Tired of this..

Okay, I’ve understood the two week wait period for games but at this point it’s become counter productive. Games are being released on the coin shop then sold out the same day.Plus with the two week wait theirs plenty of time to rack up more coins to get THE NEXT sale for the same person. Now I’ve waited patiently, as have many, but the constant string of sell outs are annoying. So i’d like to make a suggestion.

So far games haven’t been costing too much from the shop, (if you’re dedicated to the rewards chests) SO maybe something could be changed about the way the coin shop works, I.E user may only buy one game from the coin shop per two week rotation or certain people with high coin counts won’t be permitted to buy from the shop so often, so that others with lower coin values and/or who have gotten less games can be given a chance.

I’m not exactly sure if there are already plans in line to try and regulate the coin shop but if not, i hope you all take these options in to consideration. Also thanks for making this awesome site, but let’s keep trying to make it better

I strongly disagree with limiting access to the shop in any way. Punishing people for being long time users or frequent visitors sounds like a terribly counterproductive thing to do.

What I would rather suggest is to stagger the release of keys. Put half the keys up on the store then in 8 or so hours release the rest of the keys. This is a tactic that many concerts and cons use to ensure that more people have the opportunity to purchase. This would also alleviate the time zone troubles a little.


and been suggested many times too

also, why should dedicated users, that just haven’t found a game they like yet, be getting punished, while people, that are new/spend more frequently, get a leg up?
raising prices on games is 1 way of combating inflation, but without “us” knowing exactly how many total coins are in play, we can’t say if people still have tons of coins around for next 2 weeks
(25x14+1500(collective2week bonus)=1850 coins on average per 2 weeks with 1250 extra when adding 30streak/2, totaling “max” average 3100coins 14days),
meaning with 5k prices there is no way “old” users constantly buying, or even with new users, could keep racking up enough coins to buy these games

what you see are 2 fold,

  • 1; the (sad but completely understandable and reasonable) limited amount of keys,

  • 2; popular games sell out way faster, as witnessed on previous weeks where, despite
    prices being lower, some games didn’t go immediately,
    and some users don’t “like”/want all games, so they wait until something they do want to spend their coins on comes up, or are just holding out for something really grand

Chrono is most definitely working at it, and even if inflation isn’t the only solution it most definitely will work more and more over time, as long as people still keep point 1 and 2 in mind
no way should users, old or new be punished, disciplined or sanctioned, just because X didn’t get their game,
because that’s the deal we entered here, limited keys, no way can (or should) Chrono supply all that want, such is the nature of a ton (if not all) of giveaways
continuously improving and modifying the system is ofc a good idea, and no doubt they are, until one day the system gets really great,
but please never ever suggest “others” get “punished” just because “you” didn’t get what you want (in time)


I recommend 1 user can only get 1 version of the game.I see a lot of people holding alot of coins and when the coin shop game come they get like 10 coppy of a game

I’m pretty sure that unless you are running multiple accounts on the site, that you can only buy a game on the shop once.

By this I mean if you have 10000 coins and a game on the coin shop costed 3000, you can only buy 1 copy meaning only 7000 coins is left in your wallet.

How am I sure? I’ve bought games from the shop via coins.

EDIT: Also OP, I’m not trying to be an ass but if you are tired of not getting games on the coin shop, then I dunno, get over it or something? I wasn’t even aware that the two games were on the coin shop earlier and if anything it’s my fault that I didn’t know.

I also know that for some of us here don’t have a steady income to buy games regularly (I’m still searching for a job since I’m a fresh grad) that’s why they are rushing to sites like ChronoGG but you know, the game won’t disappear on Steam (or any game store) unless the dev or publisher became a huge asshole overnight.

tl;dr = people aren’t entitled to getting at least one copy of the game on the shop. you not getting a copy of the game isn’t punishment, it’s how the world works (to some degree). you can always buy the game on any store. i agree with some of you though that ChronoGG needs to work on this.


