This Thread is Looking Very Silly These Days

I’m not complaining, just making an observation. Coin shop quality has dropped hard. It’s not like I need more games with my gigantic backlog, so these days my coin collection is more of a high score to me than a currency, but dang…this quality level is just about one step above IndieGala. It’s not like I expect you to be giving away preorders for DOOM Eternal in the coin shop, but there truly is a sea of cheap and old games out there that are actually good, (like Straima for instance–cheap, fun, and memorable. Games of that scope, of which there are a lot. I’m not talking about anything unreasonable.) Maybe the games you’re adding are some of your favorites! But I’m aware of most of them, and while everyone is entitled to their opinions–these selections are not widely regarded as good games.

Anyways, not looking for responses/explanations, nor am I trying to flame. I just wanted to give my personal feedback. As the system stands, it can’t really be helping your cause. I’m not more likely to go to Burger King just because they’re handing out free peanut butter sandwiches, if that makes sense.


6 (current stock) games that are a just a year old/reasonably new,
^4 of which have never been bundled before, -some which have even max only seen 50% discounts yet
all which manage to fall under different genres for varied taste/audience
but yea, no “20$ games and above/or highly popular mainstream+critically acclaimed” so = low quality, yup,
and agree nobody wants these, which is why they aren’t getting claimed, at all
and ofc very enlightening to the public why these are so objectively considered “bad games, unworthy of coins” (compared to Straima)
but hey, at least being humble enough to not demand 60$ pre-orders/unreleased games

just an observation :wink:

edit, dang, didn’t even see Super Inefficient Golf there, making it 6 just around a year old/“reasonably new” and 4 unbundled


I think they r fine really lol Some are actually pretty decent imo. Even if some games aren’t really great you can just ignore, hell I usually run out of coins and can’t get anything. Mainstream and rated well or not all that matters is that u enjoy them. I know in the past they may have had better games but it doesn’t mean they won’t ever. It is free stuff anyway
One step above indie gala is good enough lol
Honestly poor indiegala gets the hate ha but they do really release trash sometimes
I still buy at indie gala though if I feel like it


I’m not sure how this proverb should sound in english but to roughly translate it from my own languege ’ you dont look gifted horse at teeth ’ which more or less means that’s ’ hey it’s free , dont be picky ’ :slight_smile:

So yeah, these are free games … yeah they might not be best games ever but they are free and honestly they could be way way worse.


It’s basically the same - Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


Man, Indiegala does get a lot of flack but hey, some people like the stuff they sell, otherwise they’d wouldn’t bother. Anyway, I do get some things there, Weaves of Fates being the latest, so it just depends on what you want.

Coin shop wise, it’s more a matter of saving coins for me right now. I don’t have a million, and like the rest of you, have a ton of backlog games, not all on Steam either. The stuff in the shop is cool, but since a lot of stuff has come out at 10k or 15k coins, I’m waiting for a game I really really want before I jump in again.

I’ve gotten some great stuff here already, one of the most recent being Shift Quantum, so I can’t complain. :sunny: Just happy there’s a system like this at all. Also, discover new styles and titles thanks to Chrono shop and store.

All in all, the sloth is right “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. Everyone doesn’t want the latest coins games, but a good few people did. Let’s be glad for them and save up coins until our turn comes.


Most don’t look very interesting TBH. Although given that they were released for free you could do so much worse. I just got Impulsion, which is pretty funny and quite decent for a game I get for free in a store.

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Games I got through the coin shop I thoroughly enjoyed:

Game Corp Dx
The Silent Age
Kathy Rain - though my copy I won from a Giveaway from here as well.

