thx ubisoft

can no longer launch uplay; tried all possible solutions i could find online; it does launch when i set my date back 6 months, which shows how ridiculous the nature of the problem is, so now i cant continue ass creed origins…

it says “a ubisoft service is currently unavailable”

this is the perfect example of why having to go through several launchers is moronic


Could be just one of Ubisofts potatoes went down and you’re gonna have to wait while they revive it.


No offense, but how is having a monopoly a good thing because uplay is currently not working for you?


Its not really a monopoly, any company can (and do) make there own launchers but it is a pain in the ass when one is worse or completely broken compared to another one. Also its a pain to have to take the extra time to launch different launchers AND THATS WHY I AM EXITED FOR GOG GALAXY 2.


I don’t think that’s the idea. I think @M00 is probably talking about a Ubisoft game that he’s trying to launch from Steam, and there in turn, need to launch through Uplay, and thus all of the hullabaloo…


how is “not going through multiple launchers” a monopoly? I think yr confused. I’m not calling for a monopoly; I’m not calling for having all games launched through Steam; i’m calling for having each game go through 1 launcher (whatever that launcher be for that game) not several

exactly my point, if you, as a company, want to force yr customer to go through yr own launcher, then at least have the guts to force them to activate the game key straight on yr own launcher instead of trying to have it both ways and complicate things for the customer

if u cant do things properly through yr own launcher on yr own, then just keep working as u did before through the others until u can


My bad then, I misunderstood it as a general tirade against launchers other than steam. I agree the double launchers thing is pretty obnoxious, I’m guessing they did it to force you to make a uplay account and learn about the platform.


Also steam is not, never even tried to BE a monopoly. Steam allows developers and even 3rd parties to sell steam keys themselves for pete’s sake. This whole “break the steam monopoly” noise was dumb from the get go.

If steam was a monopoly, chrono would not exist.


I trust that you said you tried everything and I don’t have Uplay. So I haven’t experienced this except when I needed to download a large app over the cellular network on an iphone.

But yes. Master launcher all the way. Please save us GOG. I have games on 2 other launchers that I can’t even remember my login for because I just play what I have on steam.


You’d still need the login though, and in this case there’d be three launcher programs running! It’s why I tend to buy games on their respective platforms if another launcher is involved in getting it up and running.


yep, which is exactly why i’m staying away from that fo sho


Steam was absolutely a monopoly as a launcher and still is the market leader by far. Steam seems pretty lax with generating keys and allowing other shops to exist, although who knows if when gabe retires and/or somehow revenue drops if they will still be as benevolent as they are now. I think you are confusing a current status quo as a permanent modus operandi of a company while it’s absolutely not the case.


no, he’s not, he’s talking about what is the current state and has been for many years; as soon as that changes, he’ll also change what he has to say about it

you judge a person according to their actions, not what they might or might not do some day, then one might as well jail you because u might one day commit a crime


Having trust in megacorps prioritizing customers over their profits is very myopic, even if a certain company has earned some goodwill. They were at the front-line of adding micro-transactions and gambling mechanics, do not believe that valve has yours or mine interests in mind when designing stuff.

It’s extremely probable that third-party stores were a net-revenue increase for Steam and might still be so it’s reasonable to allow them, I’m very confident that might change in the coming years so it’s good to have competition in the market.

Don’t get me wrong,I really appreciate Steam as a platform but I’m cynical enough to not believe that Valve will always be so generous with Steam.


How about u stop assuming and insinuating things (these things being what anyone here believes or intended, not what Valve or other corporations will or will not do)

no one here said they trusted anyone to keep doing anything. one person simply stated a fact: what they have been doing till now; no one spoke of all these things yr arguing with yrself about, so have fun doing so cuz we’ve seen enough of that in the past to have learned to see it for what it is


That’s true. I hope the master launcher will have some login+password save for each launcher.

and in this case there’d be three launcher programs running!

I guess I can hope that launchers (other than the game I will play) can be disabled after a game is launched. Is it hardware intensive to have 3+ launchers idling? If my computer had difficulty, then that would be annoying.

If worse comes to worse, I’ll just use 2 of my most used launchers and switch them out when I’m “done” with their games. But that would be disappointing. Then what’s the point in having a master launcher?!

Figure it out GOG!

I’ll criticize it if that happens.


for certain games that certainly wont be the case, cuz if u close steam it immediately closes yr game, and if u close uplay i dont even know what will happen, but pretty sure it wont save to the cloud, cuz it wont even do that if i set the date back to the correct one while playing atm


I wonder if lots of ppl have this issue now or something cuz they now suddenly say that their customer help services will be unavailable for 2 days, which is vry strange


my ticket:

Ubisoft’s answer to my ticket:

thx Ubisoft :+1:


Support never even reads tickets anymore, they just scan for keywords and send the first standard answer they have. You have to actually mail back to them 2-3 times before anyone even reads what you’ve said.

At least that’s been my experience the last few times I’ve had to enlist any customer support to solve an issue over the past several years.