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This Thread is Looking Very Silly These Days


You obviously ended up in a wrong community dude . While arguments do arise from time to time between some members we respect each other over here and behave in civil manner . You comming to solely complain here is useless , impolite and pretty much not welcome .


I don’t really complain since the games are free lol.


I can’t point to a single game in the Coin Shop that is objectively bad; I either own them or they aren’t my style of game. There’s nothing wrong with offering free* games as an incentive to check deals…

However, myself and many others are waiting for the high quality stuff like a Caravan, Convoy, Dead Cells, or Beholder because we would play them immediately, especially because the cost will be set very high (I can easily see them adding another 30k+ game) and it will drain the coin economy very quickly.

Personally, in the interim while waiting for a new 30k+ coin game, I’d love to see coin leaderboards, or a % next to your wallet to designate where you rank (Top 20%, Top 10%, Top 5%, Top 1%, Top 0.1%, etc.) or an actual rank #59, #5000…and show an overall coin count in the form of a chart: display the chart in at least 2 forms: Total Coins (nice big number, whee!), and Average Coins/Wallet.

Would be fun to see the Averages dip every Friday when new releases come. I don’t see a problem with being more transparent about coins and wallets, I’m more than happy to help code something like this complete with error handling. #Leaderboards #CoinCharts #SimpleCode


that’s a silly idea and I think they should put their ressources elsewhere.

maybe also add an exp count for every post so that we can rank up and unlock titles like “master commander chief III”

that’s skinner box level crap imo


please give me the title

“maximum shitposting overlord”

thanks in advance to the chrono team



You already have a fancy title. The rest of us want fancy titles too!


Tis true. I want to be The official Sloth Petter. Lol. :heart:



only I can be cool

fite me

I joke you’re super cool big hug


Apperently they’re not cool, only you get stuff like that.

Now that she got her new title, can i have the “Birthday Queen” title from her on August 16 for my birthday? :smile:




Chrono team you have two days to crown the new queen, as per the orders of your previous Queen, me.

But also please leave my new title alone I love it thanks


As I was reading your post, this song instantaneously came to mind… FML, I HAVE gone full weeb!

Miscellaneous Details

Ali Project - Hizamazuite ashi o oname (Kneel Down And Lick My Feet)
Princess Resurrection outro
English translation

Kneel down and lick my crimson nails
And with your twisted tongue, call me your queen

The sun that flourishes in hell and
The darkness that falls over heaven
Radiance or despair
Which goes deeper?

Coming from within my head - roses, roses
Scattering in ascendance to Nirvana

The hidden scars that ache and
The persistently dripping blood
Reaches to the bottom of my heart
Although it’s a beautiful offering

The love you beg for
How could it still exist?
How long are men
Going to be such thoughtless kids?

Kneel down and lick my sacred feet
And with your grazed throat, call me your queen
To prove that you are alive, to the tower of soaring pain
Climb, feebly, feebly
Even while you beg for more

That which bring out my frozen tears
Just may be your last breath

Lustful and sadist eyes
And the humiliation that was pressing you down
And in that moment of ecstasy you see
A sad shadow of happiness

An explosion from the core of my body
A climax with no escape

The deceiving and the deceived
The fragility of spiders’ threads
That which can believed is already
Reduced to nothing

The love you cling to
How could it still exist?
How long are women
Going to be such stupid things?

Kneel down and offer that which is eternal
With your parched throat, call me your mother
A reminder that you’re alive, the crackss of the whip
Count them, fearing and fearing
Even while you beg for more

This dirtied jewel named Innocence
With this hand, I could throw it out

Lie down and beg, with your sweet tongue and
Childlike voice, sing my bird and call me your beloved sister

Kneel down and lick my sacred feet
And with your grazed throat, call me your queen
To prove that you are alive, to the tower of soaring pain
Climb, feebly, feebly
And yet, if you start to fall in love

What loosens my frozen soul
Will again be your awakening eyes


your birthday is August 16 too?!! #twins


Which you must exchange at least :hugs: here on Chrono on the day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Derailing this thread even more to say Happy Birthday to you! :slight_smile:


I don’t know how to strikethrough so I fixed this thread up as best I could.

to further add though…


Happy Birthday to the Both of you, @NICK9X9 and @mysticlloyd.

Done :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Click on this. @eishiya explains how…


Tried but it didn’t seem to work for the title?


i have 60k+ coins and yea, nothing interests me. im not here for just the deadcells etc i’ve gotten and enjoyed games like reigns, dead in bermuda. but the shop games recently im not the least bit interested in so i have nothing to do but horde coins. not exactly the biggest problem in the world but i can understand the comments