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To VR or NOT VR?


It seems to cause no long term effect/permanent effect (can for sure have temp effect like feeling lightheaded or wanting to throw up depending on how used to it you are). But from my own research you should properly take a break at-least every 4hours down to every 2hrs (for 5-10min) kinda like how should take a break after looking at a normal screen for that long


I do have VR, I do love it, but I don’t really think it’s the future (yet).


I didn’t state my sentence correctly. I meant to wonder about how its long-term use could effect a person’s health. So in that manner, the latest iterations haven’t been in use long enough to know. It’s something i’m concerned about. To me, the fact that it can cause a headache is a warning sign.

Actually my school advises to take a break every 30 minutes of VR use and we can only reserve a set for a 2-hour block.

Edit: Here’s what our VR room looks like:


dude what school is that? Google Academy?




Universities have a lot of money.

I made a reservation again for tomorrow.


well health and safety (and i’m sure at least some schools) would suggest you should take a break from a pc every 30 minutes (some say every 60min) of PC use but how many people actually do that :thinking: just like most people use their phones to much from an health and safety standpoint