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I noticed carvalho20ptc last night. couldn’t figure out why, so I figured it was an inside joke. remembering what today was helped me understand.


I also hope you enjoyed my new avatar on Steam, heh. :wink:

Happy April Fools!


I wonder what it looks like when you are mowing it. :rofl:

What do you say @BlivetWidget?


Probably not quite so enthusiastic!



Now you can even buy games with ARP! :flushed: :alien:
Hey @delenn13

Long Post

At long last, the wait is almost over (or over if you’re reading this after the update has launched). Six months ago, we introduced everyone to more ways to earn ARP. Now, we’re giving you ways to use it. ARP 6.0 will be a major change to how ARP works on the site. Gone are the days of leveling up to unlock rewards. Now, you can use your ARP on exactly what you want. Let’s get into it.

What’s New?

The Marketplace

The Marketplace will now be home to the majority of Alienware Arena rewards. Redeem cosmetics, Dell Rewards, physical merchandise, and games. With this new system, we will be adding new items regularly.

The Game Vault

Every month, some newer games and DLC will be available to redeem using ARP. You can only select one of the games each month, so choose wisely. The Game Vault will unlock at the end of each month and supplies are limited, so make sure you save up your ARP and choose quickly.


Personal avatars have been abducted by UFO’s and have been taken out of the galaxy. In the meantime, little green aliens have taken over their spot and happen to like playing dress up. Customize your avatar with fun cosmetics that can be redeemed from the Marketplace and other site activities. You can customize your avatar in the personalization section.

Community Steam Events

Starting later this month, Alienware Arena members will get to work together to unlock more rewards by participating in Community Steam Events. Play specified titles and unlock rewards together with the community.


Ok, so after 8 years of stating that the ARP Log is coming Soon™, we can safely say that it is in fact here. Keep track of all the ARP you’ve earned and used. No more wondering where that extra 10 ARP came from.

What’s Gone?


After 12 years, Alienware Arena will be departing from its current leveling system and replacing it with a simple five tier system. Tiers are based on your lifetime ARP and will be utilized primarily for gating exclusive rewards for veteran members.

What’s Important

ARP Conversion

Since we’re moving all ARP from an experience earning point to a redeemable point, we had to adjust everyone’s ARP to make sure we didn’t wreck the economy right at launch. All the ARP you’ve earned so far will remain as Lifetime ARP and will reflect on your position on the Leaderboard and what Tier you will fall into.
However, the amount of ARP you have available to redeem has been adjusted to a more reasonable start. We wanted to make sure we awarded our highest earning members properly, so you will start with more redeemable ARP then those near the bottom. Everyone, regardless of how much ARP you have earned will start with 50 redeemable ARP. The top members will have considerably more.

It is also recommended that if you’ve been sitting on a claimable reward, you better claim it VERY SOON. You will not be awarded for previous rewards that were sitting unclaimed.


On April 12th, at 11:00am EDT, the site will go offline. The update will be a long process that we expect to take at least 12 hours. The site will be down during the entirety of this period.

Then What?

After launch, we’ll be actively monitoring site activity to make sure everything is working properly. We ask for your patience during this time as we expect some small issues to present themselves once we have a few million people play with the new features. We’ll have bug report and feedback forms for you guys to share any issues you’ve come across and hopefully we can get everything ironed out quickly.

Thank you for being a part of what makes Alienware Arena so great and happy gaming!


Woah, huge changes. Hopefully it is a good thing but we shall see.

Edit: I wonder how much redeemable ARP I will have after the conversion since no more levels, should be interesting.


After 12 years, Alienware Arena will be departing from its current leveling system and replacing it with a simple five tier system. Tiers are based on your lifetime ARP and will be utilized primarily for gating exclusive rewards for veteran members.

Sweet only 6 years of my life wasted leveling the old way :rofl:


When i first read this I thought what does games have to do with American senior citizens? :rofl:

ARP= American Retired Persons(Actually, it’s AARP. But this is how my brain is working now a days.)


I think after the update some of the alienware arena vets may retire. :rofl:


Can’t post in memes cause reply limit, sadness :sob:


It cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!


As long as your post is the last one in the thread, you can just edit it and the thread will still get bumped.


Women tackling decisions men should have made years ago. I do miss Merkel though.



Be careful with those Steam Scams! Especially those labeled “I accidentally reported you”.

Last night on 4/17/2022, as I was playing LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures on Steam, a guy by the name of ArthurBlue sent me some messages as seen below.

r/SteamScams - So someone tried to steal my account on Steam with the "I accidently reported you" scam.

The chat ArthurBlue had with me.

As you can see, they claimed that they accidently reported me on Steam. They also asked me to add some guy named DomeTheFox, who is said to work at Steam. They also sent me an image, which can be seen below.

r/SteamScams - So someone tried to steal my account on Steam with the "I accidently reported you" scam.

The image they sent me that shows the so called “ban request”.

I decided to do some digging around, and I found this article on the “I accidently reported you” scam, and thank god I did some research before doing what this guy asked because I wasn’t aware of that type of scam before.

With even more research, I found this Reddit post in this same subreddit. The post happens to mention a guy named DomeTheFox too, and the message that user posted was pretty much the same, only it was from a different account. The tag number from DomeTheFox was different, but I’m sure it’s the same guy.

After doing some digging around, I decided to send ArthurBlue the link to that article and that Reddit post, and asked them to explain all of that. I even told them I would actually contact Steam support through the Steam application itself instead of that guy from Discord. Sometime afterwards, the internet went out at my place for a bit, and when I came back on, guess what happened? ArthurBlue unfriended me on Steam. Big shock, am I right?

Earlier today, an actual Steam employee replied to a Steam help request, as I attached the same images as seen in this post here, and surprise surprise, they told me it was often the start of a scam, so it’s a good thing I didn’t fall for that, especially how I have over 300 games on my account.

I don’t remember when I added ArthurBlue on Steam, but I remember that they had over 40 games on their account. As of today, that account doesn’t seem to exist anymore. There’s a chance that the “ArthurBlue” who contacted me last night wasn’t the account’s original owner, so if that’s true, I sure hope the original account owner can get their account back somehow.

So yeah, thank god I didn’t fall for that scam.


WOW! Thanks for the heads up, @carvalho20ptc :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation: :heavy_heart_exclamation:



We actually had this happen on the Nexus Discord about a year ago as well, so be aware its happening on other platforms as well.


Interestingly looking in the top right of the Steam Support picture the details are:

Account: ArthurBlue
Ticket: HT-8M89-HNM2-2KS9

Which is not only exposed, but aslo different from the ‘First Email Used’ in the message.
Which could still be legitimate if someone changed email etc. But seems suspicious.

However, looking at the Reddit post you linked @carvalho20ptc the same screenshot shows:

Account: Reine
Ticket: HT-8M89-HNM2-2KS9

Different account name, SAME email, SAME ticket!

Well that’s just lazy! Come on, I’d at least have generated a new ticket id…



Saw an adorable crochet doll today and found the character that its based on, the character version. Tis Brazilian I believe.