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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


hehe unsure :thinking:, i’ll try to confer with my brain and see if it can land on something that (could) even make sense :joy:


will smith?


I am a metal head. But this song is amazing…


i had a long conference with my brain over the night, and while not definite or totally settled, i think we landed on maybe something along these lines


i dono, Tom Cruise’s Less grossman and Tom Hardy from maybe peeky blinders, taboo, the revenant or something? maybe combined with something else… unsure… highly mysterious, but either way Joaquin Phoenix’ charlie sisters definitely made me think “he was someone else” of sorts :rofl:


Pretty sure that image is his Taboo character…


oh yea, i just picked 1 to not flood the post with 10 diff Tom Hardy picks :smile:


Speaking of which, where’s Taboo Season 2???


probably suffering the same issue as Sherlock, popular actor/busy schedule
not like cumberbatch has disappointed but part of me still would like a bit more steady Holmes
guessing with Hardy picking up so much it could be a matter of aligning his availability, among other stuff ofc


Bated breath…


i have a hard time not getting mesmerized in a lot of his performances
is it terribly wrong i’m looking forward to it? :blush:


…don’t mutter it out loud but I am too, although I’m somewhat closer to the catastrophe that’s waiting to happen than you are!


yea for you it might could be more like some deja vu absurd reality tv and for me it’s just gonna be daytime soap opera with some popcorn on just a regular tuesday :grimacing:
who knows, maybe the queen will watch it, get her knickers all riled up and take back the country :smile: (inb4 John Malkovich sits on the throne)


Watched Birdbox and it’s a good movie as in its quality. Solid acting, nice cinematography and all, but the main concept is dumb, which is why I ultimately don’t like the movie that much. I think we’ve officially ran out of ideas for post-apocalyptic scenarios.


At the moment i’m not doing much besides studying and procrastinating.

But i’m planning on getting the Witcher book series soon. After playing the game, i’d like to read more about the characters’ backstories and past events. Unfortunately i’m not sure which version to buy. It looks like there are multiple prints, and i still have to decide which language i’ll read them in (English or Dutch).


hm, let’s just assume for yr good that yr not procrastinating studying then


Because who needs happiness…


Hans Zimmer has to be one of the greatest modern composers…you know what no…probably THE greatest composer of our time. Tracks like this really show why. The structure of the song is just riveting.

Good god this man is a musical blessing.


I give up on this damnable quoting system! :rage: :sweat:

I own the English ones, and they are very excellently translated (I started reading the unofficial ones and the difference is huge), however, if Dutch is your native language and they are officially released in that language, I would seriously suggest you get them in that.

If you want, I can snap a few examples of the English translations of the first book (or one of the first three, or one page of each) if it’ll help you out?

Also, as far as I’m aware, besides the publishers being different, the translations should both be by Danusia Stok, so besides the covers being different—one inspired by the comics and games and the other looking more like the typical late 80s fantasy book covers—they should be the same inside. So unless someone can dig up more on the Gollancz to be sure Stok isn’t the translator, it comes down to which cover you like more—should you decide you want to buy in English of course.

Version 1, Publisher Orbit (what I own, but beware, only one box set for this version (1-3) so the rest you gotta buy separately IF this exists where you live of course)

Version 2, Publisher Gollancz *Same as the European version as far as I’m aware, too.

If there are more prints, and if you share some links, I could give you some insight into them if you want, like if they had mass amounts of types or something, but basically recent translations of the series has been really good. The English one has like minor types and that’s human error.


That’s an amazing choice, epic and grandiose (and very Symphony of the Night-esque), but I must confess this is my favourite of his…it just resonates with me on a much simpler level -

(although, yes I know, it may be somewhat of a rip off…)



I’m planning on getting the English translations. Mainly because they are way cheaper than the Dutch translations (gotta watch my budget).
I am not that strict with the wording of a book, but i’ve heard about some negative feedback on the English version. This was mostly related to small misstranslations etc. So i doubt i’d be annoyed by it.
The different covers threw me off, but after checking them, i found out they are indeed translated by Danusia Stok. So thanks for clearing that up.

Anyway, thanks again for the extra info. I’ll go look for a boxed set of the English version, unless i can find the Dutch ones cheap.



It is often simpler songs that catch someone’s attention more than the bolder ones. They embody something entirely different than larger, more dramatic compositions sometimes.

Of course, a middle ground, like stuff like Canon by Johann Pachelbel, is great too. :relaxed:


Yea, for example, Dandelion and Dandillion etc as mistranslations. But you’ll definitely have no huge problem with the English version. There’s nothing in them that makes them incomprehensible or unfun to read.