So yeah, not a bad bunch of games if you ask me :slight_smile:


Impulsion looks like a great game (I’ve watched it played before), the only reason I haven’t gotten it is I have enough of a back-log as it is and no time to play anything like that ;_;


In fairness OP’s getting a harder time than he deserves…we all want to see more Brigador’s or Dead Cells, and less Minion Masters and Microids. Of course I think the bigger issue than content is the inflation. Raising coin prices to combat coin hoarders raises the entry level for new users…the thing is that there’s a strong likelihood a lot of those coin hordes aren’t going to get used which means prices don’t increase in line with perceived quality…those numerous coins are in circulation, having an impact on the Chrono economy which they shouldn’t as they probably won’t ever be redeemed.


Hope I wasn’t giving the OP a hard time. In any case, as nice as variety is, I for don’t have the massive amount of coins to always get stuff, so in a way, I’m not sad that the shop games aren’t always “grab-able”.

@xist Never really understood the inflation of coins, just figured - better games cost more coins. Hm. Spent a lot of time on a site with its own economy, marketplace, etc. It was fine while you had to grind by posting in forums etc for its coins, but of course, eventually, you could buy site currency with IRL money. The Marketplace became an inflated mess and no matter what the devs tried, there was no fixing it.

In short, there doesn’t really seem to be a way to implement a market economy that is fair to all the people all the time.


Agreed, but it’s better that games sell out faster and newer users don’t have a mountain to climb, than to have a load of expensive games and people not even bother visiting because they’re on the wrong side of the price/value proposition. Yes I know, FREE, but people are lazy and require instant gratification…


That’s pretty much true, esp. in this particular time period. Actually, when I heard the term “Millennials”, I always thought it was a slur to describe people with that mindset.

I’m also guilty. Got plenty of games to play, but still get starry-eyed when a new shiny appears. Right now it’s Bloodstained. Didn’t even know it was in development at all, but now, oh wow. I’d love to buy and play but def. have to wait - priorities and price point in local currency.

I mean, these days, it’s hard to always put want and need in the proper place, since it can be so simple to get what you want, now, with a few mouse clicks…


im just gonna say this: the amount of coin bonuses you get by buying the daily deal is minimal, at best maybe 200 or 300 coins or so i have seen at least(?), its not exactly making the coin prices inflate in any shape or form, its a non-issue

Though I think that, if anything, adding more games to the coin should could help ease up the coin market a little, give people something to spend their coins on as right now many of us (including myself) have literally nothing to buy other than to buy games we already have (i know, personal problem)


The inflation comes from not these bonus purchases, but from the fact that there are more users collecting more coins, so there are more people who have large quantities of coins being held onto out there. Thus the inflation and the increase coin shop prices.


Just stopping by again, as I do once in a while. As expected some of you are missing a few concepts you just cant grasp.

  1. The coin shop is a marketing tool to generate traffic, and thus revenue. It is not a “gift horse.” A freeloader would see it as a gift horse. I see it as a reason to look in their store window and consider spending “real money.”

  2. The example I listed retails at $5.00 USD, so I’m clearly not being unreasonable. I even own it already. I’m just making an observation on curation.

  3. A gift horse is useless without a stable; with the horse representing games, and the stable representing a majority’s interest in said games. If you think the majority are actually excited about these offerings, you live in denial and are the type to ravenously defend any community that makes you feel like you “belong” in the hopes that you will get a pat on the head from other savages. This is how 4chan and some of the most toxic subreddits maintain a large userbase.

The selection used to be reasonable, now it’s just a corner cutting sham.

@cbd1203 bloody hell this is one rude comment.

Way to go, buddy. I’m sure we’re all thrilled to engage in this discussion with you right after you accuse us of being in denial and comparing us to 4chan.

Also what that’s a really bad metaphor you got there. Horses don’t always need stables, you know… they live in the wild too, whether you’re aware of that fact or not.



Horses in the wild aren’t gifts, and your post confirms a lot of what was said. Where’s this “us” coming from? Sounds like someone trying to drum up a horde. Sounds like a wholesome version of a 4chan reply.

This is getting off-track. Feel free to keep discussing the coin shop, but let’s try not to get so far off in the woods like I’m seeing will happen.


But horses are drawn to carrots, no?