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The Steam Winter Sale - 2019 is live



^ :point_up: this,
there is 0 fn reason for steam to keep doing this temp bs, why not let people keep the stickers etc and have it be an addition to the chat system??
why, because f you, waste your money/tokens/return bonus so you don’t actually get something out of it/so we actually don’t give anything away
this is the most boneheaded decision they’ve done in a long fn ass while, on top of making the quest worthless to force you to spend money.

did any notice how they this also didn’t even add in “recently spent” as bonus this time, to really stiff it to people that bought something recently/during last sale, or am i the only one that didn’t see any extra tokens?

either way this year’s event is :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: * %/¤& * bleep * BLEEP * BLEEEEP *B%#¤/&P! * (had to censor the last bleep) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Also what is even more messed up with this event is if you loaded your steam wallet before the sale started none of that money counts towards coins/cards. I would say this is a better event than the summer one but still changing stuff for the worse and with both events did not inform their customers of any of these changes prior to the events. Also the limited time stuff is a joke. Epic on the other hand is giving free games and better coupons that you don’t have to spend a cent to acquire, :wink: sorry had to do it lol.


Should it?
You still get the tokens and cards when you spend the wallet money as you do with any other payment method, do you not?


thats the thing, you dont this time around. Thats what I meant.

Edit: It has to be loaded after the start of the sale event. So everyone that prepared for the sale and loaded early got screwed.


That sounds like an error to me, maybe something worth sending a support ticket in about?


This is straight from Steam

You will be granted Festivity Tokens when you fund your Steam Wallet (during the sale) or make a purchase using non-Steam Wallet funds.

It is intended.


Well that’s weird and dumb. Send a support ticket in anyway, complain about it, Valve has changed a lot of things during almost every sale after people pointed out how dumb they’re being.


Yeah that is true, they did change the summer event a little after all the complaints. It still wasnt great after the changes though. I wouldn’t mind if they at least warned their customers of the changes coming so people didn’t waste money thinking they would get more, based on how previous sale events went. I am pretty much done with their events, not going to plan for them anymore as this years events have been horrible. I will buy stuff if I see something I want but no longer going to do it for their event stuff.



this all looks terrible & has looked that way for the past two years at least.


Labor of Love section is p a i n f u l. It feels static.

found the trading section, gotta go there


That’s really bad and ballsy move by valve and the good part is that it seems that they just fixed it (20 mins ago).

Currently I have 5126 tokens - 700 from quests = 4426 tokens / 111 (tokens for 1 euro) = 39,87387387… and 5 days ago I added 40 € to my account :slight_smile:
It’s shame it doesn’t count the 30$ voucher I got from MSI recently lol.

Now I can’t complain at all about the event. 100 gem items (tradable) are back with the tradable cards; No annoying quests at all; Plenty of leveling up options and badges; The store page wasn’t that broken for me 1 hour after the event started like previous years where it was broken entirely the first few days; Ok deals and discounts like always.






I’m only doing the quests for the card level ups. Events are so lame now. :sweat:


Bought myself Chivalry and they didn’t even give me the small amount of coins that I would’ve gotten (I could’ve bought ONE WHOLE emoticon with that amount!)

Very much so, sadly.


And the Discovery function is the pitts. All I am getting is the “because it’s popular”…GRRRRRR!!! I have maybe WLed 3.

If you have plans to get GARFIELD KART FURIOUS RACING(Looking at @KingJamezJr) Get the bundle…It’s way cheaper…Sometimes Steam is so silly…

And I MAY get this…Just because.

Between the government wrecking all our med and drug benefits plus buying this 2 laptops can’t buy a lot this year…


Chat Stickers are… sticking around!
Animated Stickers are far too much fun and will no longer expire. Hooray!! The people of Steamville have voted with their Festivity Points, and we’re thrilled to report Happy Yule Log, Angry Yule Log, Bulb Dance, and Snowman Goodbye are your favorites so far… Be sure to check out all the good Stickers in our Holiday Market.


Does the latest quest actually require you to talk to someone? Just pressing the “start a voice channel” button doesn’t seem to be enough.


you just need a voicechat to go through/connect, doesn’t matter which side initiates


Thank you, thank you, thank you @Pylinaer for the Voice Chat daily. Sorry that Twitch was blaring like a klaxon in the background. rooVV

Thank you, thank you, thank you again!


Heh,and i had to change my phone to new one just before winter sale…now i cant trade or sell anything for 15days because of steam guard.