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A massive understatement; short of scorching it to black powder ash, it’s nigh impossible to screw up. Yet, back home, most of salmon dishes that the local inns serve, serve the salmon raw or just barely licked by flame. You wouldn’t know it though.

Also, that dish above and the fish itself looks great. I had slurry (beans and potatoes mixed with cheeze and whatever else I could find). I’ll likely regret it later, lolz


My wife doesn’t like the flavour of salmon, so she doesn’t like when I cook it, but my personal favorite way to make it is a nice coating of paprika, salt, and garlic powder. I then put some slices of butter over the top and oven bake it. makes it nice and moist and really brings out the flavour.


Congrats on your new addition, @Vindace :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


We took in a stray cat. It was a cold night, so we couldn’t leave her out there. Guess we have a cat now. A sudden marriage, a sudden cat adoption… what more will 2020 bring?

Also, the cat has something to say on the matter. It was very eager to get to the keyboard to compose a message for all of you :slightly_smiling_face:



Congratulations on everything good! :slight_smile: Hope you like your new friend!


Thanks! :grinning: She’s a darling. I’ve never seen a cat that is so charming and eager to show her gratitude before. She even let me wash her with practically zero complaints. The cats I used to have absolutely loathed full-body washing in any form.


That sounds to me that it’s very likely she’s not a stray but a lost cat. Should probably try to contact whatever services around you that might deal with such things. At the very least should see a vet either way so get her checked for a chip while you’re at it.


So i have been trying get a little bit knowledgeable about whisky in a last year or so and i guess few people overheard me talking about how i would like to taste some Japanese whiskey and well…here i am :smiley: One bottle would have been enough for start though.


The cat is very obviously lost or thrown away, but we have reasons to suggest it’s been on its own for a while, so for now we think of it as a stray.

We’ve already posted messages with photos on all relevant boards & web communities, and checked all the lost cat messages we could find up till July. All the lost cats with vaguely similar features are already found or found dead. The only message that could be still somehow relative is a message from a concerned citizen about a seemingly pedigree cat whom they saw living on the streets not far from our neighborhood about a month ago or so. It features some blurry photos of what could be the same cat, but it’s hard to tell for sure because the quality of image is bad. Also, that person wasn’t the owner or the resquer, they were just trying to reach out to the previous owners, like we do now. They didn’t succeed.

The vet is on Monday, we have to vaccinate and do the basic medical check. Obviously, we’ll be checking for chipping, but where I live, chipping cats is still not common, even though it’s extremely cheap and is offered everywhere. So the chances are pretty low. We’ll be happy to reunite the cat with its owners if we find them or they contact us, but the chances are low, so we are mostly thinking of adoption and adapting the apartment for the cat for now.


Oh so cute and fluffy and smart. :star_struck::sunglasses::heart_eyes:


Well, same to you, kitty. lolz


Don’t know about the Fujimi, but that Nikki from the barrel is one of my favorite whiskeys! Enjoy!


I know I am SUPER behind here, but hey, I am working my way through the backlog.

@Pylinaer that is a common garden spider, in the Agriope genus, a beautiful spider.

@delenn13 He was temporarily misplaced, but has returned to be of assistance, yes, the Peacock spiders are the breakout star of the jumping spiders, they feature prominently now in all discussions of spider evolution and behavior.

My laptop managed to be broken by some fool (read me) and I have now built my first desktop, it was a stressful affair with much uncertainty and technological resistance from me (not wanting to splurge for frills and using old parts I had lying around from my last two laptops), and the new system works great, if not particularly pretty.
I am teaching now, only part time, but it is nice to have a job. I spent some time in a beautiful facility and will upload pictures at some point.


Welcome back, @hivefleetbothan, my favourite Bug man. :hugs:

You have been missed. Congrats on the job especially during these trying times.:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Gave it a go today and it is really rich in flavours . Is it just me or after sitting in a glass for a bit it develops this woody/chocolatey smell and aftertone?


It’s been a while since I’ve had it but from what I remember that sounds right. It’s one of the smoothest whiskeys I’ve had, but certainly not weak by any means. Man I miss it now, I need to find a bottle.


This is what I had for Christmas, and I’ll probably have for New Year’s Eve too. :sweat_smile:



Pão de Queijo :pray:


Oh, sim! :star_struck:
But unfortunately I had to leave it to another day because my belly was full from so much stuff. :sweat_smile:


Carrot beer. It’s foul, it’s nasty, and the distilling process is STANK. That said, a lot of militia factions in my homeland carry it when traveling because when healing from injury, one needs a good amount of rest and carrot beer will give you that! lolz