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The Steam Winter Sale - 2019 is live




This Steamville Festival token gimmick sucks ass! We don’t earn tokens for purchasing games with previously saved up Steam Wallet funds, boo! :-1:

Reason for edit: Addendum.

At least they (Valve/Steam) honored my refund request. I was actually going to spend my Steam Wallet funds for the eventual, upcoming DLC/Expansion pack for Cities Skylines anyway. I didn’t have anything I desperately needed to buy on Stram this Christmas too.


I’m experiencing the same thing. I added 40€ 5 days before the event started, but the odd thing is that they gave me the tokens for those (like 4400) without even asking or contacting support.

Last night I used 15,50€ of those and no tokens yet. I can’t see anywhere that specifies the money you need to spent need to be added NOW… That’s only said for funding your wallet.


Have you asked them directly for the tokens in the particular purchase support messaging system? Another thing that’s going on is that it might take like 1 day to update your tokens, but I doubt that’s the case.


Doesn’t matter to me anymore though as I’d rather spend my refunded saved money for something I’d really want and not something I’d purchase out of impulse. As I also said the long overdue next major DLC/expansion pack for Cities Skylines. It should have dropped last November but it seems Colossal Order are still working on it.


Ok, so after consulting with @Fraggles’ higher brain power it became pretty clear that adding steam funds does grant you tokens, but spending them does not. It’s working as intended although if you ask me should have been the other way around 'cuz I got the better end of the deal currently :smiley:.

A bit of digging in reddit confirmed that as well.


Is anyone getting a load of anime rubbish in their Discovery Queue? I’ve literally only played an Aim Trainer on Steam since around April/May and not browsed any of this weird stuff and I’m getting bombarded with questionable games…


I checked the discovery queue only the first night of the steam sale and it was full with crap and yes tons of anime. Even got Cyberpunk and bunch of other unreleased games which are tagged as a “Masterpiece” :smiley:. It will be really funny if all of them turn out to be total garbage.

Ever since I use the Augmented steam option to go automatically through the 3 queues. No idea why valve didn’t pushed their new game discovery options to get the free cards, because they are really better from what I checked.


As always I just want to share my thoughts on some worth while games to look at before the sale ends.

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (preferably on GOG because it is also on steep sale and also because come on, the devs and their DRM stance needs 100% support)
  • NOT SQUAD :disappointed_relieved: :sob:
  • Crusader Kings II DLC (I know I know, but the game is truly a treat when you got em and play with friends, DON’T BUY WITHOUT A SALE xD)
  • Empyrion: Galatic Survival
  • No Man’s Sky
  • Red Dead Redemption II (I own it on Rock Star, but still a great game!)
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance (again, preferable on GOG, but either way I suggest it)
  • Mount & Blade: Warband + Viking Conquest (you’ll need the DLC for some mods lol and of course, preferably on GOG but this one doesn’t matter so much lol)
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Rimworld (friend gifted it to me on Steam, and I love it. A simplified version of Dwarf Fortress, so very good!)

Finally, I also suggest Divinity Original Sin II. Incredible game, made even better by the insane collection of mods. Tons of RPG value in this game. :+1:


Also Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I cannot describe how good this game is. I fell pretty hard for it. The quests are all really fun, the acting and sound track is spot on, and it salvages pretty well the ruin ( :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:) the other games did to the series after AC1 into a pretty damn solid narrative. Plus, the game mechanics are solid themselves! I never thought I’d like a AC game after the first one, so I heartily recommend it. :rofl:


I’m getting “Best of 2019”, and lots of AO rated games. Not sure what happened because I rarely got those before. And best of is generally subjective and worthless.


Valley is on sale at 90% again, so for $1.99 or whatever your regional price is, this is a steal. It’s a really fun game.


much recommend, very jump :pray:


Yea Valley is quite the awesome game. (so long as you don’t dislike that type of game-play)


btw if anyone has trouble with today’s shitty task, it can be sorta bugged, and invite to lobby might not work
solution can be to find “remote play together” games tag in your library and then invite to remote play together instead of invite to lobby (remote play must be enabled in settings)
this task was super borked for me today lol…


Agree. A great game, but sadly cant run it on my GT630 (2GB VRAM) :frowning:


Anyone have either:

  1. Pool Nation
  2. xcom 2
  3. Faeria
  4. Really Big Sky
  5. Pinball FX3
  6. Phantom Doctrine, or
  7. Clickr

Willing to be bothered with today’s lame task?

I’ll be online for several hours starting now. So please anyone who has one of these games please hit me up on Steam.


As @gnuffi mentioned it seems to work with the remote play together games too, if you have any of those might make it easier to get yourself sorted.


Remote play together solved it for me, the lobby thing seems to be completely broken.


I just gave up on the event. I have no hope left for it.


How do I setup remote play for myself? :roll_eyes:


Found it.


This worked like a charm.

Went online, always is set to be Offline even if I am playing a Steam game. Picked someone from Chrono, YQMaoski to be exact, sent him a “Remote Play Together” invite. He replied he was busy at the time, but still got the task checked off. So yeah, sending an invite WITHOUT EVEN PLAYING TOGETHER, works… borked task? ??? :roll_eyes::thinking:


Is there anyone willing to help me get the “Watch a Friend’s Broadcast via Chat” challenge?
i was able to get it thanks to @YQMaoski .