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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


The newest episode of The Little Drummer Girl was so good. :+1:

slight spoilers

When Charlie gets dragged to Lebanon by the Palestinian terrorists, I was sure she was going to get caught in her lies. :sweat_smile: Grade A acting and narratives.

So was the latest episode of Titans too, I guess. Jason Todd was introduced, but now they (the creators of the show) are holding polls to determine his fate rather than to faithfully follow his comic book fate–which is death! Imagine it. Kill off Jason Todd by the Joker’s hands and then, some seasons down the line, bring him back as the Red Hood. It would be so much fun! And it would fit with their super gory, violent change! :sweat_smile:

(I could have done with less “bros” from Jason though)



So I went on a little nostalgia trip and listened to Lordi all day during work. Remember that time they saved Eurovision? I sure do, 12-13 year old me was damn hyped. Shame it went back to the same garbage a year later.

And somehow I hadn’t heard that one of their latest albums have a song dedicated to how awesome Skeletor is! It doesn’t get much better than that.



There’s definitely something wrong with me at the moment…I’m dealing with a lot of stuff concurrently, struggling to stay afloat, and for some reason this is what I suddenly felt like listening to -

I can’t think of anything other than I’m going out of my mind…


Srsly?! I haven’t listened to Within Temptations in more than 10 years and now you post it here… I forgot they existed and now - all the effort to forget is gone. I listened to them in the worst moments too as well… I hope you will get on your feet as soon as possible! Just don’t get into the downward spiral!



currently watching bunch of “animu”, lovin some of the new stuff like Goblin Slayer and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime for instance, otherwise just watching “old” stuff i haven’t seen/rewatching others
(upside of being sick is you get loads of time to catch up on TV stuff :blush:)


I’m currently writing a paper and crying while listening to Jacqueline Du Pré. Mind you, my paper is fine, I’m crying because she was such an outstanding player that sadly passed away at the peak of her carreer due to multiple sclerosis. Sure, I adore Yo-Yo Ma, but to me nothing will ever best her interpretation of the Elgar Cello Concerto.

Summoning fellow Classical Music lover @Eidos.


Now I have to listen it before I keep doing things. You’re worse than Asmodeus!


I loved the song already, but the music video adds so much layers to it. Even The Girl’s grotesque design doesn’t look useless or out of place, she’s clearly in charge of what she’s doing.


Not to sound like a narcissistic hipster asshole, though there is nothing wrong with being one, I have a rather eclectic taste in music. A lot of that stems from my aptitude in music and familial influences during my formative years. I will not bore you with the details, nor am I pandering for sympathy points, lets just say I had a traumatic childhood. The one shining light in my misanthropic and angst-ridden youth was my grandparents. My grandfather in particular. We bridged the gap between age, culture, and identity; forming an enduring bond. He was a “country boy”, my grandfather. Grandpa Huffman taught me many things; life skills like cooking, camping, defensive driving, fishing, hunting, and intermediate automobile/home repair and maintenance, not to mention how to play various stringed instruments. More importantly he imparted his core values unto me, establishing my code of ethics and morality. Learning accountability, empathy, respect, tolerance and the varying shade of grey between right and wrong, among other things; I was no longer that abused, self-destructive, smart-ass punk kid with a snarky attitude. Loved, accepted and having gained some measure of self-worth. I was now able to cope with and channel that angst, that rage into creative outlets.

I apologize for the mid-boss level, TL;DR wall-o-text, above. I will hide the details behind a summary. I was just giving context to the following statement. Ten years and a day ago my grandfather passed away from terminal emphysema. When we were out on our varied outings, we had a deal when it came to music. He had control of what we listened to on the way there, and I had control on the way back. Much to my chagrin, as a wee lad, his choice was invariably country music. “Classic” country music at that. That being said as I grew up with him, I learned to appreciate the musical stylings of honky tonk, rockabilly, and bluegrass. Which on my own, further expanded into blues, folk, jazz, and beyond. The following songs are just a few that I have been listening to as of late, in memoriam…

…and Postmodern Jukebox. Who doesn’t love modern music arranged into vintage styles?!?

*Note to self, Thou shall not post on forums when thou is morose and a lil’ bit inebriated.

(Ended) Gnuffi's Extravaganza Bonanza :gift:, spring cleaning giveaway, round 1 [ALL WINNERS NOTIFIED, CHECK YOUR PMs!]


And now I will be watching, you guessed it… (I, hope)…


I truly love Dragon Ball. My favorite anime/manga in the world. I mean DBZ is fine and all, but Dragon Ball is superior. It revolved more around adventure and martial arts rather than super muscle and energy blasts. The art was also nicer in my opinion, though nothing is wrong with later art at all.


S.O.B is an amazing song, and greatly improves any car ride, incoming phone call or day.


In the tiny, little, highly unlikely scenario you don’t know this game exists:

Cool story bro, but, in a non meme way. Really cool.

And another just in case you don’t know (and for the rest of people here).


Scars they cut into you
Blisters rose colored hue
Mayday we’re going down
These mescaline memories are morose
Your kerosene company’s comatose


Just began reading: “Architecture and Violence” this evening. So far, an interesting anthology of discussions of architects.


It is totally like someones playlist was condensed down to just one single song, enjoy…

:notes: I V vi IV :notes: