VPN Info for 2019

My VPN has “turned to the Dark Side” and is cooperating with the Five Eyes so I need a new one. It’s a shame too as I paid 40.00 for a lifetime sub. But i have been using it for 6 years so i guess i got my money’s worth…even tho, it’s not a “lifetime”. i am checking places i know for a “lifetime” one…So far nothing.:sweat:

But I did find this.:star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:

It’s come in handy a few times…Enjoy :heavy_heart_exclamation:


i have not been looking at VPNs at all but now i checked a few from this spreadsheet and it seems like 40 for 6 years is the deal of a lifetime, and its not like you cant use their service anymore, you just decided not to
maybe just go for a 3 year one? there is no guarantee they wont all just turn on you

im not really contributing i know i just felt like replying and this thread was a bit empty


Could I get an explanation? I have no idea what this means.


Oh, I could continue to use…but it defeats the purpose of me using one…LOL. But yea, $40.00 for 6 years IS a good deal.

Thought i would throw some more info out there about the Five Eyes…and such…

Guess i read your mind…LOL…See above…


Hmm… I’m trying to think if I’d even have a use for a VPN. I’m not coming up with a whole lot.

Thanks for the link though. I had guessed pretty close.


Here’s a simple one…Your friend who lives in US sends you a link on YouTube for a video you JUST have to see. It’s so funny. You live in XYZ(Canada…or any other place) and you click on the link and see this, “The uploader has not made this video available in your country.”


There is Proton VPN i use there free version every now and then and its located in Switzerland.


Shows on that chart they cooperate…:disappointed:

Plus their servers are slow…


so do these eyes even matter if my place of residence is not included in any of them?


OPPA GANGHAM STYLE. But seriously, actually reside in the US. I rarely run across a video being unavailable. Of the rare few that I do, one of the use cases usually results: 1. I really don’t mind and move on. Or 2. It’s an Aly & Fila FSOE episode that one of the songs they have included claims the video and locks it down. Which is hilarious because I can download the episode for FREE from iTunes (and keep it!).


Yes, If you use a VPN and connect to any of those countries…
"A commonly asked question is what the position is if someone uses a VPN provider in a country outside of the 5 / 9 / 14 Eyes jurisdiction. Then uses it to connect to a server in a country that IS within that jurisdiction, such as in the US or UK.

Without going into too much technical detail, there is some risk here. The FVEY country could subpoena the server provider for connection logs (or even perform its own monitoring of connections into and out of the server). However, if the VPN provider is taking the right security precautions on their infrastructure, the risk should be relatively small.

That said, people keen to minimize their exposure to the broad jurisdiction of these intelligence alliances should take the lowest-risk approach. That would be using a provider outside the 5 / 9 / 14 Eyes jurisdiction AND only connecting to servers outside of the jurisdiction."


This is the one and only website to discuss VPN and online privacy:

Has all the info you need including detailed non-biased reviews, charts, data and much more. There’s also a subreddit.

I’m usually very open when it comes to websites and I’m all for looking at different sources, but NOTHING has topped this guy’s work.

Absolutely recommend That One Privacy Site to anyone who cares about their privacy online.


Thanks. Bookmarked it :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I’ve used ExpressVPN before. I’m glad it had a good rating on that google list. I doubt there are any more lifetime subscriptions. And honestly, if they did, I would think it was a bait and switch strategy where they sell as many lifetime subscriptions as possible. Then when profits begin to sag, then sell the VPN information to get profit again.

I mean, if I payed monthly, the VPN would need to constantly do right by me if they want me to keep paying. Although, $99(or so) for 12 months is quite a bit…so that’s why I stopped. I’m sure I’ll get it again someday. But that NordVPN is looking good too. Never heard of SurfShark. Thanks for the list! Sorry I can’t help.


what do you think bout

i know nothing bout vpn but they are cheap (100 us for 3 years/2 years) and they are out of the 14 eyes thingy if i’m not wrong


I’m using PIA since I still have a long sub for it and I guess it’s still somewhat safe since I’m outside the jurisdiction… do correct me if I’m wrong.


Thanks for this one, really difficult to find independent sites lately.
It seems Mullbad is one of the most reccomended, and Tunnelbear, which I use, is kind of meh :confused:


Giving Surfshark a 2 year trial :wink: Was using AirVPN on 3 month rotation. Surfshark appears to be MUCHO better :wink:


It’s no secret that governments all across the world “co-operate” with the big 5. It’s illegal to get spied on by your country, but not illegal to get spied on by another country.


Yes, I think you worth the money, Now its time to change VPN.
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