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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I usually don’t share the movies I watch but this is worth sharing… I finally watched Casablanca with my mom yesterday!

It was TREMENDOUS :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

I loved Sam so much :yellow_heart:


reading this tome rn


I’m learning a lot, but it’s a hard read


A small 2 minute short that will put you right to sleep :slight_smile:


This is RIGHT up my alley. Thanks for the link! :hugs:


How has no-one posted this (anywhere on the forum) yet?


Yesterday, for the first time, I saw Whiplash. It’s a movie from 2014 that never made it to our local theaters, because 50 shades of gray was out at the same time.

This movie is a masterpiece.


Just a thing.


really fcn hope season 4 doesn’t wait until 2021 o.O :dizzy_face:
running out of stuff to watch with everything bloody ending already :unamused:


Want to watch a good isekai?

Overlord has disappointed me lately.


already watched :blush:, waiting on season 2(like “all the other” animes it seems that take their sweet ass time to get out), :smile:
but thanks Enki :hugs:


No hesitation in seconding that recommendation.
They did something at least sort of new with the Isekai formula and focused on how god awful it would really be to suddenly find yourself in an RPG. Where in most other series of the kind things are just kind of fine if not awesome.


Truck-kun best boi


yea, one of my main gripes with Overlord is how it’s basically just a self-masturbatory power-fantasy
i mean, “you” the player and mc, is basically a literal fcn god, with everyone either worshiping the air you breathe or turning to dust for having just glanced wrong at you. With every loli and boobienu quivering that can’t wait to bear your offspring when stepping into their zip code

Grimgar was really awesome dealing with not just the “unknown” of a new world, but also the player progression/“lvling up”. Like these kids were definitely not having “fun” with this
Probably also why i’m enjoying Rising of The Shield Hero a bit, since, even if technically obviously at an advantage/“slightly op”, it’s more in the middle ground of other character portrayals (and also not just the silly character “social struggle” like the op Diablo the lolicon demon lord)
Just sucks you have to keep waiting and waiting on these anime to (maybe) get made… Cant they just wait to make the animes until the source material is at least somewhere ready, so i don’t have to wait years and years for it to pick up :unamused:
RiP Claymore… :disappointed:


Only problem I had with Overlord so far was the damn lizard porn :rofl:


I can’t say it’s something I’m personally watching yet, but my girlfriend and my brother, two days apart from each other, said I would enjoy the Umbrella Academy show. I guess it’s based on teh comic of the same name. So, based on those recommendations from people I kinda like, I’ll check it out.

Count the commas.


I recently watched and enjoyed, but there are some obvious flaws and room for improvement


dat bush tho :smirk:




At @onLooSe’s suggestion I have now finally finished watching


(yes that’s a fair amount of Souls…)


suggest you watch matthew’s dark souls 2 critique video, followed by Hbomberguy “in defense of dark souls 2” followed by MauLer’s 8 hour response video(s) to Hbomberguy… and then ofc finishing off by watching, enjoy your evening :+1: