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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Believe it or not I actually watched his Dark Souls 2 critique first when I was trying to understand why a game I really enjoyed was maligned so much. I disagree with much of what he says in that video, and think a little bias creeps in…it’s clear that he’s critiquing it for not being a good Souls game but it’s coming out as IT’S NOT A GOOD GAME.

As for hbomberguy…well, I’ve actually tried watching that too…but had to stop. His content just doesn’t work for me. Don’t see the appeal there…

I was actually watching Matthewmatosis’ Devil May Cry Dante Must Die no damage commentary…he’s scarily good at video games…


I finally saw Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse today.

Now that was a good Marvel movie. The animation and battle scenes were incredible, and the humor was also good, but most of all, there wasn’t a lack of character development for Miles and Peter B. Parker despite it.

I’m actually disappointed we’re not getting more. I really enjoyed it.

However just wanna say (spoilers!)


It was extremely sad to see how Miles’ Spiderman died. How they narrated how Spiderman always gets back up to help, no matter what or how heavy the hit, just made it hit home more when he didn’t. :frowning:

(Peter B. Parker, the sorta fat one, was my favorite haha)


I saw that movie. While I thought is was good. I wouldn’t say it was really good. As in, I won’t buy the DVD/Blu-ray of it. (Something I did for Guardians of the Galaxy, to give an example).

I know there wasn’t lack of character development, but to me it seemed like Generic Character Development Plot Type A.

Potential Spoilers

It being: Main Character gets power. Needs to save world. Sucks. Bad thing happens. Something happens because of bad thing that suddenly flicks the switch. Main Character now kick-ass. Proceeds to save world. Gets Girl. The End.

Maybe I’m a bit jaded, dunno.


It is a comic book. That’s the formula of them though. If you divert too far from that route, which makes it special as a comic adaptation, you don’t have a comic book movie. You have the Disney Marvel movies. That’s why it and the Sam Raimi Spiderman movies were so good.


Well, not being a comic book Aficionado, that would explain why I never caught on to that.


Old school hip-hop was the greatest.

You can disagree with the content all you want of course, but how it was constructed–that was good hip-hop. Nowadays it just isn’t the same. The closest I can find is Deltron 3030.


Finally sat down to watch Doom Patrol.


Besides the obnoxious and unnecessary sex scenes that are obviously put in there for those HBO crazed people, the show has been enjoyable so far. I mean, very slow start, but the premise is promising for sure.

We actually now have the entire Teen Titans cast in the DC universe now; Dick (Robin), Starfire, Raven, Beastboy and Cyborg. I can’t wait to see what DP does with Vic Stone. He’s one of my favorites, especially the latest incarnation of his character.

I could make due without the Deadpool-ish breaking of the 4th wall though. It keeps throwing me out of the show.


Watched The Trip to Italy and The Trip to Spain. Does what it says on the tin…


Age of Empires II Trial Version OST

I still don’t understand why they changed this amazing soundtrack for the full release.


I’m watching some Generation Kill (after Band of Brothers) and it has been an enjoyable experience so far. It is a shame the things humanity has to do or does in certain situations given the actions of others… :frowning:


Well, I watched Serenity…and was expecting terrible, but I have a soft spot for Anne Hathaway and on reflection seem to really like most of the movies Matthew Mcconaughey has made. And you know what, it was ok…I certainly didn’t feel like I had a bad time. Ignore the mega negative reviews, it’s not amazing but it’s not terrible either.


The 90s’ were the best and there ain’t a soul on this damn planet that will convince me otherwise. :call_me_hand:

~If I have the line and you have the bass
Then strike it up and you’ll find the rhythm’s on time
Line after line going straight to your mind
’cause hyping the place is what we’re all about
Moving your waist to the bass is no doubt
Roll up the groove, melody is essential
Drop the knowledge on this instrumental
Cast your doubts about house music
You’ve got the body, so why don’t you use it?
Naturally swinging your thing to the song
’cause that’s how we pump the dancefloor for the strong~


(sorry, long night, listened to a bit…guess I’m on a sleep deprived high lol)


~Well I guess we’re gonna have to take control
(All on our own)
We got, we got, we got
We got, we got, we got~

~If it’s up to us, we’ve got to take it home
(All on our own)
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
They’re the Ghost busters and they’re in control~

~They say I’m crazy
I really don’t care
That’s my prerogative
They say I’m nasty
But I don’t give a damn
Gettin’ girls is how I live
Some ask me questions
Why am I so real
But they don’t understand me
I really don’t know the deal
About a brother
Trying hard to make it right
Not long ago
Before I win this fight

:dancer: :man_dancing:

#818 new addition to my programming playlist, it’s rare that i find music with lyric i can really jam to without messing with my focus.

spotify album :


Me? I know who I am!~



Choking my way through this for the sake of completeness.

Besides hating the poor casting, terrible acting and lousy story, I am also not a fan of the $3.12 they spent on special effects.


Just finished Atlanta Season 2. Very intriguing season and each person loses something. Too bad season 3 is coming out next year.


Just rewatched Doomsday (2008). I don’t know, nor do I care, what critics or others thought of it, but I remember watching it back then and loving it. Though I did have my complaints (and still do), it is still an enjoyable movie just for the action and Rhona Mitra alone. A shame we never got a sequel to explain why she wanted the support of the cannibals Sol was in charge of though.

I also like how the cannibals are Mad Max inspired. lol


Currently watching True Detective S03 with my mom! We’re both loving it. Mahershala Ali is SUCH a brilliant actor and all-around great guy. I’d totally high-five the hell out of him.

"Oh, but S02 sucked ass, is S03 better?"
Yes, definitely.

"But not as good as S01, right? Because it was so perfect and amazing and-"
Yeah, so far it isn’t as good, but it’s pretty darn close imho.


Listening to this non-stop because I’m playing it on the violin now and I need to improve my intonation:

Anyone else has a crush on Baroque music and Mahershala Ali? :blush:


So, because of my recent back pain mishap it seems the longest nerve in my body got inflammation and now I can only lay down, because of the severe pain in my calf muscle and ankle when I try to stand up or sit down - I will probably have time to watch walkthrough of the demo of Sekiro : Shadows Die Twice >

And now I’m venting my anger with some quality Black Metal thanks to @xist.

Never heard of Watain, but that’s pretty cool stuff. The album is really diverse and has everything in it - melodic intro; fast and brutal songs; slow and heavy ones; melodic ones; black metal ballads (as possible as it can be :smiley:). Don’t think I’ve heard their music before.
Most of all I like the 05. The Child Must Die 18:39 song - it’s pretty live and a bit rockish, so it’s more up my alley.

The next band really shows how interesting and vast Black Metal can be in general. Darkthrone (actually their new stuff) is really influenced by Rock and Punk elements, which is really strange for such band, but they made it pretty well and I’m pleasantly surprised.

And final but not last: Kvelertak, from which I’ve heard some songs and always liked them, but for some reason forgot to check them more in depth. Huge mistake I didn’t checked them earlier - perfect match for my taste in metal: Great vocals; great guitar work and riffs; Pretty live tempo; ok quality for the record and plenty more.