As @kenathomos each account can only get 1 copy of each game


Somewhat off topic, but I wonder how the Chrono guys feel when such a large part of all discussion revolves around the coin shop, which is more of a by-product than their main business. Of course I am also guilty of this, but that is besides the point.

And then on topic: As others have mentioned and argued against, such regulations indeed seem counterproductive. The idea of staggering the keys brought up in this topic seems like the most viable alternative. Will be interesting to see how game prices evolve in the future too.


Well, the coin shop is more debatable than “Here’s your daily deal, buy it if it tickles your fancy.” especially when you have entitled people salty about missing the games.

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The games show up as placeholders a few hours before they’re added so you do have some time to prepare if you check the site daily.


not just that, Chrono actually sends out email notification
(and as per the other thread,, seems other notification could be possible too, basically making it our own “fault” if we miss something, (unless we are trapped in a dungeon or dangling over a volcano or something like that)


It’s a free giveaway with limited supply. It only makes sense that it be first come first served. Yes some of us, including myself have jobs, school or just straight up live in a timezone where were sleeping when the coin shop refreshes, but that’s an us problem and not a chrono problem. They have no obligation to cater to those inconvenienced by the current system, they don’t even have any obligation to have the coin shop in the first place. Just because there’s the opportunity to get a free game doesn’t mean everyone should get a free game, that’s just childish entitlement. And all these complaints about high coin accounts should have a limit on the games they can cash is a load of bull, they have high coin counts because they haven’t cashed any free games, if you limit there spending then they will always have a high coin count. Just because you have coins doesn’t mean your entitled to a game and just because some people have a better chance at getting a game doesn’t mean the system should be reworked to benefit those that don’t. Suck it up buttercup.


And in today’s episode of The Wheel of Entitlement!


The Chrono staff is made up of really friendly people, but if they were slightly less friendly they should put that right in the Shop page.


I like Fraggles idea. It would fix at least some issues. I also think that releasing one free game per week will make wait less noticeable and make more opportunities for people to grab what they want.

weekly releases ofc sounds like a wonderful idea
but we also need to consider the (possible) toll and how it might impact the Chrono staff, probably wouldn’t make it “easier” for them, even if more “attractive” to us
also, biweekly releases gives us something to look forward to, while adding more chill, some users already complaint about missing every other week, imagine if they start missing out every week :smile_cat:
not to mention keys again don’t grow on trees, and patience is a virtue, all good things come to those who wait (or so some strange people would have me believe) :joy_cat:


What most of us are tired of is this style of complaint.


It’s not exactly i’m tired of this system (click bait wins you views mates) However what i suggest is to stop users to not get multiply different games sale rather than buying the same game (which already can’t be done)

Also I was well aware that the games were on sell (And i didn’t want any this sell) but that just made be notice how quickly the games were being sold out,but i’d like to rephrase what i said about the high/low coin value thing, honestly it should be if anyone who buys a game from the shop they shouldn’t be able to buy another from the shop that week and/or the next rotation, however that would rely on Chrono.gg to allow us to know what would be on sell next, so that we could be able to decide if we would want on the rotation that week or in the next two weeks

P.S Don’t worry about being an ass, your speaking to one of the most sarcastic assholes of this generation

That value of high low coin thing would only be put into action when a high coin member buys something rather than just not allowing them to buy things and really i’m more focused on the older users buy more of the low costing items

Thank you.Chrono staff is already doing a lot. But we need to give them feedback so they know what we think. Thanks to this they will be able to improve the shop.

Not looking for sass, just sharing an opinion mate, you’ve given yours, no need to critic mine without substance

I would say they could benefit from sort of a coin sink. Just trivial, silly things. Extra privileges on a Discord server, wallpapers… If they had a more robust forum software, they could easily tie the coin system into extra forum perks, but this looks like a pretty minimalist forum.

As for the person who says its a privilege, not a right and calling users entitled for wanting things… Chrono.gg is a business. They are in this to bring in customers. So yeah. Customers are fully entitled to complain. If they offered the website purely as a charity out of the goodness of their heart, you might have a case. They have a financial incentive to make you come to this website every day.

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