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The Mandalorian | Official Trailer


@M00 The star wars shows have been quite good, with The Clone Wars being my favorite. I didn’t like resistance really. I watched the whole thing for some reason, I guess because it’s star wars, but yeah that one kind of fell flat for me. I loved rebels though.

Too bad the mandalorian has to be payed for to see when people are already paying for subscriptions for other services, including network providers. More so the latter. Disney already has more than enough money and really doesn’t need to make their own service. But all they care about is money along with all the other corporations that are only out for money and greed. Most corporations do not care about people or if they can afford anything. In the end they only care about money.

I won’t be able to see the show since I’m flat broke which is why I’m complaining and I would really only get the service because of the mandalorian and season 7 of the clone wars, but I know I’m not the only one in the same situation and feels the same way.


yeah, their service isn’t even available in this country


Honestly I am more excited for the new season of The Clone Wars than I am for The Mandalorian, which I guess looks okay. The reason? I’ve been with The Clone Wars and the writers/team for years so I know their quality will rock. :sunglasses:

Still, as a huge fan of Star Wars, I appreciate any form of addition to the universe, so I look forward to Madalorian. :slight_smile:


Completely agree with you @Rhyagelle. I’m definitely more excited for The Clone Wars as well. Such a good show. I’m expecting it to still be awesome. Can’t wait!


So i just watched first episode and… it’s pretty underwhelming.

Yeah it’s Star Wars so it’s inherently more interesting only because of that but remove that Star Wars skin and it’s just a tv series . Basically nothing happens in 40 minutes and then episode ends on a cliffhanger so you would watch next one and rinse and repeat.

On a positive side it obviously has really hefty budget because special effects are really top notch and generally it has high quality .

Main character so far looks very flat ( and yes he’s Mandalorian , he’s not supposed to be very colorful ) but you know , you can have strong and silent type but still interesting protagonist thought it’s only 40 minutes so far so i guess he might get more interesting later.

Will i watch more? Yeah , but not because of how good it is , because there’s nothing better to watch and i also really like Star Wars.


I actually quite liked it. It had some awkward dialogue at the start, given he is a Mandalorian and they’re not supposed to be very talkative, and it is the start of a risky series, the rest of the episode was really good. Particularly around the end, when the character starts to engage in the meat of the story (he does actually talk, just not much at the start during a bounty). I also don’t agree that “nothing happened”. The story is about a bounty hunter who is also a Mandalorian. It opened


introducing him to the audience as what he is, profession wise, and then halfway through, explained to the audience what he was culturally, which is a Mandalorian. It then cut that into another bounty which then, seemingly of course (can’t tell the future), ties into the major story line–finding a youngling Yoda (a species we have no recorded name of, just so everyone knows) who is Force Sensitive (as seen by the floating cradle).

So yea…I do not agree with the opinion that nothing happened. Was the start of the episode supposed to jump straight into the middle of the major story theme, without explaining to you the context of the character, his profession, or the world around him (such as the major hints to the Fall of the Empire)?

Anyhow, Dave Filoni knows how to make Star Wars. He has shown that time and time again, and what is more, he knows how to make Star Wars series fans actually enjoy because it IS Star Wars, unlike Disney with the movies.

I approve of it, even with the few problems I saw, because I know they are minor against it all and it’ll improve vastly as the series goes on. :relaxed:


Pilot episode exceeded my expectations and the surprise bounty was interesting.

Several cool easter eggs too. Watch emergencyawesome on Youtube if you already watched or
if do not mind spoilers.


I liked second episode much more than i liked first one so i hope it will keep getting better just like that :slight_smile: