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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I kinda-sorta-possibly-maybe know someone who might have gotten their daughter’s first and middle name from the English first names of both Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars.

Moon Prism Power, Make Up!

*Garrosh best Sailor Scout… then Mars… oh, and lets not forget Sailor Saturn

*World of Warcraft reference


Serena is a very pretty name, I would not blame anyone for picking it for their child. :relaxed: I can’t recall Rei’s English dub name though (I myself am rewatching in sub because apparently a large amount of episodes were left out of the dub, probably due to the “adult” content).

(also…that was weird. xD)

Also, listening to something a bit more chill before I get off for the night. :slight_smile:


Usagi is such a crybaby! But she owns it. She’s not afraid to admit she’s afraid. lol I’m really glad they did an episode to rewrite the first S1 finale, it wouldn’t have done at all. :frowning:

Anyhow, just found out S2 of Cloak & Dagger hits the world on April 4th. A bit far, but whatever, not too far. I also got to watch during the Superbowl via Amazon a special preview for the Hanna tv show. Now I absolutely loved the movie—a lot!—but I felt like from what I saw, they changed way too much of the tone. Still, it wasn’t bad so I’m going to wait until March and see what its got to offer.

Beyond that, I took a moment to watch The Runaways S2 but I got put off by the constant political comments against certain races. I get that some people like it but I don’t and I just wish people would just stop. Watching it and stopping is exactly what made me want to rewatch Cloak & Dagger though, a show I thought was going to be really bad but one I really enjoyed.

It is my first time going through Hulu though, so if people have any suggestions for movies or shows, or anime/cartoons, feel free to drop a comment. I’d love to check it out! :slight_smile:


I know I am late to the party, @Koroth but I wanted to say that I liked the hobbit (but it is my least favorite Tolkien work, hell I prefer the lays of beleriand to the hobbit) more than the movie. Mainly because the hobbit feels a bit like a series of set pieces punctuated by walking, and without the filler in the middle the story feels oddly paced to me in the film… plus some parts are really, really long, while others feel rushed.
If you liked the Hobbit, try Watership Down (Lord of the rings, but rabbits).

I really wished I had watched more of it… But I do watch whatever episodes I have available on demand… It is a really good show.


need, to, get, out, of, my, own, head… :unamused:

damn that hit the spot just now :drooling_face:



Interesting how at least I associate songs with memories, I like this song and it seems relaxing and whatnot and yet it was made for the soundtrack of an action movie and I still see the little kid from the movie killing people in my head just by listening to this tune.

edit/ at least I think it was specifically made for the move but I dont know, too lazy to google.


@rporter711 The devil is what?


I’m on the cuff on how much I like it the more I think about it. It is bogged down by too much detail which for me is poor pacing especially because near the end is when it finally starts to get more interesting which is a little bit too late. The odd wordage that is used throughout is kind of off putting, at least to me, but it is certainly unique and that must be his style, at least with The Hobbit. I don’t dislike the book and haven’t finished it quite yet, not too much left to go, but I’m just not sure exactly how I feel about the book. Besides the few qualms I have mentioned previously. And yes the movie is by far worse than the book.


Well then, it seems like my favorite artist has yet to be mentioned in this topic :slight_smile:

EDEN - Vertigo Album

EDEN - I think you think too much of me EP


Too much awesome for this topic - (just ignore what he says to start with if you’re a little uncertain…)


I’m watching a show on Netflix called Bordertown and it has been incredible so far. It is a Finnish crime drama and Nordic noir, with some Russian thrown in there. The main character is a detective who moves to a new town to escape the horrors he experienced in Helsinki, but it turns out that no matter where he goes, that kind of stuff is always going to be there.

One of the best parts of the series is how Kari (the MC) solves the crimes using his superior memory and recall. :blush: :+1:


Finished reading The Hobbit and it was pretty good. By comparison to The Lord of the Ring’s books I have no idea since I have not read them yet. I’ve read very little of The Fellowship of the Ring, which was around the time I started reading The Hobbit and I liked what I read so far albeit not much into the book. When I will read the rest of the books I’m not sure, but I’m sure at some point I will. I was actually thinking of continuing the series, but I’d like to try out other books. Potentially Hyperion. Something Sci-Fi maybe. I saw that Hyperion was number one on a list or very high so I decided to read a little of it. Very descriptive so far which I like which contradicts what I said about The Hobbit being too much based on descriptions. I like a nice balance of description and dialogue and character development. So, I will see what the next book for me will be. Pretty exciting!


Serious Sam 3 BFE OST. Gets me so amped bumping this, remembering rolling around with 15 random people in the campaign. Going to power through it again this weekend.


Some Yes, because they’re the best.


Owner of a lonely heart was where they earned the full caps name.



best, movie, ever ! :triumph: :crazy_face: :heart_eyes:
(Cation advised; movie is rated R and clip displays violence/spoiler -and a Anna Kendrick)


I am re-reading ‘The name of the wind’ by Patrick Rothfuss, and it is quickly reminding me why I love it sooo much.


I just finished The Umbrella Academy on Netflix and although it is a very slow show, I liked it a lot. It is annoying it ends in the way that it does. Hopefully we get a S2.

Now to pick up S2 of The Dragon Prince, which also premiered today.