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I guess you managed to do just that…

@Gnuffi, of course I know you were just kidding, I thought it was pretty funny… :smile:


i meant to make a silly reply to coraline in the sense along the lines of "argh, the flames of elmo burns, the queen’s fire purging heresy " with a snippet of the “will be delete in 24h” :sweat_smile:
-must not have hit enter correctly :grimacing:


I thought it was funny too lmao

Still… why do you think you missed the enter?

My powers know no bounds.




Oh man. I was going to make a screen shot of something on this page…:thinking:

Do you know which one???

Hint: Not the Burger King, Microsoft or Dell Update :heavy_heart_exclamation:


The babies are mostly about 48 hours old and already know how to stay clean. :heart:


@Vandem I see dead people. Good that it was a Mass for the dead… They died singing and praying cause now they’re toast. :fire:

(For context, it was a Beethoven concerto and I’m not his biggest fan. Vandem knows this and poked fun at me for going, suggesting I went there to commit mass murder. Which, of course, is ludricous. It was a purge in Elmo’s holy name.)



sigh Wish I could take as good photos as you do @NICK9X9 ^^


This was yesterday:

and today:


They grow fast, they are the speedrunners of growing up!


A few more update videos:


and today, 1 week old:


Strange Clouds in my city…


Almost a week since the last video I threw on here, I have been updating more frequently on my channel:

This is a small part of a outdoor concert earlier. It was a full hour of carillon music:


Went to go spend $850 to get my car back (ignition switch decided to FUBAR itself) and saw this on my way. Actually saw them lifting said truck.

Trucker is alive, supposedly only minor injuries. The highway now has lots of produce on it though.


I feel you…my car broke down yesterday driving back home. I do not know what exactly is wrong for now ( but it’s gearbox related ) because it’s sunday and i just paid a tow truck to transport it to a mechanic but i have bad feeling that it will be expensive, potentially too expensive to even bother fixing it… Not waiting for Monday to find out …


These photos was taken during my holidays in January. Well, It is was a time ago.

Don’t judge me, please. :blush:



Love those waterfalls :heavy_heart_exclamation::+1:t3:


Cataratas del Iguazú?



Did you’ve been there before?