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thx ubisoft


solved it, a new post by another user suggested the same solution I’ve had to use before to be able to play rocket league (which in the mean time started working normally without having to do this), and that works:



I’d rly like to know what’s causing this though

good job Ubisoft not suggesting this anywhere whatsoever

now i can actually focus on meeting my deadline… (remember kids, always have yr priorities straight)

edit: the joke is now Rocket League won’t connect to servers cuz Rocket League wants me to obtain the DNS server address automatically now to work… omg, so i have to keep making these changes whenever i wanna play depending on the game i want to play…


Something is very weird with your internet and or ubisoft and rocket league servers for this to work at all and be necessary what so ever.

Why would any of the involved parties be interested in which DNS server you use?
Is this about circumventing ISP/Govt internet blockades?


there’s no doubt about that; this is just a weird country; the government allows ISPs (first of all, all ISPs here get their internet from the government-owned ISP, LOL) to block online forms of communication cuz the mobile networks give them money for that cuz otherwise the mobile networks go broke, which is why WhatsApp calls dont work atm, for example (sometimes they do work) and why at times i cant play online games cuz those get thrown under the same buss, I think cuz of their included VOIP functionality


Remember when this meme was a thing?


That will only ever happen when these other storefronts start selling their hosted products on a customer’s Regional purchasing power and when they offer other means for purchasing said products. Not everyone uses the almighty Dollar and not every country has the same purchasing power as first world countries. Steam does both by offering titles based on your Regional currency and by letting you “Top Up” Steam Wallet funds via Wallet Codes. When these other players follow suit, then they’d stand a chance against besting Steam. Heck even Microsoft isn’t doing this which is why I’d never buy anything off of their storefront.

Incidentally though third party key vendors, including Chrono sadly, are all still charging products by US Dollar which is why I can’t ever purchase here.

Steam still offers cheaper fair prices and when there are sales on Steam they are sometimes even cheaper compared to US prices. As an example, when XCOM 2 was released back in 2015 I actually bought the game on launch and though it was Pricey at $60USD I was able to buy it even cheaper as the price adjustment for my regional currency only sold it at roughly $45USD :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m glad you got it figured out.

I forgot what gaming company did this. But I remember one gaming company would sticky/repost these workaround fixes for everyone to see. Until they fixed the problem themselves.

It’s too bad that we have to dig around for fixes.

On another topic. Wasn’t there a small outcry be the internet community because (if I remember correctly) most of the radio frequencies are not being converted for…internet services? It’s been a while. Basically that internet companies have an easier time getting a monopoly on the few frequencies they have because the radio companies will not sell off their frequencies to increase the chances for competition.

50/50 chance of it being fake news. It’s hard to tell when I read information these days.


No you are correct there was a big thing about reallocating radio frequency space a few years back and it is true that a lot of the frequency space is held by broadcast companies just because they can. I don’t recall what actually happened in the end though.


Thanks. At least I know I wasn’t too misinformed.

And I have an idea of what happened. Puts on conspiracy hat


Interestingly, I discovered that if I set the Ipv6 dns server thing to automatic but not the ipv4 one, i can now log in to both services, so it seems Uplay uses ipv4 and rocket league uses ipv6


Ugh slowly losing faith in Ubisoft. Cancelled Uplay+ and even confirmed with their support agent days ago that it was cancelled and I would not be charged, but of course was charged today :frowning: Also seeing the Breakpoint cash shop isn’t a good sign of their direction either.


Ask your bank or CC issuer to make a chargeback. You’ll find yourself unsubbed mighty quick as that will cost them, since you’ve made every effort to make them stop it’s also warranted.


Well I talked to support and they issued a refund, now just waiting. A chargeback would be the very last step as I wouldn’t want them to close my account for doing that, far too many games purchased there. Seen some people were getting denied refunds for being over their 48 hour rule but with my last chat they couldn’t argue that :slight_smile:

Edit: My fear though is that this will happen again next month, need to learn to say no to free trials that require a CC lol