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VPN Info for 2019



I’m liking Surfshark. Glad I decided to try it out.


Joined a couple of hours ago, makes one post, and recommends a VPN review site that’s not particularly well written and a VPN that isn’t generally well known.



Isn’t that the definition of trustworthy?


Not fond of the review site…But IVACY is the one I WAS using…or still am…because I am still looking. It’s based in Singapore(which is NOW cooperating with the 5 Eyes). It has no logging, was a lifetime sub, offered DNS and proxies, has a firewall and the support was awesome. I had answers to any questions within a 12 hr window. I am still using it until I find something better…I am going by the “low hanging fruit rule” and crossing my fingers…LOL

Checked into Surfshark…It’s too new and I don’t like their TOS. Do word search for “Surfshark” in the comments:

Just one of the items I have a problem with… registrar is Inc, a Colorado corporation.
Why have any US ties for an offshore jurisdiction of a VPN?
2635 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205
NameBright is a TurnCommerce corporation.
See H.R. (1981) Laws:
Would that play a roll here with Surfshark VPN ?”


btw, this might be of use to some of those super privacy concerned (year old article tho)


am i the only one mega confused by his Norton chart?? :dizzy_face:
simplified it’s all green, like it’s the best on earth, detailed it’s almost all red
like, how does it even award green in simplified for jurisdiction, if it’s based in the US ? , “etc” o.0
much confusings…


This part is GOLD!!!

"To build trust, providers make promises not to track users through logs or other identifying information. But as a popular VPN comparison site found out, this isn’t always true.
The Best VPN recently peeked under the hood of over 100 of the biggest VPN services. All told, 26 of them collect three or more important log files that could contain personal and identifying information — things like your IP address, location, bandwidth data, and connection timestamps…

It’s ironic, really. The goal is to hide from trackers, not pay for one."

This why you can’t just go out and get a VPN…You need to do your homework. And once you have one, you have to keep on top of it…as THINGS Change!!!


can’t give you a detailed response now.

If confused, read his complete review. His charts are for quick glances not final decisions.