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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


I knew the theory behind this but that’s a wonderful way to show it, way better that any I’ve seeb before (and I learned this from proffesional musicians). Very neat.


Alright so I started reading The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy again. It’s still one of my favorite series of all time, and I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

If I could sum up the entire book in one sentence it would be my favorite line in all of fiction.

“The ships hung in the air in much the same way bricks don’t.” Now go read it!


Mmm, love me some Douglas Adams. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, Doctor Who, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Over the years I have listened, read, and/or watched a vast majority of his media in all of its various foreign and domestic permutations. Even that Max Landis one we don’t talk about.
RIP Douglas Adams, press F for respects :globe_with_meridians: :whale: :bouquet:


If i am not answering you…I am “in the future” with N.K. Jemisin spending my Amazon Money!


Currently powering through the Raildex anime in anticipation of all the new seasons coming out now/next year.

Had only ever watched Index season 1 and 2. So now going through those 2 seasons in addition to the 2 Railgun seasons, specials, OVA’s and a movie makes keeping everything in order quite difficult :confused:


I don’t you need to think about the order too much, I mean I just watched it in the order of release back when they showed up and it was good enough.
Railgun is the better show imo, Index has way too much… Index. And you can look forward to the Accelerator show next year!


10032 is Best Girl


Anybody here into abridged anime parody series?

One of my favorite abridgers, Grimmjack69, recently released a really fun pilot for Goblin Slayer Abridged

Also, TeamFourStar’s amazing Hellsing Ultimate Abridged recently got part 1 of its grand finale, with part 2 coming before the end of the year. (Twitch link for the episode because YouTube is being a bitch about copyright again)

There’s so much great abridged stuff out there, like TFS’s Dragonball Z of course, or Elite3’s Pokemon 'Bridged, then None Piece and Code MENT by PurpleEyesWTF, SomethingWitty’s Sword Art Online Abridged and of course the countless good one-offs and series that came to be, thanks to TeamFourStar’s TIBA2016 abridging competition.
If anyone here is into that shit as well and has some recommendations I might not know yet, let’s talk! :slight_smile:


So I’m currently trying to read through Artemis by Andy Weir and so far I’m about halfway through, which is surprising since I lose interest with things rather quickly, but I do like it quite a bit regardless. I’ve been trying to force myself to read some more with this one since a lot of books I want to finish I just end up taking a break from and move onto another one quite often, but when I find something really good like the book Divergent, which is really good, which I still haven’t finished, it’s a great feeling to find something that has held my attention as for long as it did. I ended up reading 75 pages in one sitting because I was so into that book. I still feel Divergent was the more exciting book, but Artemis is still done quite well. I also, for the first time, finally watched the original Terminator and it was pretty good. Not even close to the 2nd one, but I would still say it was pretty good. I also watched some Gurren Laggan, and I’m on S1 Ep11 and I initially was turned off from the show like I think many people have after episode 3 or 4, and I decided to give it another shot and it was definitely worth it. And I also watched some more Star Wars: The Clone Wars and I’m on S5 Ep17. Freaking love this show. And I don’t really watch tv, but I got hooked on this show for awhile. I basically watched an entire season or a couple in one day. I was freaking into it. And then shortly after that I haven’t really watched much due to burn out probably from that binge session. I’ve also been listening to some Duke Nukem 3D music, freaking love that game and the music.


Easy mistake but I fixed it.

It’s an excellent show and if you enjoyed it I’m gonna point you towards Kill la Kill, more of the same insanely good action fun.


It’s a good book but nowhere near the quality of The Martian (which I looooooooooooooooooooooove!)

Which is ace!

Despite my previous comments, the three recap movies and the 2016 series have been great watches. I’ve surprisingly had a really good time with them, and the epic music that cuts in when Guts draws that black sword in anger…I love the fact that he doesn’t so much as cut people up as bludgeon them to pieces. Just about to start that dubious second season…although I’m going in optimistic.


Oh yeah I went to see Mortal Engines today, pretty good movie! I just wish we could have seen more machine cities and some parts of it felt a bit cheap but overall it was an enjoyable experience.
I have no idea how it stacks up to the novels it’s based on.

Well… sure, you do that.


I started watching an 80s comedy romance action anime called Urusei Yatsura mostly because the cover art I saw reminded me of Sailor Moon and early Dragon Ball (in an aesthetic way, you know, just old). Thankfully it is at least a long series, with many movies. I should be well occupied with it.

Before that I watched a really good anime movie called Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda (The Anthem of the Heart). I cannot recommend it enough.

