong melody while piling on a lot of interesting layers of electronica behind it.


Best Version

Also good


Rammstein is back , baby!!!


Going to gush over Into the Spiderverse…didn’t expect it to be that good but it was downright fantastic…everything you could need in a superhero movie. Definitely a must watch movie…


Joaquin Phoenix is great in these scenes, I’m confident this will be a fantastic movie.


Watching Netflix’s Osmosis and the program itself makes no sense. There’s no way it would be able to do the things it does. Most French shows are just bonkers, but then again I still watch them. :joy:


Try Osmosis Jones… I can’t guarantee it will be anymore sensible but you just might learn something.