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So very true lol. Only thing keeping a sort of brake for me on a whole thing is money because it’s quite expensive thing so i have to save for quite a while to get one :smiley:


If money wasn’t the issue, I would have had finished my right sleeve and had started the left one at least :smile:


It’s a midnight feeding frenzy!

They are 4 weeks and 1 day today. :heart_eyes:


Oooh! They’re getting so sleek and fat! :heart:


Good morning to you too, Mother Nature.

A little angry today are we?




Here’s a bit of change of pace for my YouTube account. :smiley:

Our second batch of babies are starting to hatch, this is the first one in this group, and s/he is about 2 hours old!


AWMAHGAWD it’s peeping for it’s mamma!! :heart_eyes:
… and now i’m gonna have nightmares thinking of you feeding it, like a bird :dizzy_face:


Fortunately they are completely able to feed themselves and drink water as soon as they hatch. They have an uncanny ability to seek out food and water right out of the shell. :smiley:

I don’t know what the momma bird would do, but the babies just walk around to the food bowl some time during day 1 of life and start eating… haha…


Here’s a longer video for those of you who have some extra time and want to watch something slightly more interesting than paint drying…


Aw… I was really cheering the first one on. Never thought how much work it is for a little to make its way out of an egg. They are adorable. :heart:


Update, most of them are about 24 hours old. We have a baker’s dozen!


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


How do I delete someone else’s comment?


I guess you managed to do just that…

@Gnuffi, of course I know you were just kidding, I thought it was pretty funny… :smile:


i meant to make a silly reply to coraline in the sense along the lines of "argh, the flames of elmo burns, the queen’s fire purging heresy " with a snippet of the “will be delete in 24h” :sweat_smile:
-must not have hit enter correctly :grimacing:


I thought it was funny too lmao

Still… why do you think you missed the enter?

My powers know no bounds.




Oh man. I was going to make a screen shot of something on this page…:thinking:

Do you know which one???

Hint: Not the Burger King, Microsoft or Dell Update :heavy_heart_exclamation:


The babies are mostly about 48 hours old and already know how to stay clean. :heart: