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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


If we ever encounter alien life, we better give them this song to listen to first. If we do not, then I fully expect them to eradicate us thinking we are incompetent swine incapable of creating complex intriguing music beyond the 16th-19th century.


Watched Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday. My sister really wanted to go and I figured why not.
I went in with zero expectations and was really blown away, it’s a damn good movie. And the feels dude… I obviously knew how the ending would go down but I wasn’t expecting it to be so crushing.


Currently watching The Adventure of Mrs. Maisel series. Very funny. On the last episode now, I will check out The Romanoffs, it’s very intriguing.

Now reading manga called Kingdom. My friend recommended it to me, very interesting and where protagonist can be killed in a page or 2. Life is precious and that easy to lose.

Now listening to Wednesday Campanella. Stumbled upon it because my favorite artist Chvrches is collaborating with them. Wednesday Campanella is very unique I might say. And also History by Rich Brian, I can’t get it out of my head, it’s singing in my brain the whole time. I don’t know why, maybe because of the muzak of it. I’m a sucker of it. Any muzak music recommendation though feel free to tell me, I want more of it!


They used it in the Feast Mansion series and that‘s how it got into my playlist as well. Good song!


I watched The Space Between Us. Apparently it bombed, but I think it was because of the critics. It wasn’t a bad movie at all. A typical teenager movie but not bad at all. Had my girl Carla Gugino in it too!

Also listened to;


So…now I’m watching The Little Drummer Girl and so far it is so damn good. 10/10 and there’s only 2 episodes released. :sweat_smile:


Over the weekend I watched The Spy Who Dumped Me, which was surprisingly ok…and yup I was surprised, and BlacKkKlansman, which was also pretty good, although it didn’t blow me away like I thought it would. Saying that I learnt about the Waco lynching of 1916 which was shocking.

Almost through Season 4 of Better Call Saul. I’m going to be sad when this finishes…

And feeling really down and stressed with work I’ve rediscovered my young, carefree me by listening to The Offspring.


Offspring is always good! it’s the only band that I’ve kept actively listening to throughout my whole life.
It’s a real shame they’re not very good live anymore.


This brings back fond memories.


Yes there’s a bit of advertising at the end, but the message remains important.


I am stuck in A Secret History Novels by Simon R. Green. First real urban fantasy read for me and I am digging it. It’s a decent series so far.


Good choice. I’ve read every book SRG has ever written, and aside from the Ghostfinder series, and maybe the Ishmael Jones books, every novel has been good. The last book in the series ties into his Nightside series too though so you may be wise to give those a try too. And my personal favourite SRG are the Deathstalker books.


Some of the earlier books in this series have characters, I hear, from the Deathstalker and Nightside series. Interesting how SRG does that - I like it.

I love Love the Magician series by Raymond E. Feist and that whole era so reading an urban fantasy is different but I am thoroughly enjoying it! I will certainly go back and read SRG’s other series as I like his writing style and material. Thank you, @xist, for your input. It is nice hearing others applaud an author and helps assist me into reading more by him :slight_smile: at times I get sidetracked, onto another author and forget their other works, then catch myself backtracking months down the road, haha

Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!


Started watching Bodyguard on netflix, still waiting for the action to kick in but there’s still enough content to keep me watching while gaming.

Warning: the way they say madam sounds like Mom (mdam or mam ) and it’s quite hard to stay in the action while hearing mom every 2 second xD


Have you read Feist’s Empire Trilogy? Would also really recommend that too.

Finished Better Call Saul Season four…sad times. Chomping at the bit for Season 5 now, which I’m sure will be the last. And have now decided to mix things up…I’ve never watched or read Berserk. I’m fixing that glaring omission now.


Haven‘t checked Soundcloud in a long time and so many good tunes have been released in my absence. Then I fell in love with this.


oh I loved Pug and The Magician Series so much I had to read all his books. Feist is a genius!


After watching that trailer - Who knew a Pokemon live action film might end up…good?


Ugly by Bubba Sparxxx

Also watch Outlaw King. I couldn’t say it was bad, but I can only recommend it if you’re bored. I also watched Into the Forest with Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood. It was…something. This movie is exactly why women have to constantly be on guard when alone out in the middle of nowhere, especially if the world were to come to an end. Predators go for the weak, and we’re the weakest after children.

Basically its about two sisters surviving, and one has to protect the other due to circumstances, its good I guess, some parts are typical and you’d expect it, but decent enough except that it is another movie that doesn’t give you an ending…


I actually really enjoyed it…essentially continuing where Braveheart finished. What didn’t grab you?


Episode 3 of The Little Drummer Girl. 5/5 episode. I have truly fallen in love with this show. I can’t wait to see where it drops me.

It was too fast paced and wasted too much time on scenes that didn’t matter, time which could have instead been used on building up the historical background or even the battles. Instead we got too much into the heads of other characters besides Robert the Bruce, and even then it was superficial. In comparison to Braveheart, which wasn’t actually as historically accurate as some might think, it was inferior in those regards.

Still, not a bad movie at all, just not something I’d honestly recommend.