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Soon, Gran Turismo 7 will be released.

In light of that, this song here is the intro to Gran Turismo 5.
Also, I learned recently of one, the artist actually being one person and not the group, and two, that the artist is now in a loving, monogamous union.
5oul on D!splay (yeah it’s stylized like that-don’t ask me why)
Daiki Kasho, 2011, Indie Rock
Gran Turismo 5 OST



I don’t know who here is old enough to remember this event happening but I just finished this:

I was not yet a teen when this fiasco began and when Nixon uttered that lie in 1974

“I am not a crook”

I was 14 and a new Mom. I was also a step-mom of 6 children, 1 of which was a year older than me.

Needless to say Watergate wasn’t the focus of my life. I didn’t have any parental examples to look upon so it was learn as you go as far as raising children. So far so good.

The one who was a year older than I am recently retired from the USAF and the rest all have thrived in their chosen career fields. I’m not taking any credit for that at all. We all spent a lot of time at the library learning things together, and teaching each other and I credit the public library for what they became.

However if you are ever curious as to how the Grand Ol Party (GOP) became the party of Gross old Perverts or whatever you choose to call them, you will be able to understand after reading this book.

I’ve never been a GOP member. I was always registered as an Independent until this last election when it was so important to vote in the Primary. My state, ME, won’t allow you to vote in the Primary if you’re not a member of a recognized political party.

So I registered as a Democrat. There is not enough of anything in the world to get me to register as a GOP member.

After reading this book, which I borrowed from the public library, I came to this conclusion:

The GOP took what Nixon did as a primer for cheating. Each subsequent GOP President took the cheating and lying a bit further pushing the limit to see how far they could go. It’s all documented, right down to GWB telling us that there were WMD in the Middle East and more.

When this traitor that’s there now came along they gave him the playbook but he did with it the same thing he did with the Pandemic Playbook. Put it in the circular file because it had words & no pictures.

Then he took complete control of the entire party. He lied, cheated, stole, got himself Impeached, and did all the other GOP members had been doing a little bit at a time under the table and openly went overboard with it.

As they said about Nixon in the book, they couldn’t, well they wouldn’t prosecute him because he was the president. That needs to change.

Hello…the president is a human being just the same as we are. He breaks the law, he needs to be subject to prosecution.

Anyway, after reading the book it is my belief that anyone can see what happened to the Republican party and why it is now the party of disgraced politicians.

I am listening to Bruce Springsteen’s newest: Letter of Love, Metallica, Bob Seger, Rage Against the Machine, Gunners, Slipknot, Halestorm, Ray Stevens, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Taylor Dane, Laura Branigan, Willie & Waylon and for Holiday Music this:

I’m also listening to a couple of audiobooks, both are True Crime, one is about a serial killer and the other is about the people who do the collecting of evidence at the crime scenes. I’ve actually done that work myself and it is nothing like what CSI shows. Nothing even close.

Yep, my tastes are eclectic, you might even say weird but I don’t mind. I don’t like fitting in a box.

Have a good one everyone. Thanks for reading if you’ve made it this far.


That actually sounds interesting to me. CSI is very flashy tbh. Very casual about looking at the crime scene, possible contamination… any how! I’d read / listen to that one.

Will have to try the song with Metal song later. Net struggling this morning looks like.


I’m watching Quigley Down Under on Netflix, featuring THE Tom Selleck as a butt kicking, sharp shooting, handsome cowboy from Wyoming who moves to Australia for a job. Gotta love Tom Selleck. xD


nothing like rewatching Friends that makes you want to grow a porn-stache and twirl a cigar all of a sudden :joy:


Oh my gosh, I forgot he was in Friends. lol


Magnum PI for life. :slight_smile: Jk. He’s cool all round.


I can’t believe just how majorly disappointing and bad Wonder Woman 1984 is. It feels like a really weird fever dream full of awkward comedy and corny scenes. The redeeming aspects of it were solely the WW and Cheetah fighting scenes…it was so damn bad. So…so very bad.


Another excellent MAD made for the holiday, again featuring the adorable Ayume clipped from her first attempts at fall guys.


fn recap episodes… :unamused:


I have a lot of music on local storage.
A good portion of it is not available online.

Why? Well, let us just say that some of the music I have is either rare, and/or is compiled from multitrack stems and is thus, the original, non-album release/RAW version, and for that reason, uploading such to YT is likely to not last long (any and all uploads of the original version of Crazy Train unless it is Guitar Hero World Tour gameplay are locked down globally).

However, there are some that are available to be perused online.
Like, this rock version of Freezepop’s Brainpower:

Yes, it’s the version from Rock Band 1.


Free Bird (longer version)
Lynyrd Skynyrd, 1973, Rock
Guitar Hero II (WaveGroup Cover), Guitar Hero: Smash Hits/Greatest Hits, Rock Band 3


So during last few weeks i’ve seen quite a few movies , most are not worth mentioning but some did really leave an impression on me. I mostly watch Horror movies or movies with Horror aspects. So here are some recently seen movies which were surprisingly good .

One of the reviews i’ve read said that this is most metal horror movie of the decade and hell yeah! Besides being pretty enjoyable horror flick it also has great metal soundtrack with Slayer and Metallica stuff.

When i asked my GF what kind of movie this is going to be ( she’ve found this one ) she said that this is somekind of mystery/drama stuff and i was like ’ meh ’ . But it’s pretty dark and interesting tale with really sinister ending which i didint see coming ( and that is a rare occasion ).

Not so much a Horror movie but a drama with sci-fi/horror elements in it. I did quite enjoy it even though this is one of those ‘black washed’ movies there movie director is black so every single actor in a movie must be black as well. Who said that only white people can be racists lol ?


Good post.


Master Exploder
The Pick of Destiny
Tenacious D, 2006, Metal
Rock Band 2


Rewatching Diablero on account of my sadness over Black Spot. I really hope they don’t kill this show too…