[UPDATE] Steam Play updated, bigger focus on Linux gaming

Update 1

Steam Play Beta now in stable Steam for Linux.

Check out the games tested by the community and their compatibility stats here:


Submit your tests through this Google form.

Here is a short article:

Here is the Steam community announcement:

If you’re a Linux gamer – I love to play on Linux when I can, myself – then don’t forget to wishlist the games you’re interested in seeing.

I think @delenn13 may be interested in this. :blush:


They actually did it! I’m going to have to reinstall my Linux partition now.

(if only the audio drivers weren’t garbage…)


Seriously! The only reason I still use poop-y Windows is because of gaming!

Btw, @CptMold, if you use Ubuntu, I don’t recommend updating to 18.04 yet. I updated this weekend and my Linux partition is absolutely broken. Everything’s black and glitched and nothing will show up. Imma fix it with a CD this weekend but hellish hell, bro: don’t even bother right now.

I miss my working 16.04. :disappointed_relieved:


I wasn’t using :b:ionic :b:eaver at the time, I was running Artful. I liked the platform overall, but the audio drivers were busted and fixing it was needlessly complicated as I knew the issue but it wouldn’t accept any of my fixes.

Still, Wine does its job. Even ignoring that DXVK has been running AAA games for a while, even the basic version of WINE was quite fun when I got the Steam version of Dawn of War: Dark Crusade to hook. Full compatibility otherwise, save for artifacts on the cursor. :man_shrugging:

The biggest issue this solves, though, was how Valve pointlessly locked installations. A warning that the game isn’t Linux-compatible would suffice, but instead Valve blocked downloads altogether if you weren’t using Windows. Hopefully, they’ll knock that off now that they’re taking Wine wrappers seriously.

Hopefully I’ll get Linux working one of these days. Otherwise, I may just find another distribution.


There are so many good distributions out there it’s hard to choose. I may move out of Ubuntu myself since it’s gotten too cluttered in 18.04, plus it has an opt-out user-data collection feature. So… that’s a big no for me, even though I’ve been hanging out with Ubuntu for years and didn’t want us to have such a bitter breakup.

T’is but life. :upside_down_face:

I may pack my things and move in with Manjaro, or maybe Mint.

I’ve had a few shit experiences with Wine, tbh, don’t want to go too much into it. And yeah, totally agree about the locked installation: bloody stupid.


I just updated to Bionic Beaver three days ago and haven’t gotten to install Steam yet (been fixing a few of the issues that sprung up from the upgrade of 16.04, which was horrid). Looks like I’m doing that today! Hot dog!


Maybe I can help you fix your Ubuntu install. I’ve had my fair share of broken installs, whether triggered from a fresh install, upgrade or update or something else. Can you access the TTY screens still? If you can, the solution could be as simple as reinstalling the desktop (or even just restarting it), deleting .profile (I had to do this for my upgrade to take), making sure the kernel updated (which is important before an upgrade), or even uninstalling a driver.


Hey Rhy, I’m not home. I’ll PM you once I am. Thanks for the offer! I have a friend who’s a master programmer and offered to help me as well, but he hasn’t updated to 18.04 and it’s likely you totally know something he and I don’t.

Although I fixed several absolutely astounding issues over the years, this time the whole effing thing is broken and, since I can’t access the terminal, I’m just focusing on somehow making a backup of my stuff for now and then doing a fresh install during the weekend.

Once again, thanks! :blush:


I prefer Mint over Ubuntu myself. I made the switch when Ubuntu implemented their Unity desktop. Though i don’t like the Cinnamon and MATE desktops either. I was using KDE up until the partition became corrupted somehow, and never bothered to reinstall. I’m still looking for a desktop that doesn’t hide/remove all the customization settings and lets me put shortcuts on my desktop.


Alright Cor, hopefully we can get your system up and running via TTY. It sucks having to backup and reinstall otherwise. That should be reserved only as a last measure.


