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We Need More Coinshop Games!!


Hopefully this catches the attention of a website moderator or something, but there’s been a severe lack of games in the coin shop, to the point where there’s none available now. I don’t know the logistics of keeping that stuff stocked, but i just think maybe they should add 4 games every 2 weeks due to I’m guessing increased popularity of the website.


Tap tap tap tap tap…tomorrow, tomorrow, there’s always tomorrow…you’re only a day away!


I think it’s hard enough to likely get the two games, let alone 4 for essentially free for people. I’m not even sure how they are getting the two weekly pretty reliably to be honest. Also, they are free and like xist is implying, more are coming tomorrow.


They buy them.


Well, there’s that.


@RaccoonV negotiates for them as far as I’m aware.


Just chiming to agreed to what has already been said.

@ksmarquez74 the moderators are always around the forums answering our questions and listening to our feedback. Rest assured you’re not the first one to have concerns or criticism regarding the coin shop.

I’m sure that, if the logistics can be improved in any way that is monetarily sustainable, it will be done in time. Sadly, however, it’s not as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Thanks for stopping by the forums and I hope you stick around for some memes, interesting conversation and forum giveaways. :blush:




Weekly Post


I dunno why ppl arent happy with just having free games available every two weeks lol


Anyone want free XBox Game Pass for 7 days?








Or add some games with high value to spend the collected coins over couple of months.


with todays legendary chest i finally reached the 40000 mark and now i feel a bit safer
im ready for any game that hits the shop
@lonin or idk who should i ask, did that sad little message saying that there are no more games in the shop always exist somewhere just had no opportunity to show itself or did you have to quickly come up with it in the last few days/weeks?


the message was always there, and it was much more frequent couple of months after launch, when “all the people” got X amount of coins all at the same time
then they managed to find a sorta decent middleground with amount of keys and type of games that managed to overall keep something in the the store “most of the time” -even if not always (like now)
with so many gathering coins, + Xlimited supply of keys, it would sorta be expected to run out before restocking sometimes here and there


Now you’re ready for when the next Dead Cells drops. Be quick! :grin:


I’m extremely happy with the website, I don’t check in for just free games I check in for the amazing deals. Truth be told I miss out on some of the coin shop games because I’m just late to the party. This is just something that has never been an issue in my two years checking in on the website and I wanted to voice my concern.


Yeah i figured it wasn’t as simple as flicking a switch. I’m a big fan of the website I like the idea of having to check in at some point once a day, keep earning those coins for an eventual payoff, but if they have no games kind of defeats that point. Just voicing my concern, since although I’m new to this community forum I’ve been visiting this website for over two years now.


Totally understand where you’re coming from. I guess Chrono becoming more and more popular has its ups and downs, and although I honestly don’t know how the team will deal with the downsides, I know that they have their thinking caps on.

About missing the coin shop games, I recommend setting up an alarm on your phone or computer to remind you. Many have reported the native Chrono notifications are not always reliable.

For reference, the new coin shop games should arrive in 4 hours!

See you then! :blush: