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geralt just loooves being out in public, going by that facial expression :rofl:



People having so much fun with this. ^^ Metal version ftw!


Dang it @dusty ! You just made me waste 20 min learning all there is to learn about this meme including several parodies and variations of this song! I did not have that kind of time to waste!..

…Maybe one more video before going to bed.


Critics are so wrong. :joy:

“Show is bad”

And yet “Toss a coin to your witcher” is everywhere. I can’t go a single site without seeing it now, no matter what it is. And now 100K people replaying Witcher 3 or playing Witcher 3 for the first time. How can a supposedly bad show have such an impact? It can’t.

The show was such a massive hit, it is crazy.


I’m not saying it’s bad BUT bad things are also capable of having huge impacts :slight_smile: For example after watching a show i also had and urge to replay Witcher 3 but solely because of the reason i wasnt too happy with the show and wanted to re-experience Witcher in a way i like.


That is true, but I think we can see this isn’t the case with the show and game.

And specifically I was talking about critics like IGN, but necessarily in the Witcher’s case the audiences have all largely been positive (check various review scoring sites or commentary boards, reddit, youtube etc etc). A stark contrast to the critics. In this case, the resurgence in the game has been because they liked the show and wished to replay or experience the game. An extreme minority few who might be playing because they felt inclined to remind themselves of what was better isn’t exactly why the numbers are soaring right now.


Damn only if the guitar tone was good/proper… waiting for the Death Metal Version… until then >



Damn the metal covers are sooooooooo good. I’m starting to feel like I’m missing out, not seeing the series small whimper


Me too. May have to add it to my faves on my Android Box. If I do…whistles at @Danacscott


ahah, was just saying earlier i was waiting for Frog Leap Studios to put one out :smile:


Now this counts :stuck_out_tongue: :metal:


Leo is great as always.


Go watch eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. :laughing:


I just got this song unstuck from my head after finishing the series weeks ago.



I really don’t see the appeal of that song, it never stood out to me in the series. Only reason I’m even aware of it it is because everyone keeps going on about it.

You want some really good witcher inspired music you should go check out Miracle of Sound. He has several to pick from but this is my favourite.