The World Through Your Eyes

Hello everyone! :sunflower:

I’m not sure where to post an irl update, hope here is okay? :joy: Sorry I’ve been gone so long!

I’ve had a bit of a struggle these last two years. I was in a really bad relationship, and my therapist has confirmed I was emotionally abused in it (I constantly felt I was the one in the wrong, and my ex would turn fights and situations around on me to convince me of that, would stonewall, gaslight, etc). I didn’t even realise while I was in it, and the relationship affected my self esteem and energy levels (I eventually got to a point of exhaustion that I stopped seeing family and friends, even losing a friend in the process). I didn’t leave because I thought we were in a bad place because of me and I was trying to constantly work on myself while simultaneously worry about them and what they were doing (because they lied a lot). Even at the end, they said they had done absolutely nothing wrong throughout the relationship and I’ve been angry since I found out it was abusive.

Besides that, I work full time and I’m studying a BA (as a distinction student) so it left me with no time to recover any energy and I was constantly burnt out.

I’m in final year at the moment, and actually looking for a new company. But the next four months are going to be hectic :joy:

I am doing much better now though! No longer in that relationship, I have a lot more energy back despite all the working and studying. I made a new best friend at university, stayed with her a month in Cape Town (I live in Joburg) and I’ve decided I want to move down there to be with the ocean, and amazing people. I’m happy, just busy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

TL:DR: I was in an abusive relationship and stopped even seeing family/friends, and I work and study full time so I just disappeared. But I’m happy now! And a mysterious squirrel has summoned me back

Sorry I neglected my acorn avenging duties, I hope I can be forgiven :sob: :joy: please catch me up on everything and how you are all doing!! :sunflower:


Glad things are better for you! Sucks that you had to go through a slog of crap though.

(updates are normally posted to the OT thread. That doesn’t mean here is a bad spot)


Oh my goodness…Look what the squirrel dragged in… :rofl:

HUGGLES :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

I am so sorry, Sweetie, to hear about your predicament. What a jerk. Oh, well it’s over and you learned something. You are better than that and should be treated nicer. :revolving_hearts:

What’s been happening? The squirrel and I have been having races to see who is the sickest. Not sure who is winning. I didn’t have a headache ALL weekend.

I fell LAST August and have been having headaches ever since. Sometimes 3 a week or more. Been to the useless docs. I Had a MRI. nothing… I am going for an ultrasound and x-ray the middle of this month.

Besides that…not too much. Lots of free games, deals, the usual.

Yea, if you read the OT thread you probably get caught up on most of what has been happening…

So glad to see you tho… We have had no avenging in such a long time,Way too long…



runs circles around the lil Acorn happily So happy you out of bad company and back with your wacky Chrono family. :heart:

The world is meds and life style changes and trying to reach doctors of one kind or the other. Right now, things are fairly even. Like @delenn13, the weekend hasn’t been too bad. The tiredness is the worse bit.

Soon as possible, I have some crafts projects to work on / finish. Tonight, I’m finally doing my entire noggin of hair - almost done. It’s been breaking and tangling due to utter fatigue and neglect. >< Must admit, the squirrel has been eating lots of nuts, tis easy protein. fold ears You have much to avenge @AcornAvenger. :hugs:


Whoops :rofl: I seem to be bad at this. Just guide this acorn to the right places :innocent:


Definitely! I won’t compromise my boundaries for anyone in future :hugs:

Oh no :sob: :hugs: Please keep us updated, that sounds like a lot to go through! :sunflower: I can’t believe they can’t figure out what’s wrong :hugs: Bodies are very complex, my mom has been misdiagnosed a couple times. I hope they figure it out soon so you can hopefully get rid of those headaches :heart:

:rofl: okay, on my way there now. Do we need to move this topic to there?

So glad to be back :heart: Thanks for dragging me here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m sorry to hear about all the sickness :sunflower: what’s wrong? :hugs:

Aww no, what did you do to your hair? :blush: did it help? :sunflower:

*pats head and hands over some acorns. Don’t worry lil squirrel, eat as many as you need to keep your strength up :hugs: avenging wouldn’t be the same otherwise :sunflower:


Thanks for the acorns @AcornAvenger :heart: I need to force myself out of the house to get more nuts tomorrow.

I finally had to make a new Goodreads. They won’t play nice with Hotmail and Facebook.


I think my dog is broken.


He looks just fine to me. XD I think my cats are dead about 5 times a day, the way they lie down to sleep.


Just a bit of moon moon dna


My little town…


It’s pretty but needs more :fish:


They are so small but so feisty!!!


We hit 98% humidity tonight, dropped down to mid 80s by morning. I fear I shall never be dry again.


Yep it has been a freaking oven over here for the past week as well.