Re-reading the link, scrolling down to check the games and…FINAL FANTASY VI! Oh my god, I can play FFVI on Linux without too much messing around? Gotta update my Padoka drivers (curse you AMD for not providing manual drives via the website) and try this out right now!


Well that was extremely easy to do. Enabling their specific edited version of WINE across all titles is easy too, if you want to try Proton on other titles not officially supported.


And FFVI runs very well. Wow! Now to try some other games. :grin:


Supposed Skyrim runs extrmely well right off the bat. Going to try that now, just gotta add my game library.


Good to see Linux getting a bit more love! I usually play on Windows, but it’s nice to know that if I ever get tired of that (or if Microsoft starts getting extra silly with Windows) I have an alternative to fall back on. Hopefully game compatibility with Linux ends up being really solid by the time that happens!


I suppose as a Linux scrub I could use some help here. Is there any way Steam on Linux can access my standard partitions on my hard frives? My last dive into Linux gaming was a bit of a mess. I had to double-install every game, and Steam under Wine only recognized my system as 32 bit for some reason.


Great move from Valve once again. Haven’t tried this yet, but if they’ve really managed to make it as hassle-free as it seems then this is a great step towards wider GNU/Linux (henceforth abreviated as Linux) adaptation or at least in getting Microsoft to reevaluate how far they can push their own vendor lock-in stuff. Might also be a chance for me to finally clear some of my Windows-only backlog, which I haven’t been able to touch since going full Linux a few years ago. Of course I knew about Wine and Lutris etc. before this, but never really bothered with those considering that close to 400 of my almost 900 Steam games already had Linux support.

Don’t know how much this will shift the numbers though, since Windows does still come preinstalled in the majority of cases. Even though many people are not exactly fond of Windows, most will just keep complaining about it instead of actually putting in the effort and installing Linux.

I knew distributions with a set release cycle sometimes had problems between version upgrades but damn, this thread really makes Ubuntu (which is supposed to be the most user-friendly and polished version of Linux there is, right?) seem like an amateur project at best :stuck_out_tongue:.

I use Arch btw.

Memes aside, after the initial effort required during the installation and configuration progress, in my experience, Arch has just worked. Can’t see myself using any other distribution really, not even Arch derivatives like Manjaro or Antergos.

@coralinecastell even though I like the fact that I’m able to show the developers that I would like to buy their game if it was on Linux via wishlisting, it still feels a bit dirty wishlisting a game I won’t actually be able to play unless they actually release that Linux version. Someone might even gift that game to me by accident, seeing as I have it on my wishlist!


I didn’t install :b:ionic :b:eaver, but I did try it out on a flash drive. It’s okay, not typically that bad. I did have issues with it, but they were the same issues I had on Artful. It made some controversial changes though, like having analytical data uploaded to Canonical as the DEFAULT instead of something you opt into. That’s a big no-no for the Linux community.


Yes, there is. Sometimes you have to turn off hibernation if you just booted off of Windows 10, but you can. I do it all of the time. I have my Steam folder point to my Windows created Steam library, and I even have my Spotify on Linux source toward an external HDD.

Once you installed Steam (via .deb from the website, via the Software Center, or the terminal) you just go to Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Add Library Folder and then locate your Windows drive and add it.

Now, before you do the above, it is worth checking before hand to see if you can access the drives. You can do this by checking on your desktop (they should be icons) or open the file manager (folder icon on Dash) and then checking to see if your HDD/SDD is read/accessible. If you are using Bionic Beaver is to the left of the file manager.

(also, extra tidbit, in Windows, name your drives for ease. Like I named my Win7 drive “Windows 7”, my games drive “Games”, etc. It makes it easy in Linux to find and mkdir if need be.)


You might have to mkdir and edit fstab to “hold” your drives. I always have to for some reason, otherwise they don’t show up to be added in Steam, though they will show up to be able to be browsed normally within Linux. The good news is that this process is actually very easy, and pretty fun.

For example, the commands would be;


First open terminal. You can do this either by DASH search or CTRL+ALT+T.

