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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?



how dare u?!?! I’ve been finishing more games than anyone else on this damn forum these last weeks





u like that, huh??? I got some for everyone, u hear me??? I’ve had it.




had to tell u btw, @gnuffi gifted me Project Cars 2 with the sole intent of boycotting my attempt to continue playing Hollow Knight (he was like: “oh, hey, i see u’ve been playing Hollow Knight but i know u love racing games such as these,” and he then proceeded to casually drop the game key in the chat box [ty Gnuffi :heart_eyes:]) just to bother u, but I am intent on continuing with this noble endeavor regardless (am enjoying it btw, and Project Cars 2 is great too :sunglasses:).


He’s just trying to stop you challenging his Hollow Knight achievement dominance…also thought that you might have been tempted by that Fanatical Bundle which I thought might appeal.

If you’re playing Hollow Knight I’d recommend that you don’t keep dipping in and out as you may very well find some of the tougher bits a little too hard - you won’t have the muscle memory ground into you. I certainly found going back to the Godmaster DLC challenging as I hadn’t played the game for quite some time.


No no, no! Now you’ve gone too far man. This is not something you joke about!


nah, I’m in it to win it this time, but he won’t have to worry about achievements though; that’s never been my thing unless they’re rly ez to get, lol

y, i intend to keep playing this time; I’ve completed some games i wanted to finish first, and now my main goal is getting though this and then start DS2 (I’ll play Rocket League and Project Cars 2 and maybe some other stuff now and then on the side too though [and i’ll continue to spend way too much time watching Lirik play stuff too, lol])

about the dlc, are they just incorporated in the general game or are u supposed to select or access them somewhere after finishing the main game or something? I’m trying to just play through the game as blindly as possible, though that’s not always ez to do as sometimes i simply would feel like there’s no areas left which are actually accessible to me (though i suspect that is now part of the past given that i’ve made some good progress yesterday)


I didn’t go through with it out of consideration for the 6h that idle master put in to get me the trading cards


[I do intend to play through the whole game one day :confounded:]


The only DLC which wasn’t part of the game when I played it was Godmaster…which I’d really only recommend that you attempt after you’ve done EVERYTHING else. Other than that just play organically…if you hit a wall (or a Nightmare…) then go do something else, hone your skills and come back to beat him senseless…or not.

Then wait until you meet the Pure Vessel and Absolute Radiance…actually don’t do that…I’ve certainly given up, although @HouGuard is somewhat of a Hollow Knight gladiator!


Aww, that’s too much Xist. Still though, feels f#%kin’ great being one of quite few that’s currently obtained the achivement for beating Godmasters. :grin:

@M00, You could potentially just stumble upon the DLC around the world,(so no, there’s no extra selectable stuff in the menus for DLC) they are all pretty well hidden behind walls and items you need to collect beforehand, but they generally won’t stick out too hard, so you might not even notice what’s DLC and not.

Oh god! I don’t know how to get back on topic. Haven’t interacted with any media other than rad-as-hell vidya gamz this entire month. Oh wait, guess i saw Ferdinand last weekend. John Cena having the main role made it for the most part bearable, wouldn’t be too annoying showing the kids. :man_shrugging:


I just watched the trailer for the crossover event for Monster Hunter x The Witcher 3 and I’m so damn excited that I just had to listen to the OST.

I need to get back into Monster Hunter and get over how difficult it is. I need to be ready for this event. :sweat_smile:

Also watched some more Urusei Yatsura. Is this where Louise from Zero no Tsukaima/The Familiar of Zero got the constantly zapping/blowing up Saito from? :laughing:


I understand what your saying, but I’m still willing to take recommendations so then I have some that I can check out. Maybe even find a genre I never thought I would like. If you want to make recommendations go for it. If not that’s ok and understandable since I drop books like flies. Just trying to be optimistic.


Yea…I think it shows enough. I don’t like the new song. Maybe the full version will be better, but as it is now. No. :frowning:

Going through random Youtube lists as well, hoping to find some new music. Happened to find stuff I already listened to in random playlists though, which is kind of cool but annoying because I want new stuff. lol


The new KH3 song? Yeah definitely the weakest song she’s made, I don’t even dislike Skrillex and all that it’s just not great.

I’ll just throw in some of her other masterpieces…

^Shoutout to Freedom by the way, the most underrated anime of all time.

Exodus is quite an interesting album.


I am reading V.E. Schwab book vicious. I recommend it since it is suspenseful and has characters you love to hate.

Summary- Book is about people with powers called EO. Some use their powers for good, while others use them for personal gain or to kill other EOs.


I have recently been trying to find as much new music as possible but right now I am listening to “The Epic” by Kamasi Washington


okay, this is epic


Great record! Check out Josef Leimberg next. He has made a track with Kamasi Washington and I think you‘ll like that one!


Finished a show on Netflix (season 1) called Tidelands. It’s about sirens and the bastards they sire, and a bit more (don’t want to spoil too much). It was actually really good. I liked it a lot. Hopefully season 2 gets made and released soon.

Also watched Atlantis: The Lost Empire because linguistics, conlangs, and cartography appearances/mentions, that’s why. :+1: :heart_eyes: (and yes, I do actuall