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it’s just catchy as heck i think is all, that kind of "gets stuck in your brain easy"tune

:point_up_2: 'tis was me today


That has been me all day - even in the supermarket. The line was long - it’s boring yo. >>



I dont get this meme. Like in general, what the hell is this supposed to mean ? ( i saw the original with woman and cat )



if that song doesn’t win a grammy, emmy and oscar there is simply no justice :joy:


I like the show, but I also don’t see the appeal of the song. :sweat_smile: I don’t think it is very…bards-y. I am glad though that it is catchy to people, because that means the show was perhaps that entertaining to them and there’s a good chance we might see this show through to the end.


Me neither, but yah. It’s a helluva fun catchy tune.