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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Well, yeah. That doesn‘t help me cope with the cancellation of the Netflix shows, though. Don‘t you have a heart?


i’m mostly pissed at netflix for choosing to end Punisher 2 on that nonsense cliffhanger, when they knew cancellation could be a potential likelihood regardless of viewers, if Disney wants to reel in their IPs. Meaning they actually had at least 2 reasons to have the decency to wrap it the fck up in just a semi satisfactory way :confused:
still haven’t caught up on Jessica Jones or Daredevil, so i don’t really have an opinion on whether or no i’m miffed at them for that. Didn’t like Ironfist, so i considered that an overdue mercy-kill.
But in the end i suppose it all depends on whether or not Disney is just pulling rights back for conservation or if they actually plan to do something with those properties, -and if so what and where they take it, or if it just goes way of the drivel that Fox and ABC managed to put out, since not all has/is to be MCU alligned.
Guess we just have to wait and see what does happen, but i’m still crossing fingers Disney ain’t being dickbats, or that Punisher just ends on this lackluster note “because reasons”

wow… that ended up longer than expected lol :no_mouth:


Actually I liked the ending knowing it won‘t be continued. I assume they hinted at Punisher: War Zone, but he declined and got into his signature outfit meaning he‘s arrived. He acted on personal vendettas first, now he‘s cleaning up the streets for good.

Now if you would‘ve seen the cliffhangers in Daredevil season 3 and Iron First season two… These are bullshit if you know that they‘re cancelled!

And your criticism for Netflix and how the shows have ended: Production for most of these began way earlier than the shows getting cancelled.
The news of each cancellation were released within a month after release. I assume it‘ll be a couple of days before they axe Punisher officially.


I have three words for you -
Sarah Connor Chronicles
oh and another two -
Dark Matter


Bezos is picking up Dark Matter :triumph: don’t crush my dreams and say he’s not :sob: (i really really hope that dark matter revival is gonna happen)


Oh my gosh, a list! Thank you so much for sharing! You do not know how much I love Scandinavian music! I’m listening to it immediately!

You and me both. That show was my new Firefly.


Watched Venom. When you ignore rhe comics and treat the movie as a standalone thing it‘s okay, but man it could‘ve been amazing tied into the actual material. Fucking Marvel and all the stupid licenses.


Is it really that good? Should I watch it? I adore the Spider-man from a comic view point (and the Raimi movies but not so much the newer ones because of the new Marvel humor), but does this Venom movie seem like a typical Disney Marvel movie or something a bit different?


Watching Carmen Sandiego on Netflix. It so far reminds me of a “bad guy” version of Kim Possible. I hope it’s good! :slight_smile:


It wasn‘t that good, just good if you ignore the comics.

They intended to make the movie R-rated, but changed it to PG-13 last minute for a potential tie in with the MCU. So yeah, it is different, although it still has (sometimes attempted) humor. It is also very different because they rewrote the entire origin since they couldn‘t use any Spider-man material.

From the first 5 minutes I thought to myself that I can‘t see it as a comic adaptation at all, but have to treat it as its own entity. And then, but only then, it‘s an okay movie.

I would expect you to dislike it, though, considering what little I know about your taste from this thread.


I just can’t get over how much I love The Lord of the Rings guys. I really can’t. I wish I could live in Middle-Earth. :frowning:

I hope the show captures the same kind of awe, otherwise I’ll be upset as a fan. :frowning:

Nooo. Well if you think it, odds are that’s how it’ll be. lol alright it does sound like I’d be a bit miffed by the changes to the source. I can stand source manipulation to a point (such as Arrow tv show) but there comes a point…



This guy also has other fantastic covers of game music. Check them out!


Watched IT (2017), because I‘ve seen that Bill Hader will be playing in the sequel, being one of my favorite actors during and after SNL, so I had to give it a go.
On the other hand I‘ve been itching to see a horror movie or anything of that nature really. My mental health already gave me enough distress the last years and I avoided anything that could contribute to that. For so long in fact that I felt like I wouldn‘t be able to take it if I tried.
So it was a fun experiment!

Now the movie itself wasn‘t bad, but it varied from scene to scene. Some bits were phenomenal in terms of its craft, others were typical stereotypes. Characters acting irrationally, jumpscares, predictable horror tropes.
Overall I enjoyed the movie. It felt like Stranger Things but with more horror than mystery. Definitely helped that one of the kids from Stranger Things played in it.

Now for the horror aspect I have to say I‘m a little disappointed. I expected worse. As I said some scenes were admirable, but didn‘t create a sense of fear. I did feel a kind of nervous anticipation, but it‘s on a level with watching an intense action scene where you wait for its conclusion.
However what stressed me out a little wasn‘t Pennywise but some of the people in that movie. Fictional horror is cool and all, but there‘s nothing worse than the human psyche. These were only two scenes, though, so easy peasy lemon squeezy. Also Pennywise looked hilarious in some parts. I swear to god when he (spoiler, stop reading) bit off Georgie‘s arm he looked like the fucking me gusta face lmao. (Spoiler over)

Maybe I‘ll try to work my way up to Apostle. The trailer looked terrifying, but also intriguing.


I watched it last October (see above)…it’s middle of the road.


Watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail again. The beginning part where they argue about the coconut and birds still makes me laugh. :joy:

After this I will begin watching Star Trek. Which? I’m not sure yet, but not a movie, that’s for sure, and definitely not the new show. I tried that already, thought it was horrible. It can’t be Voyager, because I’ve seen that a hundred thousand times. I’ve seen many others but not as much as I’d like, so maybe Deep Space Nine or The Next Generation, or the Original Series.


Continuing The Little Drummer Girl, because I forgot in the wait for the new episodes. I cannot get enough of the incredible quality and acting of this drama. Charlie’s character is written extremely well.

How deep her contact with the terrorist gets at the end is INTENSE, but how they dealt with everything at the end felt really rushed. Such a wonderful show practically ruined by a lazy, unimpressive ending.


I’m listening to The Protomen:


Watched Polar yesterday, which was pretty good. When I realized how early it still was I decided to watch something else and saw Batman Ninja. I thought that if something could convince me to like anime it would be this. It‘s based on a western comic, so it can‘t be that crazy, right? Never have I been so wrong. I wish I would have been high watching it.
Anyway, just now I watched two episodes of Death Note because I was curious and thought if one episode is 22 minutes long I wouldn‘t lose too much time if I ended up hating it. Now I‘m intrigued and gonna binge that shit and hope I won‘t regret it.


You haven’t seen Death Note??? Glad you’re remedying that…have you seen Black Lagoon? Also -


I don‘t watch anime if it wasn‘t clear from my post. Something about it just always put me off, although I‘ve liked Dragonball and the other mainstream shows as a kid.
I even rewatched Dragonball a few years back and I couldn‘t fathom why I‘ve watched that show.

Death Note is the first one that isn‘t over the top weird/awkward or has the cliché humor and the story is right up my alley.

Oh, I also liked Pop Team Epic for some reason.

And I just ate a bag of crisps. Nice coincidence


Watching True Detective (HBO) every weekend. I strongly recommend it.