The Mythical/Fantasy Creature, Pet, or Friend Giveaway-Closed!

Hey Everyone LTNGA

I hope everyone has plans to get their vaccines or already have gotten them. I got mine back in July. Please get yours. Don’t be selfish. It’s the only safe way to end this.

You ready for a giveaway? I am. And all the games I have to offer are FROM Chronies so you know they are good. We got 2 keys for KnightShift and Two Worlds Epic Edition plus I got a GOG key for Deadlight: Director’s Cut and Encodya. Plus a lot of other Chronie goodness. I have included the Operating Systems too…WML

Now let’s get to those pesky rules we have to have.

  1. Must be a member of the forum for at least 2 weeks.
  2. 8 Badges
  3. No limits on the number of games.
  4. List your games in the order you want them.
  5. And answer this Question and post a pic if you can…
    If you could have a mythical/fantasy pet, creature or friend, what or who would that be and WHY? It can be from anything from a book, movie or TV show. You want your BFF to be Alf. Go for it.

Example: I would love to have Pegasus as my pet and friend because we could fly everywhere together. We would fly the skies…United.

I will keep this open for a week. So you have to have your entries in before September 10th 2021 at Noon EST.

I reserve the right to change anything about this GA. If you key doesn’t work, let me know and I can try to make it right. None of these are my games but keys, sometimes, just don’t work…even with my keys at times. Also, since these games are not mine, please keep track as to which Chronies is donating the keys and remember to thank them too when you win.

Good luck and now to the list of games…

From @persistnt

F1-2018 W

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload W

Super 3-D Noah’s Ark WML

The Last Door - Collector’s Edition WML

Until I Have You WL

From @sewcraftyme:

Anomaly: Warzone Earth WML

Earth 2150 Trilogy WM

Enclave WML

Gorky 17 WML

Guns, Gore and Cannoli WM

KnightShift WM

Septerra Core WML

Two Worlds Epic Edition WML

V-Rally 4 W

From @carvalho20ptc:

Knightshift WML

From @DontBeSilly:

System Shock Enhanced Edition W

From @spinoute:

Deadlight: Director’s Cut W-GOG

Golf With Your Friends WML

Overruled! WML

From @hivefleetbothan:

Dirt 5 W

Encodya WML-GOG

Last Oasis W

Paradise Killer W

The Surge 2 W

We Need to Go Deeper WL


Hey there, @delenn13 ! Thanks for the giveaway! :+1:
I hope you’re doing well.

I’d like to enter for the following:

  • Guilty Gear X2 #Reload W;
  • Earth 2150 Trilogy WM;
  • Dirt 5 W;
  • Encodya WML-GOG;
  • Paradise Killer W;
  • The Surge 2 W;
  • Guns, Gore and Cannoli WM.

As for pet, I’d like to have a (friendly) goblin to be my companion/lover since I love these species. :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Not all of them are evil rascals, you know. :wink:


I’d like Sleipnir - the Allfather’s mythical mount.
I’d be able to get anywhere in a split - without going through any security checks, and - most importantly - I’d be like “look at my horse…” all the time.

I’d like to enter for:

  • The Surge 2
  • The Last Door
  • Until I Have You

and thank everyone who made this happen!


I gotta go for the Sovngarde Wolf Pup from The Elder Scrolls Online. I absolutely love this pet.
Sovngarde Wolf Pup

I’d like to enter for;

  • Dirt 5
  • Enclave
  • Until I Have You (This game looks pretty interesting, anyone here play it before?)

Thanks for the giveaway!
@delenn13 @hivefleetbothan @persistnt @swervinmonks @carvalho20ptc @DontBeSilly @spinoute


Nice giveaway once again! :slight_smile: Thanks for organizing and thanks to all of the contributors!

Not entering but I would go with a Qilin:



Thanks @delenn13 and everyone who contributed for another great giveaway!

I think I would choose a Digimon, always liked that as a kid!

I’d like to participate for :

  • We Need To Go Deeper
  • Dirt 5
  • The Surge 2
  • Guns, Gore & Cannoli
  • Guilty Gear X2 #Reload


Thanks, @delenn13 for the GA and fellow chronies who contributed to the pool

Entering for the following
1. Dirt 5
2. Last Oasis
3. Guns, Gore and Cannoli
4. We need to go Deeper

Well, this was hard because personally, I don’t like pets and animals at all, this doesn’t mean that I hate them or that I would hurt any or see someone do it, I just don’t have this love for animals.

After explaining that, I think I would like a Gryphon, you can go flying around and you look cool while doing so

Something like this…


Thanks for organizing the giveaway! And thanks to the donors!

  1. Earth 2150 Trilogy
  2. Gorky 17
  3. The Surge
  4. Two Worlds Epic Edition
  5. Enclave
  6. KnightShift
  7. Super 3-D Noah’s Ark

If you could have a mythical/fantasy pet, creature or friend, what or who would that be and WHY? It can be from anything from a book, movie or TV show. You want your BFF to be Alf. Go for it.

This question reminds me of my younger days.

And when I watched that movie. The answer was definitely a mini darth vader. I know it would probably be more scary now with all the darth vader lore. But at the time, he would be a little man throwing little objects around yelling angry muffled sounds and I get to poke him and give him a plastic lightsaber.

