What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


yesterday i watched the season 2 and have begin season 3


Yasss! It’s such a great anime :3
Nichijou is still the best, but My Hero Academia is a pretty great second


Blinded in Chains
City of Evil
Avenged Sevenfold, 2005, Metal
Need For Speed: Most Wanted


inc anime season looking guuuuud :yum: :blush:


If you recognize this song in any other place outside Youtube, then you already crossed the seven seas in search of precious booty. :wink:





Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69 by Orkester Mandolina Ljubljana


Eh, old Nightwish was really a thing of beauty . It’s a shame that they started to change lead singers like socks , each of them being even more pop-like than last one .

Here’s one for old Nightwish with Tarja.


Sometimes, I hear the beginning of a song and I’m like ‘Oh fuck, that’s a jam’ and I’m suddenly in the throes of a mood swing.

It can happen with any song, but there are some songs that do it to me more than others.

To name one example:
Bullet With A Name
To the Pain
Nonpoint, 2003, Metal
Rock Band Network, NFS: Most Wanted Custom OST


I am listening to…


iiit’s baaack :yum:

season 5 ep 1 featured way too little piggy :disappointed: - still great, and awesome it’s back :blush:
and there was some “strange” art/design :thinking: which kinda stood out with how good the show overall looks


The movie direct version is 10x better. I don’t know why he changed it for the recorded versions, but oh well. WARNING! Language!


I’m so confused and oddly entertained by WandaVision. What the hell is going on with this bizarre show. lol it honestly feels like one of them oldy shows, too.


from the new DLC…

Yoann « Valmont » Laulan is just an amazing composer


Watched the series finale (?) of Carmen Sandiego. What a total let down.


VILE gets taken down really easily, and through a very stupid move of the faculty, and not only that we do not get to see who Carmen’s mother is. A perfect example of a great show with a terrible ending.


Ppl love that piggy haha


2 Free eBooks

  1. Longshot

  2. Game of Fangs

The 2 links above include Free downloads at Amazon, Barnes & Noble as well as Kobo. I don’t know how long they will be free. It wasn’t mentioned in the newsletter I received today 01/18/21.

If you’re interested in any other books by these authors, including some other freebies here is their list:

Sterling and Stone

I have read quite a few of their books. I especially loved:

The Inevitable Series (Smart Robots)


Yesterday’s Gone

and many more by Sean Pratt and Johnny B. Truant. There is just no way I can keep up with all the authors on this site.

Hope everyone is well and having a great New Year so far.


It’s slaminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng!