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What are you reading, watching and/or listening to?


Just watched the Ni No Kuni anime movie on Netflix. It was okay, but I think what undermined it was the typical anime themes which aren’t associated to the movies the Studio is known for. If it were more like the games, or avoided some of those tropes, I think it would have been even better. Still, the plot was very interesting.

I’m giving it a 3.5/5.


I’ve just watched The Hunchback of Notre Dame from Disney not too long ago. It is as good as it is built up to be, so I’m happy with that. I think Beauty and the Beast is probably the best in the Renaissance but it is still a great movie. It only couldn’t elevate to heights due to the bad tonal shifts it has. Like, in the scene where Quasimodo finally goes out of the open and is humiliated, it jumps to a slapstick sequence during Esmeralda’s escape, which then it switches back to be like the latter, which is incredibly jarring. And to top things off, it pretty much acts like that escape sequence was added in last minute or hastily put in there to keep a G rating or else suffer the profit losses of the… PG rating! The crowd was on Esmeralda’s side on the treatment of Quasimodo, yet they acted like that sequence never happened? I think the stage show that was based off the Disney version fixed this by having the crowd boo Esmeralda instead, which is what it should’ve been ugh.
There are sequences like these before and later, but none come to mind as much as that alone. I will defend the Gargoyles, though, if only because I have a high tolerance of crap + I can imagine Duckman losing to a bird. That one line is memed on for a while, so I laugh at the thought of it every time.
But yeah, if you want your Disney films to be a little darker than usual that is actually good, consider watching this movie.


“I haven’t been living…I’ve been waiting to die!”

ST-Picard, Episode One


@onLooSe Not sure if you are into Black Metal but these guys were pretty sick . Sadly after tragic death of their frontman they’ve spilt up.


I watched a new Netflix animated show (2D, which is way better than 3D!) called Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts and I really, really liked it. It was weird because it was sort of a musical too, but the art and expressions were amazing, and I loved the direction and the characters. Oh, and the world! I can’t wait for S2…well hopefully it gets a S2.


It’s getting plenty of love in the cartoon community so most probably it would.


I’ve been watching this rather comprehensive critique and thorough inspection of Death stranding. There’s obviously spoilers here as he goes through the entire game, talks at length about all the major and minor plot points, much of the extended lore and extra writing interspersed throughout as well as interviews with Kojima and other people involved in making the game.

If you think you’d want to play the game yourself some day then I would not recommend watching. If you have anything reasonably important to do with your life then I also couldn’t really recommend spending 7½h on this.

But if you have played it and want to hear more about all the things you didn’t fully understand, seemed contradictory or just discarded as Kojima weird then you might find this one interesting. Also if you never intend to play the game or already have had it spoiled for you and just want to get the full image, go right ahead.

I rather enjoyed it.


It’s not my go to metal, but I can enjoy and appreciate the genre. It’s pretty sad when bands go through such events and disband, taking into consideration that there are barely ok bands the last 20 years :frowning:. Those guys were pretty skillful for sure.

I won’t greet you with classic blackmetal though, 'cuz it’s not exactly my thing, but I’m still listening to a more modern approach to it - DONE RIGHT thanks to @xist for almost one year now :smiley:. The new album is coming on Feb 14th this year as well with new vocalist and they got lucky with a perfect fit about the change:

And some of the “old” stuff I enjoy weekly:


I’m watching S3/P3 for the Sabrina show on Netflix now. But I just wanted to say that I finished playing A Plague’s Tale: Innocence via the Gamepass. It was a wonderful narrative, felt like a movie–one that should have won a lot of awards. Especially for the acting and music.

Anyways…on to Sabrina.


Re-Reading: The Witcher series of books;
Watching: The Rookie Season 2
Listening to: Currently, it’s Chris Stapleton


They are pretty good ! Thanks, more stuff to listen

@onLooSe Ok, i’m updating my opinion from ‘pretty good’ to really fcking great . I keep on coming back to them again and again these past few days.


You’re welcome… :stuck_out_tongue:


Since Kobe Bryant as well as the people inside the helicopter he was in has passed away, I have decided to watch one of his short films “Dear Basketball”, which is based on a poem he wrote for The Players’ Tribune.

This was also directed by Glen Keane, whose experience in Disney is further proof of his proficiency, with the sketch artstyle really helping to give a sense of intimacy towards the movie. It doesn’t look like it is officially up on YouTube at the moment, but a ton of bootlegs exist there. I may look into Richard Williams’ Prologue in the future, which is another legend and huge figure who has passed on not too long ago, this time an influential animator behind The Thief and the Cobbler (before the kind folks at The Completion Bond Company took it away) and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Edit: I forgot to tell that originally the short was attached to go90’s website, but since that shut down it would show a dead link. The one day upload of the short I noticed was uploaded not too long after Bryant’s passing, And it also had John Williams scoring the project, which you may know him from Star Wars and Harry Potter (the first three films I think, they had a different one in the last movies).


Insanely depressing. Kobe and his little girl. So messed up. :frowning:

Finished P3 of the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It wasn’t bad, but it certainly wasn’t as impressive as P1 or P2. It was like I thought.

some spoilers discussing the show

Focusing the season around going to hell simply to save her boyfriend was a huge disaster in my opinion, and the inspiration of making hell based off of Wizard of Oz felt out of place. Still, it wasn’t bad to the point that I couldn’t finish it or say the show was ruined. I am hoping P4 focusing on the better aspects of the series.

Also, very glad we got a short trip of Riverdale. I was hoping we would get a bigger crossover but I guess that’s the best we will ever get. lol

Now I will find some history stuff on Youtube or something and watch that. :laughing:


And apparently they have taken down the upload anyway, so you’ll have no choice but to rely on unofficial sources anyway. Oh well.


Just checked out The Owl House, been waiting for it for a while. It has a slow start, but I’m hoping it’ll be a hit like Gravity Falls. Plus, it has magic and a door to a magical fantasy world, so…


Stopped watching right after the first episode. The completely meaningless politics just took me out of it. Does it get good later?


I’m reading The Witcher Sesaon Of Storms. I’m listening to the following song. I’m working on watching a ton of shows that are in my list on Netflix and prime video.



I didn’t know Evan Rachel Wood sang. :thinking:

Girl, get to working on the next seasons of West World. :joy: