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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I actually saw that the other day but reviews did not leave me keen to find out more.

Now finished with Berserk…on balance I really enjoyed it, and the Berserker armour sequences were awesome. Kind of wish it didn’t just stop though. Also, I’m fine with the CGI.

Also watched A Simple Favour…which was unexpectedly good!


What version did you watch? They might have fixed the worst issues in the blu-ray release. I mean the version that aired didnt even have characters walking properly half the time.


Epic pity like. :sweat_smile:


Maybe I got lucky with Bluray fixes?

Honestly, having seen the whole thing, it’s the 2016/2017 season’s that have left the most impact upon me. The sound design especially so. I actually wish they kept going with it.

I don’t remember anything like this at all -



I watched the last two episodes of Titans. Episode 10 was pretty weak, but episode 9 was really good, and very sad. They really wanted to convey a message, and it explained so much about Hank and Dawn (Hawk and Dove). It was my favorite so far, and it really showed how great episodes can be.

It seems like a show everyone would like, but I thought it was really good, but then again I tend to like the shows critics don’t. lol



I bend CGI to my will.

Well, I’ve been listening to this and I enjoy the catchiness of the chorus…the vocals are going to turn 99% of people off though.


I’m currently watching ‘The Flash’ and it’s really good judging on the first episode I’ve watched


Which Season are you on? If you’ve followed the thread you’ll see that way up there I’ve done 1 through 4.


I’m on season 1 currently (started today)


I watched Thanos vs Darkseid on youtube, and thankfully they didn’t allow any Marvel bias to get through. Darkseid is a god and even with Thanos’ little gems, they work only in his universe, whereas Darkseid is a beast in ALL universes. Darkseid would mope the floor with him ten times over with just his pinky finger and any reader of comics without any bias would know this. lol

Also started up Quan Zhi Gao Shou (an anime, obviously). It seems interesting enough. I haven’t watched many Chinese inspired anime, so it might be fun.

GAAH! Welcome to the show! I’m glad you’re liking it! :smiley:


A Chinese Sword art online?
And it’s actually in Chinese. I tend to prefer subs over dubs but I find Chinese so harsh to listen to for extended periods of time. This one might be a miss for that reason alone.


Yea and its in Chinese, plus less “anime-y” in tone too, and the art is less childlike (serious looking).

I think it’s the love of languages in me (I’d never try to learn it myself as tonal languages aren’t my thing), but I don’t mind it. Then again one of my favorite movies ever is House of the Flying Daggers, which is absolutely stunning and must be watched in its traditional language, so I can tolerate it. In the end, it is really no different to me than Japanese (as I prefer dub > sub).

Also, at least the acting is REALLY good. Like, weirdly good. :smile:


I’m picky with languages in some weird ways, there’s a few that just grates on my brain in some way. I can’t stand French and as mentioned Chinese is hard for me. I really enjoy Japanese though and German for some reason.

For Chinese movies I’d recommend the Red Cliff series, it’s all sorts of ridiculous but good fun. And A Chinese Ghost Story.


(also, if anyone has a series or a movie in another language they think is good, please, post it! I’d love to watch it/give it a try! :slight_smile: )

French also irritates me. I do not like the phonology or the grammar–nothing. Well, I guess I like a few things, such as negation, but mostly I do not like the language. So I understand entirely. :laughing:

I’ll check it out! Thanks! It looks cool, love Chinese war films! :+1:


I’m currently watching/binging Better Call Saul on Netflix, after having started and finished Breaking Bad within days a week or two ago.

I must say, since Better Call Saul came out, I thought it was some random “grown-up” show about adulty, businessy stuff, but after watching Breaking Bad I realized it’s a prequel, and related to the lawyer from Breaking Bad!

Since then, right after I finished Breaking Bad, I’ve started Better Call Saul, and I must say, it’s actually really good. It’s actually as good as Breaking Bad, but in a different way. Still thrilling enough to keep watching!

What I’m listening to? Um… a lot of things haha. Momentarily it’s Mannie Fresh - Real Big, for nostalgic reasons (Midnight Club 3). I don’t have a favorite in anything, and my music taste covers a large variety of genres. I really enjoy songs on MrSuicideSheep’s channel, so there’s an idea of what I like.

Reading? Not anything, really, besides like… threads like these xd. I really enjoy Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse comics, though, so every now and then I’ll read those through Google Books.

Sorry for some redundancy in my post, currently in the process of starting and finishing a 10 page essay due in less than 15 hours…! Mind burnt out…


I’m about to watch the pilot episode of Deadly Class. Please don’t let me down again SYFY! Pick your poison…


:rofl: I at this point refuse to start watching anything by them! The only way I will check this is if it somehow survives at least 5 or 6 seasons and it won’t if it’s decent… They cancelled everything good or above average so far, so it might go to 5 seasons if it’s crap and here we enter the SYFY loop - no reason to watch it :smiley:

The only way I can kinda understand what’s going on with their shows is to embrace the thought that sci - fi TV shows aren’t appealing anymore or actually not appealing to today’s youth…
It’s really sad, because it’s by far my favorite genre and I grew up with it…

Scratch my last paragraph… it seems it’s not sci-fi at all :smiley:. Well this might survive than.


Not available in my country, damn I hate this…


Yeah I guess it got some major rework. The last season especially had so many moments like that gif you posted.
It’s probably fairly easy to make improvements to a 3d show like that.
I can totally see it being an okay show without all the absolute garbage animations.

Did this one get more than 1 season? It was a decent show. And no @Fraggles not Sword Art like at all, it’s actually pretty good.