And then we need to get all of our drive information.

sudo blkid

This outputs all availble drives and information on them. For example, it would look like this; /dev/zzz: LABEL=“NAME” UUID=“xxxxx” TYPE=“ntfs” PARTUUID=“xxxx” where the “xxxx” are numbers/letters and NAME is the name of the drive and /dev/zzz is the directory of the drive. We’d need the UUID and the location.

And then we’d need to create a place for the drive to mount at via mkdir.

sudo mkdir /media/Games*
*whatever the drive name is

Next, we would need to edit fstab with out drive information.

sudo -H gedit /etc/fstab

And then in here we’d put in your drive/s info we got from the earlier commands at the VERY bottom of the file. It would look something like this;

UUID=xxxx /media/NAME* ntfs-3g defaults,uid=1000,windows_names,locale=en_US.utf8 0 0

*whatever the drive name is
xxxx = drive ID

The rest of the information after ntfs-3g is important and allows you to delete and move things on the drive, which I’m assuming you would want to be able to do. You can check if your drive’s uid is 1000 with the terminal command “id”, without quotations of course.

Once inputted into the fstab, save and exit. In the terminal, the last step would be as simple as unmounting drives and remounting them to the folder we created earlier with mkdir.

So first unmount drive;

sudo umount /dev/zzz

And then remount;

sudo mount -a

And then you’re done! This is ALL assuming that you NEED to do it of course. So first try to access your drives and then add them to Steam. If you notice they don’t appear in Steam, that means you have to do the above.


Thanks, I’ll use this when I set up a new Linux installation soon. Let’s try this again…


No problem. If you need help, I don’t mind trying to solve whatever issues that might pop up. Hopefully of course there’s nothing more than standard setup “problems” to go over.


I guess this is as good a chance as any to sneakily give away some Steam games with Linux support! Not that I mind if a Windows user happens to grab them, at least they’ll have something to play if they ever decide to try out Linux. Just replace the _ in the following with the number of games initially supported by Steam Play divided by 9 (hint: a link to the list of initially supported games is in the OP).

Bridge Constructor: 6WM6D-RFVJ0-TXN_J
Hand of Fate: Your Humble Bundle Receipt
Also got a Steam gift of Contraption Maker, post in this thread if you’re interested and I’ll send it your way.



Oh man, bravo @nassi, you are giving away some good games there!

Bridge Constructor is just awesome, it’s not as cute and bubbly as Poly Bridge, but it’s a really nice simulation puzzler!

I have Hand of Fate, haven’t had a chance to play it yet.

Contraption Maker looks like the Incredible Machine and Crazy Machines games… :slight_smile: Always good. I hope whoever gets the games give you the much deserved appreciation! :clap:


Contraption Maker is actually from the developers of The Incredible Machine as stated in the game description! I had fond memories of playing TIM when I was younger, so of course I had to get it when I saw it on sale… And the two pack wasn’t much more expensive, so I decided to grab and extra copy :stuck_out_tongue:.

Bridge Constructor is a great addition to the genre. Perhaps a bit simple, but so far I’m 14 hours into the game and only have 36/57 achievements unlocked. Haven’t actually played Poly Bridge yet, but already got it installed and just looking for that right mindset for some bridge building/physics puzzles. Or maybe I’ll 100% Bridge Constructor first…

Hand of Fate is an interesting blend of different genres. The combat might be a bit shallow, but this is another game where I still feel like I have a lot left to do in with 8 hours played and 11/53 achievements unlocked.


You have done better than I have. I am only 23 achievements in on Bridge Constructor after 14 hours. :slight_smile:

Definitely need to get back to it.

Likewise, I have so many fond memories of TIM, so many hours spent, so many attempts to get the game installed on every computer in school so my friends could enjoy it back when I was in high school… lol… I am tempted to give Contraption Maker a go, but my back log is building every day, so it’s only fair someone who is more likely to play it and enjoy it gets a shot. :slight_smile: