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The Steam Winter Sale - 2019 is live




Also, don’t forget to cast your votes for The Steam Awards…


if anyone needs to do the chat/groupchat challenges let me know because i need to do them too.
My steam:

y’all (You all) can find the Steam group here:


Bunch of silly nonsense activities again… Steam is really relishing in it.


Reminder of Discovery Queue cards for those that are like me and keeps forgetting. :roll_eyes:


if gta v (or any of those other pieces of trash for that matter) wins “Labour of Love” again, i’m done respecting humans’ opinions on games and will defer to the backyard squirrel :triumph:


Neat, 4 of my nominees were actually nominated. Only 2 for the category I nominated them in though.


It never did allow me to actually cast my own nominations, only pick from their selections. Oh well I guess.


Anyone know a way to turn off the snowflake effects they r really annoyin my eyes lol makes it super hard to read anythin on mobile


Oh ye me too if i cba but id like to lol


He’s obviously nuts… :persevere:

I’ll let myself out.


Here’s a link to the fireplace if anyone else struggled to find it. Clicking through steam just opened the community hub. But navigating the quest list through the web browser takes me to the right place.


5,000 tokens in Steam’s new event can get you:

  • $5.00 coupon

OR (the obviously better reward)

  • A limited time banner for your Steam profile that doesn’t come with the background.

hey hey gaben
come here a sec
haven’t you learned from Steam Summer Sale 2019?


It is impossible to get the 5k coins without making a purchase, which I think is kind of lame. You should be able to achieve getting the coupon through the activities at least 1-3 days before the end of the sale. These events are completely stupid and worthless.


Just go to chrono chat to get that activity…also can post your chat stickers.

BUT THIS IS BULL…They expire??? >>>Communicate all the holiday feels with animated Chat Stickers! These reusable items are available for use ‘til 24 February, 2020 @ 7:00:00 pm EST.






@delenn13 can u merge this with the winter sale thread?


My friends got me GMod (thanks guys!)

now I just need to find a way to run it on Catalina…


Did the math on the steam sale tokens and from the looks of it, if there’s one new “quest” every day it should land you 1800 tokens, or 1900 not sure how to count the last day. You need 5k tokens for the coupon, you’d need to spend 28.82€ to get the remaining 3200 tokens if you reliably do get 111 tokens/€

So by the looks of it you might just go ahead and get some chat icons or whatever.


Yea, same as last year unfortunately.