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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Finished It. It starts out strong, then slowly peters out… Ending in a somewhat unsatisfying climax and falling action that I swear takes the piss.


Currently listening to Slipknot - Sulfur .


As far as action goes very few shows can top it (Kill la Kill is still the best tho).
Row Row~


Y’all, Dwight’s got it. :+1:



Your taste in music is so weird, but it‘s unique and that‘s a good thing


Unrestricted musical listening is the best kind. There’s wonderful stuff in every genre! :wink:


…May I present…


Yea, I saw the announcement for a direct sequel of the older movies and got super excited. It goes to show how really unliked the new movie was despite how (paid off) stupid critics are about their favorite actors.


Listening to various tracks from the Stellaris OST.


Because I’m really angry that my new GPU doesn’t get the promotion 2 of 3 games because Amazon decided to automatically select a sub-seller (ugh, why didn’t I check?!) during checkout rather than directly from ASUS I’m listening to angry music right now. O’, the feels. The horrible, horrible feels! :sob::sleepy:

And then something to sooth me, because it disappoints so bad. lol


sooo… saw the Bumblebee movie today… and uhm… lets just say i’m “mildly” confused about the scores this thing got :thinking:, or how on earth it got touted as the best transformers movie yet… ? :man_shrugging: :confused:
it’s basically 90mins of recycled usual teen cliche and every beholden trope they could cram in, laid on top a below mediocre movie with about 20% Bee and 15min (predictable) action at the end.
I came to see god damn Bumblebee!! not some moody YA family drama with somehow less originality than a michael bay movie… omg Hollywood stop rehashing that stereotypical nonsense bs cr*** $&!#? *** :triumph:

:ok_hand: i like this choice


Found some new stuff. Listening to it now.


More stuff found via Youtube;


Have you ever tried Wardruna?


At the moment im listening to that, came from the meme but I genuinely like it.
And watching, im binge watching red letter media vids on youtube, Its weird because I watch comedies and whatnot and I do get the jokes, I just dont laugh because they are never that good, but I genuinely laugh with some stuff with these guys so yeah, highly recommend red letter media stuff.


Kom Austre
Kom gryande dag
kom fedre og mødre av
Høgtimbra ætter
Kom hanar i heimar tri

Yes. I love them very much. :relaxed: I’m looking for more like Wardruna and Heilung. It’s difficult. I’m beginning to realize why Wardruna is adored so much. They have a very unique sound.


Reading some manga, before drawing a little…


Finished the second season of Punisher on Netflix and that reminded me that they are cancelling the shows left and right. First I thought it was due to ratings, but then they cancelled Daredevil as well after a critically acclaimed third season. Rumors are spreading that Marvel is killing the shows, because they plan their own TV shows that are tied into the MCU.

Now I personally thought that the Netflix shows were better than most Marvel movies and are the closest to the Dark Knight’s dark, realistic and gritty feel, which DC desperately tried to imitate. The worst thing is that there was so much more potential and Netflix was just getting started. You could see it getting more comic-esque over time and they introduced more abstract concepts. I was also hoping for Moon Knight to make an appareance at some point.

I hate the fact that nothing will scratch that itch and I will be limited to Marvel’s quirky, comedic approach or DC’s attempt to cash in on Marvel’s quirky, comedic approach. Ugh.

(Didn’t think this was worth its own topic, so anyone else have thoughts on this?)


Awesome choices…I’m a big fan of pagan folk and atmospheric black metal with folk influences (like Saor and Cnon an Tursa). This is actually an ok selection of other bands to choose too.

Also, for some reason I’m not reading so much lately because I’m getting distracted (a sign my book choice probably isn’t great) but I have watched Venom, which I expected to be TERRIBLE but was just a tad pointless. In fairness I suppose a Venom film is probably a lot more difficult an ask than a standard superhero film though.

Also watched IO, which despite its allusions to mythology and a greater meaning just felt dull and disappointing. I’d rather watch Venom or The Predator again!

Added to the disappointing list was The Nun, which I just watched because it was there, not because I’m a fan of the base series. Not only was it middling in quality, it just became stupid - characters don’t behave that way and that’s a sure fire way to kill a horror film. Didn’t like The Old Man & the Gun either…felt somewhat bereft of decent story…

And finally I surprised myself by enjoying Hunter Killer, a by the numbers Gerard Butler action flick, but it’s set on a submarine so it got bonus points (might even rewatch Red October) and also thought Reign of the Supermen was ok. Not great, not as good as some of the Batman animations, but decent ish.


Video is questionable by this site standards so minimize if you are easily offended I guess? But the music is nice, I tend to go for instrumentals.

Damn… I still remember the first time I played Furi and this song came up while I was playing, its one of those few instances that not only the game is good but the soundtrack itself just takes the cake.


Disney is launching their own streaming platform, Disney owns Marvel, -don’t want (more popular) competitor service to have their stuff taking viewers away from their platform