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We Need More Coinshop Games!!


Let’s ready our coin pouches!


Hey @ksmarquez74 have a look at the new games! :wink:


I’ve loved Chrono dearly from the moment I stumbled into this community. This makes me happy. :smile: :tada:


must admit i was totally surprised when i learned there even was a community or discord, like i’d been checking deal for months and months but wasn’t aware, even took couple weeks after coins release for me to notice
but after i did, i’ve probably been spending a lot of “forum time” on chrono compared to other places :blush:. Just a wonderful bunch of people you all are :hugs:


Perhaps if they released the same free games in several batches at different times/different days it would help? Although it would mean games would constantly sell out and have to be restocked. There isn’t so much that can be done other than raising the coin price since only a limited supply of games are available.

For me I always check the coin shop during the update time on friday so it hasnt been an issue to me, the only issue for me being not having enough coins. And usually games are available for at least a day although some games do sell out more quickly than others.


Yeah I missed it since i was working lol no biggie I’ll just keep saving.