Spoilers as it discusses what the anime is about

It is about a little girl name Jun who is very talkative as she’s imaginative and spirited, which leads her to dreaming of a prince who’ll whisk her away. One day she catches her father cheating on her mother (doesn’t understand that part though) and tells her mother through a story she’s made up about it, causing her parents to divorce. As her father is leaving a few days later, he directly tells her it is her fault. Since then, she’s never spoken a word.

The story is about her learning to speak what’s in her heart afterwards through the encouragement of her new friends despite the pain speaking causes (caused) her.

I also enjoyed it because the typical anime moments it has was through the eyes of her mind (so, mental), not in the way that it usually is like a character’s head suddenly gets big or something. It was just a good watch through and through.


Watched Arrival on Netflix yesterday. I didn’t know what to watch, so this was more of a last resort, but I don’t regret it! Pretty good movie.

Also can’t get enough of Type O Negative recently. The Weltschmerz in their songs is unparalleled, but at the same time extremely catchy.


I just watched the Kingdom Hearts 3 opening movie trailer (tease).

Kingdom Hearts 3 Fangirling stuff

The new song is not very…appealing. I’m very into house music and all of its relative genres. So much so that I think that I could live off of it, but Skrillex is far from the perfect man for the job to remix a song or to craft a song for a game like this. The man’s music is just…well regardless I don’t agree with it at all. It is fine until his twitchdub starts up.

I honestly would have preferred at this point them just paying off the guy who did the Fly Me To The Moon remix and did some edits to it so it aligns with the “action” of the trailer. The emotion could fit and the EDM would be there if they were THAT hellbent on having it.

Either way though, Utada’s vocals are on point like always and the cinematic movie itself was incredible. I’m excited to see where the story takes us after so long and to see if Aqua, Terra and Ventus (basically Roxas too) are reunited finally, so I can push aside my dislike of the music very easily. lol

Anyway, listening to an OST to a game that most don’t know about and time forgot about.


I picked the book on a whim and I heard the martian is supposed to be good. I didn’t care that the author wrote the martian. Artemis sounded interesting so I gave it a shot. I do love reading, it’s just hard for me to actually finish or even start a book. I read about a page of the martian awhile back and stopped reading and moved onto something else. It’s just a thing I do, nothing to do with the book being bad. I really have to be in the mood to read which hasn’t been really a thing for a long while except when I first tried to get myself into reading. I should try reading some more of the martian.


Any suggestions for books, authors or genres. I’ve been wanting to get into Sci Fi and Fantasy books. I would like to try some other genres. I just need some suggestions. Books I’ve read so far: Divergent (Love this book so far.) Ender’s game (Which I like so far.) The Da Vinci code (Which I really like so far.) Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (Which I loved and finished.) Sphere by Michael Crichton (Which I really enjoyed and finished despite the characters being extremely boring and the simple story. Just my opinion. No idea why I liked the book as much as I did.) Terry Pratchett’s The Light Fantastic, The Color of Magic and Equal Rites (Did not finish any of these, actually got bored with The Light Fantastic I think. Did like Equal Rites. The Color of Magic I think I liked it somewhat. Overall I would like to read more of his work.) Time by Stephen Baxter (Got bored with very quickly or it was just confusing.) The Martian (Barely started, but would like to read more some day.) The Hunger Games (Barely started.) I always try to read by publication order. It’s a thing I do.


If you’d like something more by Terry Pratchett then I’d like to recommend Hogfather, fits the season and everything, it’s also in my opinion one of the best Discworld books.

As for other fantasy my recommendations would be 20+ years old as I spent most of my teens reading books and very little after that. I really loved all of David Eddings books. The belgariad series is probably aimed at a younger audience so it’s a fairly light, easy to read fantasy story with a good bit of humour to it. They’re 2 series’s of 5 books each I think.

There’s also The Elenium and Tamuli series’s which are aimed at a slightly older audience, later teens early twenties maybe. They’re a little more grim, still pretty easy to read and the humour gets a little darker. 2 series of 3 books if I recall correctly.

It does appear that he’s written some more since then but I can’t speak on anything later than the 90s.

I also read a fair bit by Terry Brooks, the Shannara triology, which is a weird name because I’m pretty sure there’s like 8 series of 3 or more books tied to that world. Would recommend checking that out though.


Well, you’ve listed some books, across a wide range, but don’t really appear to have finished that many (let’s call this Moo’s Paradox). My suggestion would be to finish those that you’ve started (so that seems to be Artemis, Da Vinci Code, Divergent, and The Martin) and then make up your mind what you’d like to read next. I tend to cycle between genres, but have a wealth of scifi, fantasy, horror and some other stuff I could recommend to you. I tend to start one thing (game or book or whatever), and finish it or give up on it for good (although the latter is very rare as I’m a glutton for punishment).

If you’re having a hard time with The Martian in book form, please, please consider the audio book version…that’s awesome as well.


I hear The Martian is pretty good.