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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


i thought the new predator movie was good and hilarious
probably a good thing it didn’t take itself as serious as the last one, this sorta benefited from its own absurdity while being a bit aware of it i think
could totally have pulled of casting the Rock for this, almost too bad they didn’t :smile:


Really? Everything I’ve read about this suggests life is too precious to waste upon it.



idono, i went into it "blank"
and i thought it was great, i liked they comedied it up this time. had these sorta silly slightly over the top moments that made me reminisce sorta about Eight Legged Freaks :smile: and felt like the movie was very aware of it at times.
But if someone is looking for a “horror” predator movie, or that is all “serious and stuff”, this isn’t it.
I did not regret it the slightest, but maybe i was just in a super “right”/good mood for it that day :grin:


I’m one of those nerd types who’s read all the novels, thinks he knows a little about the Yautja culture and kind of respects the world building. Based upon that, the very premise of the film seems like a no-no.

On an unrelated topic, as a Bioshock master may I just ask you…you’re supposed to die a lot right? And when I say a lot, I mean literally all the time. I’m finding this to be one of the most stop start FPS’ I’ve played. (I’m also not good at FPS’ and am playing on Normal/Medium).


not really, (i think), tho it’s also definitely slightly part of the “lore”/plot hints(depending on the series entry)
the shooting mechanics is not exactly “stellar” in the game, but where it shines a bit more, at least in terms of “overcoming obstacles”, is the use of alt fires, traps and plasmids
with a few choice plasmids you can really make it fairly easy, might be why the harder difficulty(or option settings) disables the use of the respawn vat thingymagicks as i recall

but i also played on PC, where the shooting might have been even easier? can’t say if the shooting was significantly bad/“poorer” on the consoles or w controller.
Bees, lightning, shotgun for close range, or revolver and that crossbow thingy (in bioshosck 1) and Bob’s your uncle for the most parts, -there will ofc be some slightly situational stuff that will/wont react better to XY

Bioshock 2 the rivet gun just kicks arse most of the time and then the spear gun ofc, same plasmids most of the time (again, some situation reacts to XY diff)

Infinite is a slightly diff matter due to weapon system changes, so there weapon use will be more “situational”/area dependent since you can enter some areas and just never get the ammo for your choice and will have to use “whatever they use”/is lying around and just go with it and then have a “choice” secondary that you can fall back on for like heavy dmg stuff or accuracy or whatever (i usually went with the handcannon, sniper or one of the 2 "explosion"projectile guns, -and then whatever gun area baddies used for main)

(and don’t forget to upgrade guns, and don’t underestimate the wrench either in CQC)


I’m using the wrench a fair amount…although I just have the initial couple of plasmids (the electroshock, telekinesis and ignite one). Not really getting much use out of the plasmid powers tbh.


the plasmid should be thought of more as crowd control/stagger for free actions
they deal mostly poor damage compared to their eve use, that’s why it’s awesome to use X for environmental effect (i think the tutorial teaches the “water don’t mix well with electricity for baddies” for instance)
but other than that, bees are a nice dot, but also like electro can serve as a light stagger, but more importantly, is homing seeking
you could go nuts and spam electro bee and fire, but i usually found that other than a few enemies fire was a waste and just the bee/electro stagger and a well placed wrench or shotgun/crossbow to the face took out most splicers
Big daddies will ofc require some more work, splosions and whatever type of anti armor rounds, or just unloading all “heavy”/non-reg types of ammo until you’re depleted, (or try lure them to fight each other)
but a ton of areas you can get by with fairly low effort, especially if there are cameras or bots around, hell you can even “make” bots appear as long as there is a hacking you can fail or vandalize to alert the flying gun drones (think you can have 3 with you at a time)
the beginning is the roughest part tho, once you get past that, and have a little arsenal/upgrades/plasmid variation, it seems to me to be on the lighter side of difficulties

also, the right gene tonic for the right situation/“your current use”, if you for instance end up favouring the stagger&punch approach, obviously wrench tonics etc are gonna really help you oneshot some enemies vs if you use other stuff like eve tonics

oh, and the camera, omg don’t forget to use that when you can, snap that baby off 24/7 until you fill your XYZmeters, that’s gonna improve your situation too with those bonuses


all i know is in infinite i would just spam electro (and fully upgrade it asap) all the time to stagger the enemies and then just kill them ez by filling them with bullets lol


:+1: electro +ravens with a “magnum” to the face, #Fav :hugs:


Some will probably say “Hey, that’s trashy” but I don’t care. I’ve started She-ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix and I’m digging it. :sweat_smile:


The part where she goes from opera to normal singing voice is so cathartic.
Might‘veposted that before though :thinking:


I’m listening to a few tracks through this. Getting ready. Just ordered Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far to prepare for Kingdom Hearts 3 (because I’m a KH nerd and need to know what happens to Aqua). KH still has such an incredible soundtrack.



Finally, finally, finally finished Zachary Mason’s Void Star.. That was a slog…kind of had the desire to read beaten out of me methodically. Not sure what I’m doing next.

The Berserk anime is a 6/10 for me so far (at episode 10).


Well the good thing is that you will be less crushingly disappointed by the 2016 parts if you already find the original anime mediocre.



Is the 2016 remake (the two seasons and three movies?) worth skipping entirely then? I’m not having a bad time with the original, I was just expecting AMAZING, rather than OK.


The 2012 movies are just a retelling of the original series if I remember correctly and the 2016/17 series is not a remake it’s a direct continuation from the '97 series you’re watching right now.
They started using 3D animation in the '16 continuation which I generally defend but definitely not in this case. That being said the '16 series is at least watchable, the '17 series is just straight up amateurish crap that you and me could make and I assume neither of us are animators.

I have not read much of the manga myself but it’s definitely the way to go when it comes to Berserk, just bear in mind that it will probably not get an ending ever…


@bellegueule how did such pretty eyes turn into the pits of hell so fast? lol talented for a 17yr.


@bellegueule are you kidding? I was just about to post Billie Eilish! Have you seen her COLORS shows? Check 'em out if you haven’t yet!

link to "idontwannabeyouanymore"

A friend just sent me this:

I may be in love. :yellow_heart: