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Vampire: The S#!T-Show - Bloodlines 2


Thanks for the detailed explanation, ST!

What are the chances of a high generation Duskborn being so diluted that he/she might be ‘re-embraced’?

By the way, do you dabble in Werewolf or Mage?


As always, you are most welcome.

A Storyteller creates and guides the chronicle by building the setting and populating it with a supporting cast. They describe what happens in the world as a result of what the players say and do. It is the Storyteller who arbitrates the rules and springs new challenges into the game. If you are a Storyteller, it is your world, your rules. In short… Deus ex machina, is well within your rights.

That said, canonically in Vampire: The Masquerade, no. However, ways that could make it possible would be via Blood Sorcery, maybe in conjunction with Thin-Blood Alchemy. Remember, Infernalism is always an option.

If you cross-pollinate your game with other World of Darkness lines, hypothetically a powerful Mage willing to risk the Paradox backlash could make it possible too.

In my opinion you should make it incredibly hard, expensive, time consuming, and with some sacrifice. Does it cost thousands, millions even? How many decades, if not centuries of research? Where does one draw the line, ethically; morally? The ends justify the means? Is it worth the risk? There needs to be a reason why this is such a rare occurrence, otherwise it breaks the game because hypothetically every Thin-Blood (Caitiff ?!?) could do it–would do it.



I agree, re-embrace would be too ‘convenient’. It’s just another theory that’s been floating around, along with Diablerie. By the way, do you know of Earthblood? I was half-expecting it to come out first before any VtM game. Then, Tender happened and it’s become obvious that VtM:B2 will release first. Kind of funny, considering that it was V5 that led to Pdx restructuring WW and that must have contributed somewhat to Earthblood’s delay.


Yes, I know of Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood. It’s that one game that has been in development hell since January 2k17 and was supposed to have a release window during the fourth quarter of last year. Instead of a game, or progress of said game, we received a press release stating that the game had switched publishers. That was approximately five months ago. We have not seen hide nor hair of their progress since then, so to speak.

Honestly though, I am not surprised that Bloodlines 2 will be released first. Vampire has almost always been the best selling intellectual property of White-Wolf’s product lines and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is a cult hit that still stands up quite well even today. The newest edition of the tabletop role playing game, V5, has been out for over six months now and I believe that White-Wolf is trying to mimic the success that Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role had on D&D, by partnering up with G&S to air L.A. by Night. All of this is relevant because with the recent positive publicity and re-surging popularity, it would be in White-Wolf’s best interests to capitalize on that success. I imagine that (pre-)sales for Bloodlines 2 has been boosted because of this, even though the game is due out a year from now. This gives White-Wolf time to release the fifth edition of Werewolf: The Apocalypse, prior to Earthblood. A game that will hopefully be bolstered by all of the good will going forward, towards The World of Darkness. “A high tide raises all ships”… amirite?


No doubt. People are already asking when they can preorder the console editions and physical versions of VtM:B2. It’s just somewhat amusing that the game announced years ago will still release later than the one announced a week ago. :sweat_smile:


Interesting new faction, in addition to the usual -
Very apt. :+1:


Most likely, the five factions will be Pioneers, Tremere, Sabbat, Anarch and Camarilla.



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Yeah firing a creative lead a few months before the game should have been released is not something you do lightly. There must be some really strong reasons for this. I am carefully optimistic however, kind of hoping Paradox knows what they’re doing and that there is a chance this is a good thing.

While yeah Mitsoda was one of the original Troika people and he was one of the driving forces that made this game happen. I’ve also heard some not so flattering things about him since this project started, some say he’s not quite what he used to be. This could be a situation of an auteur so involved with his project he became unable to see the flaws and refused to compromise or fix issues.

At the moment we really don’t know anything though, chances are we never will actually know for sure what went down here. We’ll just have to see how the game turns out in the end.


Alexandre has been in the industry for more than 20 years and has worked on iconic franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry,

:thinking: Bloodlines is gonna have radio towers/“reveal map structures” to climb now, isn’t it… :disappointed:


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Now in closed beta…

Followers of Set

True Brujah

Blood Brothers


I saw the update almost immediately when they announced it, even read it more than once to be sure of what I was seeing… There’re so much I could talk about but, do you have something in mind or want to ask something?