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The house always wins.


I believe that title goes to the lottery itself. By taking the lump sum you lose half the value. Where tf did that go? I get why people take the cash out. But realistically the over time is better. You get 68million a year for 30 years. Might as well retire early.


I would certainly not take the lump sum. lol


It’s really easy to say I’ll take ‘x’ option. But the reality may be when presented with cash now or payments over time, the choice will be cash now since you feel you need it for something or would like to have it.

I have personally made that mistake but for a much much smaller sum. My circumstance was I could choose between $8000 ‘now’ or $6000/yr for 3 years (I think paid direct to student loans). I had about $2000 to my name at that point and just moved to a new city. I really wanted to have the money for a safety net. So, even though I knew the yearly was the correct choice, I went with the lump sum. Turns out I didn’t get it for several months anyway so I had built the safety net already.

Now in the case for the lottery, I feel like some of the decision making is related to thinking that taxes will go up in the future and they’ll have to pay so much more money, yadda yadda.

I’m not saying you’re lying. Obviously, some people will make the annual choice. I just think it can depend on the circumstances.


3 hrs later …

Still at the clinic at the QEH. Hald hour ago the nurse said my notes are still missing, though a doctor said they would be looked for 2 weeks ago.

Tired. Hungry. Read last hald of a ghost story. Not gonna get anything else done today. Also, another clinic starts in this space in 2 hrs. Maybe I should go home right now.


Forgot I took a screenshot of this.

Yeah, no thanks.


I’m a violent man.

But seriously, when did this become a thing in steam…


I’d say steam has had violent games on it from day 1. Half life 2 was reasonably violent, I’d say.


@DontBeSilly Violent man, but very friendly :sloth: pets sloth :heart:


Recommending other types of games based on playtime and wishlist has been around for a good amount of time. I would say at least since they introduced additional scrolling on the main page.


Oh, i didint mean whole “recommendation” thing , but a ‘violent game’ as a sort of separate tag or whatnot. 90% of games are ‘violent’ .


Since we’re talking about Steam, the Autumn Sale is coming next week.


Got my laptop back! Yea me! Now I am learning Win11 and since I did a clean install am now installing and doing setups etc. First thing I HAD to do was get rid of that ridiculous Start Menu. What a joke.

Thanks for being good. I did check in and read some stuff using Mr. Delenn’s laptop.

@markwr I got your email. Haven’t really setup the audio on my laptop. Give me a few more days.



I forgot I was taking taxes out for two states because i worked in one and lived in another. I’ll see a majority to all of one state’s back, it’s just easier to work the stupid forms when you have it pulled out.

Havent looked for the retail stub yet.


I wonder what @Danacscott or @delenn13 reaction would be if someone rejected their gifts like that…


Multi color skeins are usually more expensive. That also does not appear to be a simple stitch like ‘single crochet’ or ‘double crochet’.

This is double crochet ^

This is single crochet ^


@carvalho20ptc The instant ire! C2C takes lots of planning and often spooling off several colours or jugggling a few at a time. Yes it is sc, but you are working literally from a tiny triangle to make a full blanket, diagonally. Hence it is called corner to corner.

Bro! It is work! That ungrateful heifer of a recipient. Wut is wrong with rainbow colours? The woman could have thanked the maker and gifted it on even. How mean. >< For me, that would the last thing I ever make for that person, not for money, not for nothing. Appreciation isn’t hard to do.


Everyone in the building would know about this. I can’t believe the rudeness of people now a days! I actually feel sorry for the baby having to grow up in that household full of hate. And WTH is with this…“Seriously? |?|”?

That is a beautiful blanket.


So, if none of those colors are appropriate, what’s left? Grey?

I’m of the belief that there were always this many rude people; you just didn’t hear about it as much before social media.


Every time I have to leave the house for any reason.

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