Now, I think I just want a living plushie-hat.


I’d like to enter for

  1. Golf With Your Friends WML
  2. Super 3-D Noah’s Ark WML
  3. The Last Door - Collector’s Edition WML


@delenn13 @persistnt @swervinmonks @carvalho20ptc @DontBeSilly @spinoute @hivefleetbothan

As for mythical pet maybe this hippogriff ^^


Not entering (if I find something I don’t have that I find interesting I’ll update the post)

I think it’d be cool to have a dragon. Not necessarily a large one though:


If you do, PM me, please.

This so far has been fun and informative. :+1:t3:


A wisecracking robot like Bender from Futurama or Joey from BeneathASS should be fun. :grin:

Thanks to all the generous donor Chronies for the GAs. I’d like to enter for:
a) Dirt 5
b) Guns, Gore and Cannoli
c) Until I Have You
d) Encodya
e) Overruled!
f) We Need To Go Deeper
g) Paradise Killer
h) The Surge 2


Thanks for the giveaway! I would like a Cthulhu… maybe like this :eyes:

My list:

  • Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
  • Super 3-D Noah’s Ark
  • The Last Door - Collector’s Edition
  • Until I Have You
  • DIRT 5
  • Last Oasis
  • Paradise Killer
  • The Surge 2
  • We Need To Go Deeper

My mythical/fantasy friend would be the Sylph, an invisible elemental being of the air. She would be my “imaginary” friend and can always be around without me having to hide her existence in any way.

  • The Surge 2
  • Paradise Killer
  • We Need to Go Deeper
  • Overruled
  • Super 3-D Noah’s Ark
  • Encodya

Thank you for the giveaways!


Not entering myself, but :tada: :tada: :tada: for hosting such a fine giveaway!


I have always been Norse mythology nut and honestly one of the cutest and most interesting mythical creature for me is Ratatoskr. Not necessarily ‘coolest’ creaturr but really fascinating to me.

As i self proclaimed soulsborne afficianado i’d like to enter for :

  1. The Surge 2

Thank you very much for the giveaway :slight_smile:


Thanks for the giveaway: @delenn13 @hivefleetbothan @persistnt @swervinmonks @carvalho20ptc @DontBeSilly @spinoute

  • The Surge 2
  • We Need To Go Deeper
  • Until I Have You
  • Overruled!
  • The Last Door - Collector’s Edition
  • Guns, Gore & Cannoli
  • Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
  • Super 3-D Noah’s Ark
  • Last Oasis
  • Paradise Killer
  • Golf With Your Friends
  • DIRT 5

I decided to look into monsters of myth where I live (Michigan). The most famouse is the Michigan Dogman (aka “loup garou” or “wendigo”). Then there’s Bigfoot, Pressie (Lake serpent), Nain Rouge (red devil-dwarf), Mishipeshu (Underwater Panther or Great Horned Water Lynx), The Paulding Light (will-o’-the-wisp), Ada Witch, The Ogre of Seney, etc. But then I found a story that takes place in the county where we have our family cottage. Now, I know I’m not the chronie member known for squirrels, but I think I’ll pick the “Giant Green Squirrel of Amble” as my mythical companion.

Here is the humorous “news” story: :nerd_face:

The Giant Green Squirrel of Amble
Somewhere in Montcalm County is the town of Amble, Michigan, population approx. 16.7, home to a bar, a church, a cemetery and a legend – a legend of a squirrel so big, it towers over Amble’s tallest hill. It’s only seen at night, when the locals are most likely to be completely tanked, and when the sky is darkest and the moon is thin like an almond sliver, because squirrels are, like, super into nuts. Accounts of the creature’s size vary from as big as a very small cow to almost as big as Grandpa Ferd’s ’72 Buick (or maybe the Buick hood ornament). Its eyes are either red or brown or yellow or blue or amber or coquelicot, depending on the witness. The chirps, grunts, and squeaks this green squirrel makes can be heard throughout the hills and valleys as the sound echoes throughout the community.

If I had this companion in my games, then anytime we’d meet a male monster/foe, he would immediately attack a tender part of the foe, because squirrels like to chew on nuts. That’s a pretty useful sidekick to win games with!


@markwr and @DontBeSilly preesh the squirrel :heart:. XD

I love gryphons and pegasi, but for a fun friend, I like this wee fox: a Ninetails.

They are the floof and mischievous like dear Loki, lol.

Entering for:

  1. The Surge 2
  2. Encodya
  3. Golf with Friends
  4. Paradise Killer.

As always, ty much to the sponsors and our @delenn13 for the giveaway. :heart:. Best forum mom evah!


I want a Cerberus to guard my house when I’m not home and it doesn’t even have to be big or fierce looking. This cute little fellow will do nicely.

  • Paradise Killer
  • The Surge 2
  • We Need to Go Deeper

Thank you and all the sponsors for these giveaways!


Hmmm… all the Cerberi I’ve come across over the years (in fiction thankfully) were gigantic, fierce monsters with bloodshot eyes and gigantic teeth, looking to tear people from limb to bloody limb. Which toy company came up with this plushie version? :rofl:
Burglars might just wipe their feet on this little fella before waltzing into your house!